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      Christmas 3-5 Octave
Adeste Fideles:  Wade, J.,Dobrinski, C.,HP
This is a versatile arrangement for handbells and organ with optional trumpet/timpani, congregation and/or choir. The brass ensemble consists of 3 trumpets and 2 trombones.
African Noel:  Thomas, Andre' J.,Moklebust, Cathy,CG
Andre Thomas' popular choral work for Christmas is the source for this delightful handbell arrangement.
Alleluia from For Us A Child is Born:  Bach, J. S.,Thompson, M. L.,HP
Arranger Martha Lynn Thompson presents beginning ringers an excellent opportunity to participate in a larger work, and BACH, no less! The keyboard accompaniment keeps things going and the bells or chimes ring in chordal texture with no eighth notes.
All the Bells on Earth Shall Ring:  ,Price, T.,CG
This piece uses mallets extensively. A medley of "Sunny Bank" and "Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day", it is in compound meter. Ringers and congregation alike will recognize the first tune as the Christmas tune "I Saw Three Ships."
And The Glory of the Lord:  Handel, G. F.,McChesney, K.,HP
This arrangement from "Messiah" is generally easy but requires ringing dexterity.
Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came:  ,Keller, M.,AP
Michael Keller has set this Basque carol in a Renaissance dance style for 3-5 octaves of bells. A statement taken from the melody introduces the work and serves as transitional material throughout, helping to set the dance mood.
Angel Gabriel, The:  ,Honore, J.,CO
Arranger Jeffrey Honore juxtaposes the main title, based on a Basque carol, with a cantus firmus (bass line) on "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" in compound meter. The minor harmonies blend together wonderfully well.
Angel Glory:  Various,McChesney, K.,AU
For the choir wanting to rind several of the traditional Christmas carols in the same piece, this title is perfect! It is a medley of "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks, It Came Upon the Midnight Clear, and Angels We Have Heard on High."
Angel Glory:  Various,McChesney, Kevin,JH
A medley of carols with themes centering on the angels of Christmas: “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”, “While Shepherds Watched their Flocks by Night”, “It Came Upon the Midnight Clear”, and “Angels We Have Heard on High,” provides bright, vibrant, useful music for the holiday season!
Angels' Carol:  Rutter, John,Tucker, Sondra K.,HP
Sondra K. Tucker has faithfully transcribed John Rutter's lovely Christmas choral anthem, "Angels' Carol," for 3-5 octave handbells.
Angels from the Realms of Glory:  Smart, H.,Dobrinski, C.,HP
Originally commissioned for performance in Christmas Serenade '95 with the San Antonio, Texas symphony, this piece is true to the text's intent.
Angels from the Realms of Glory:  Traditional,Afdahl, Lee J.,FM
A festive arrangement of this favorite Christmas carol employs a variety of techniques to convey the exciting tone.
Angels From the Realms of Glory:  Smart, Henry T.,Linker, Janet & McFadden, Jane,CG
The setting may be played in its entirety or sections may be used separately in various ways. The optional brass quintet may substitute for organ, if desired. When both brass and organ are used, suggestions are offered for the brass to tacet during parts of the piece.
Angels From the Realms of Glory:  Smart, Henry T.,Eithun, Sandra,CO
Joyful thick texture, and light flowing musical fabric are contrasted in this setting of REGENT SQUARE. Colorful harmonies mingle with traditional chords and a smattering of staccato and legato techniques throughout all 82 measures culminating in a bold, big ending.
Angel Songs:  Various,Ingram, B.,LC
Joy rings from beginning to end in this uplifting medley of familiar carols.
Angels Singing, Noels Ringing:  Various,Phillips, Judy,LC
Two European cradle carols ("Infant Holy" and "Rocking Carol") paint an exquisite musical portrait of that first Christmas night.
Angels We Have Heard on High:  ,Hagler, S.,PO
The piece expresses the joy and excitement of the traditional carol. It sounds like a toccata, fast with a lot of 8th notes.
Angels We Have Heard on High:  Traditional,Morris, H.,AP
Control of dynamics and precision in ringing and damping are keys to a successful performance of this energetic arrangement of the traditional French Christmas carol.
Angels We Have Heard on High:  ,Dobrinski, C.,HP
Looking for a BIG selection for Christmas worship services? This setting of the traditional French carol may well fit the bill. 3-5 octaves of handbells and organ may be combined with trumpets and timpani and congregational singing with special choir parts for verses 3 and 4 (SA and soprano descant, printed in the back of the director's score part with permission to photocopy). (Note: The handbell score will not stand alone.)
Angels We Have Heard on High:  Gloria,Larson, L.,BE
The traditional French melody GLORIA is fully scored in this arrangement. Chordal textures contrast to staccato sections and changing keys and tonalities add freshness to familiarity. The end is big and bold with shakes fortississimo dynamic.
Angels We Have Heard on High:  ,Sherman, A.,HP
Use this product to accompany the SATB/Keyboard anthem, MHPC5157, OR play it as a handbell anthem as it will stand all by itself.
Angels We Have Heard on High:  ,Kent, D.,AG
Setting a 4/4 tune in 3/4 meter is the clever device arranger David Kent uses for his arrangement of the tradition French carol.
Angels We Have Heard on High:  Various,Behnke, J.,CO
This festival-caliber piece uses aggressive rhythms and techniques to communicate the strength of this resounding Christmas hymn. 17-18 optional handchimes add further atmosphere.
Angels We Have Heard on High:  ,Stephenson, V.,GE
Don't pick up those bells! This entire rendition of the favorite Christmas carol is played by malleting tabled bells - even in the treble clef. There's a couple of mallet rolls for flavor in a rhythmic texture that reminds one of a corp of drummers! Different!
Angels We Have Heard on High:  Traditional French Carol,Eithun, Sandra,AP
This exuberant setting of the French carol, "Angels We Have Heard on High," expresses well the "glad tidings" of the angels that first Christmas.
Angels We Have Heard on High:  Traditional,Raney, Joel,HP
Joel Raney has expanded the horizons of the handbell repertoire with his fresh settings for bells, with optional choirchimes and a synthesizer part, which is included in the handbell score.
Angels We Have Heard on High:  Traditional French Carol,Hakes, Derek K.,BE
A repeatable, 8-measure bell peal introduces this arrangement on the French carol and also may also serve as an easily-memorized processional. The carol then is rung in a straight-forward manner, with the peal reappearing to end the piece.
Angels We Have Heard On High:  Gloria,Krentz, M.,AU
The introduction of this arrangement is 19 measures long and plays upon the melodic material found in the chorus of this carol. Level two ringers should have no problem with the fun shakes and swings found also in the introduction.
Angels We Have Heard On High:  French Carol,Lamb, Linda,RW
Bagpipers and field drummers show up (figuratively speaking) in this arrangement of the favorite French carol. Grace notes played as martellatos give the effect of being in the Scottish highlands, while drum-like staccato rhythms punctuate the piece.
Angel Tidings:  Various,Dobrinski, C.,HP
This medley of the two carols "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" (Mendelssohn) and "Angels We Have Heard on High" (Gloria) provides interesting, familiar tunes for the Christmas Season!
Arab Dance:  Tchaikovsky, P.,McChesney, K.,JH
Peter Tchaikovsky's beloved "Nutcracker" is visited again by arranger Kevin McChesney. In the mysterious "Arab Dance" a good job is done of simulating the orchestral effects of differing instruments.
As Lately We Watched:  ,Edwards, D.,JH
The simple beauty of the traditional Austrian carol is enhanced in this three-section setting. The beginning section is open and airy in feel; the second combines an upper melody with a flowing, eighth-note accompaniment of mostly open 6th intervals.
As Lately We Watched:  Various,Page, A. L.,AP
"As Lately We Watched", which incorporates "Austrian Carol, Ding Dong Merrily on High," and "While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks" brings the joy of the holiday season to a worship service.
As Lately We Watched:  Various,Ingram, B.,CG
This composition combines "As Lately We Watched" with "Cradle Song".
As Lately We Watched:  Traditional Austrian Carol,McChesney, Kevin,SF
Combine Kevin McChesney's skill at writing for handbells and Rebecca Bonam's skill at writing for piano and you get a fantastic arrangement for your handbell choir.
As With Gladness:  Kocher, Conrad,Morris, Hart,RR
Conrad Kocher's hymn "As with Gladness Men of Old" gets a fresh new treatment in this setting by the energetic arranger Hart Morris. The accompaniment sports syncopation and off-beat accents to the straight rendering of the tune. It is written for a FULL three octaves.
At the Manger:  Various,Helman, Michael,LC
Three lovely cradle carols set the scene for a quiet, peaceful Christmas. The carols are based on "Infant Holy", "Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine", and "The Friendly Beasts".
Austrian Carol:  ,Stephenson, V.,JH
The spirit of this wonderful tune is captured in this easy arrangement for 3 to 5 octaves. Optional use of chiming instruments with the bells creates a beautiful, warm Christmas selection.
Ave Maria:  Bach, J. S./Gounod, C.,Hartley, A.,TH
This arrangement of the Bach-Gounod "Ave Maria" suggests using chimes or a solo instrument for the melody. Bells play arpeggiated accompaniment.
Awake Awake and Greet the New Morn:  Haugen, Marty,Sternowski, Carolyn,GI
Designed for either a 3 octave handbell or chime choir, Marty Haugen's Christmas song is arranged by Carolyn Sternowski.
Away in a Manger:  Kirkpatrick, W.,Wiltse, C.,ST
Using a simple arpeggio figure and runs, this simple arrangement ends quietly in octaves.
Away in a Manger:  Murray,Dobrinski, C.,HP
Creative use of original introductory material, flowing 8th note accompaniment, strong chordal writing, key changes and use of mallets make this a seasonal gem.
Away in a Manger:  Murray,Kearns, J.,DO
This "Away in a Manger" is an arrangement of the tune by James Murray. The full octaves of the bass add depth and keep your ringers busy.
Away in a Manger:  Murray,Sherman, A.,LS
This version is a tender arrangement which must be rung with dynamic control because the full chords have the ability to overpower the melody.
Away in a Manger:  Murray, James,Thompson, P.,HM
The first stanza of this gentle, rocking arrangement of the "Mueller" tune uses a simple, 1 measure ostinato pattern. LV in the last stanza provides interesting chord structure.
Away in a Manger:  Various,Kinyon, B.,CG
Three familiar melodies are combined in this setting for 3, 4, or 5 octaves with optional 2-3 octaves of handchimes. A gentle introduction and verse is played on bells before the chimes enter on top with the melody.
Away in a Manger:  Various,Moklebust, C./Moklebust, D.,JH
Wife Cathy arranged the handbells and husband David contributed the organ score for this sweet arrangement. Both tunes "Away in a Manger" and "Cradle Song" are used.
Away in a Manger:  Various,Dobrinski, C.,HP
This arrangement has been written for the Raleigh Ringers for 3-6 octaves of handbells and optional flute or choir chimes (A separate score is available for the flute). The sweet carols by Kirkpatrick and Murray are set against several textures of accompaniment.
Away in a Manger:  19th Century American ,Bloedow, M.,MW
Only 31 measures in length, this traditional tune is presented in a straight-forward fashion. No special techniques are required save for the LV. The texture is light and the tempo is andante.
Away in a Manger:  Murray, J.,Maggs, C.,GE
Interesting arrangements for beginning ringers are found in this Ardis Freeman handbell library. "Away in a Manger" combines an ostinato, inner voice, scale-step movement and block chords.
Away in a Manger:  Murray, James R.,Eithun, Sandra,CO
The echo technique, optional flute part, and tempo fluctuations add interest to this setting of James Murray's "Away in a Manger". It is a good choice for choirs just stretching to 4 and 5 octave status.
Away In a Manger:  Traditional ,McChesney, Kevin,GE
Part of the "Ardis Freeman Handbell Library," this 2-page setting for bells or chimes centers on dotted rhythms and the LV technique. The back page contains the bells used chart with 2 suggested bell assignments, a warm-up exercise applicable to the piece, and helpful performance notes.
Away In a Manger:  Traditional,Kinyon, Barbara,BE
A slight syncopation with the B4 and C5 bells generates a gentle pulse on and off throughout this setting for bells and optional chimes (8 ranging from Bb4 to Bb5). This piece is in Eb Major until the final section where it modulates to C major. It ends quietly in measure 79.
Away In a Manger:  Traditional,Lohr, Alan,SF
Arranged by Alan Lohr, this is a level one arrangement of the two familiar melodies often associated with "Away In a Manger" and it gives plenty for all of the ringers to ring.
Away In A Manger:  Hymn Tune,Martin, Joseph M./Angerman, David,SP
Beautiful in its simplicity, this transcription based on "Away in a Manger" (tune MUELLER) can be learned in one rehearsal; yet in performance it presents with warmth and charming elegance.
Away in a Manger Medley:  Various,Bock, F./Mathis, W.,FB
Arranger William Mathis has set this medley for bells and 7 chimes in the 3 octave range. Both "CRADLE SONG" and "AWAY IN A MANGER" tunes are used.
Babe of Bethlehem, The:  Southern Harmony,Weston,NM
A chordal arrangement of a tune from the "Southern Harmony", this piece is great for the beginning 3 octave choir or for those needing something simple quickly. This piece works well for chimes or handbells.
Behold the Star:  Traditional Spirituals,Page, Anna Laura,CG
This energetic and exciting setting of the traditional spiritual “Behold the Star” also features the favorite “Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow.”
Bells of St. Mary's:  Adams,Callahan, F.,HL
This title is a refreshing arrangement of a classic. The familiar melody is coupled with 8th note runs in the upper bells.
Bethlehem:  Gounod, C.,Merrett, F.,NM
Charles Gounod's sweet Christmas carol (sub-titled "Cradled All Lowly") is set here in a gentle 6/8 meter with pulsing, eighth-note accompaniment patterns. 10 chimes in the 2-octave range are scored in a later section in a mid-range melody line. A sweet ending with mallets on suspended bells closes the work.
Bethlehem Journey:  Various,Lamb, L.,AP
The journey to Bethlehem is told through this combination of the carols, "How Far Is It to Bethlehem," "O Little Town of Bethlehem" and "Silent Night, Holy Night". It will be important for ringers to recognize the melody as each carol is woven together woven together with the next.
Birthday of a King, The:  Neidlinger, W. H.,Dobrinski, C.,HP
The lilting Christmas tune by W. H. Neidlinger is here set in Dobrinski's familiar flare and good, solid bell writing. The optional flute part adds a soft charm to the mostly flowing texture, which uses the LV technique.
Boar's Head Carol, The:  ,McChesney, K.,AG
The sounds of English tower bells threads itself through this arrangement of the traditional English carol.
Bohemian Bell Carol:  ,Beard,TP
A very simple 4 octave arrangement of the popular carol, "Come, All Ye Shepherds", this piece begins with open fifths, followed by a treble pattern of a quarter note and four eighth notes that represent the melody.
Born God's Only Son:  Grier, Gene & Everson, Lowell,Roth, Karen,RW
Optional voices are featured in the selection, making it an effective ensemble selection for the Christmas season. If voices are not available, the piece works just as well for handbells alone.
Born Is the King of Israel:  Various,Prins, Matthew,GI
Matthew Prins offers a richly harmonized medley of "Twas in the Moon of Wintertime, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, The Coventry Carol," and "The First Nowell."
Break Forth O Beauteous Heavenly Light:  Schop, J.,Blessing, B.,DF
This Christmas bell prelude "breaks forth" into a joyful, memorable melody. Large notes help make reading easier, and sixteenth notes abound.
Brightest and Best of the Stars of the Morning:  Hymn Tune,Angerman, David,SP
A full-five octave work uncluttered by ( ), [ ], and < >! This easy arrangement of the hymn tune MORNING STAR keeps all five octaves active, but in an open texture that is to be rung delicately. An echo technique, in the middle section, aids the effect.
Brightest and Best of the Stars of the Morning:  Traditional,McFadden, Jane,BE
First published in 1827, this Epiphany hymn combines chimes and bells in contrasting textures to present the tune. March-like sections of malleted accompaniment in the bass clef support the melody on top of tall chords in the treble.
Bring a Torch:  ,Wagner, D.,HP
Taking a traditional melody and adding fresh harmony makes this a delightful offering for the Christmas season.
Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella:  ,Lamb, L.,HP
Early ringers should enjoy this simple setting of the 17th century French carol. The tempo is quarter = 132 in 3/4 time, but with no eighth-notes. Some accompaniment is marked with the pluck technique adding bounce to the open feel of the work.
Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella:  ,Stephenson, V.,JH
The wonderful French tune takes on new life and color with the use of mallets, SW, TD, PL, SK and BD. This one's a must for the Christmas season!
Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella:  French,Day, D.,YS
Only 27 measures long (with a repeat, this simple unaccompanied handbell duet is great for beginners.
Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella:  French,Smith, J.,RR
Beginning in 6/4 time with martellato and staccato technique galore, this setting of the traditional French carol hints at the arrangers upbeat personality. Ringers will enjoy the melody in octaves and all the special techniques throughout the accompaniment.
Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella:  ,Dobrinski, C.,HP
Cynthia Dobrinski's signature style shines through this sprightly setting of the traditional French carol. Lots of techniques, textures with melody, counter-melody, ornamentation, and interesting rhythmic and melodic motifs to sped the tune along its way.
Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella:  Various,Page, A. L.,AP
6/8 meter gives this setting of the French carol a dance-like character. There is enough leeway in the metronome marking to find a comfortable tempo for intermediate ringers. "I Saw Three Ships" is another lilting Christmas carol, and it is incorporated into this selection. Another feature is the scoring of optional 3-5 octaves of handchimes.
Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella:  Traditional,Sherman, Arnold B.,HP
Arranged from a piano composition by Joel Raney, this gentle, lilting setting for 3-6 octaves with an optional part for two flutes, comes from Arnold Sherman.
Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella:  Traditional Frech Carol,Moklebust, Cathy,CG
This happy, dancing arrangement of the beloved French Christmas carol is playable in either three beats or one beat to the measure, depending upon the ability of the group.
Bring a Torch Jeannette Isabella:  ,Lloyd,BE
This piece is an easy, chordal arrangement of the traditional tune. Optional finger cymbals can be used.
Bring a Torch Jeannette Isabella:  Traditional French Carol,Larson, Lloyd,BE
"Buoyantly with joy" is the character marking for this happy French carol arrangement. Open texture is easy to read, and only a few bell changes occur toward the end of the work.
Burgundian Carol:  Burgundian,Rothe, E.,PS
A Glockenspiel plays a 4 note ostinato, 2 bell trees shared the melody, and 6 bells from the choir play a rhythmic accompaniment.
Calypso Christmas, A:  Various,McChesney, K.,RO
All over the world Christians delight in the celebration of Christmas through music. There are as many different carols in as many different musical styles as one could possibly want. Calypso Christmas is a fun flight of fancy, a taste of what a few familiar Christmas tunes might sound like in the Islands. So, take off your winter coat and prepare to head down Caribbean way for a mini-vacation!
Canon of Peace:  Nobis, D.,Honore, J.,CO
3-5 octaves of bells and optional C instrument fit well together in presenting this lovely 3-part canon, "Dona nobis pacem". The lines of the canon are rung, plucked, LVed, marted and shook.
Carillon Christmas:  Various,Edwards, D.,LC
Carillon Christmas is a little like going to a European village and where all the carillons in town are presenting their Christmas carol concert at precisely the same moment! "Joy to the World, Angels We Have Heard on High, He is Born, While By Our Sheep, O Come All Ye Faithful, For Unto Us a Child is Born, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Angels from the Realms of Glory & Good Christian Men Rejoice" are stated, overlapped, woven together, layered and treated in other music combinations.
Caroler's Hoedown:  Stephenson, V.,,RR
Pull out your cowboy hat for this one! "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, Angels We Have Heard on High, Jingle Bells" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" are interspersed in this hoedown romp.
Carol For All Seasons, A:  ,Price,HP
A versatile piece, "Carol for All Seasons" is an arrangement of the "Noel Nouvelet" tune. It utilizes several bell techniques, mostly martellato or plucking in the bass clef.
Carol for the Child:  Allen, Paul W., ,NM
This modal lullaby quietly flows forward because of the arpeggio figures used throughout.
Carol Medley:  Hayes, M.,Hall, J.,SP
Incorporating "Good Christian Men, Rejoice," "Bring A Torch, Jeanette, Isabella," "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear," and "Angels We Have Heard On High," this bell piece is a transcription of a Mark Hayes piano arrangement.
Carol of the Bells:  Leontovich, M.,Averre, D.,TP
This fresh arrangement of the traditional carol retains the familiar melody but is arranged in such a way as to keep ringers and audience spellbound.
Carol of the Bells:  Leontovich, M.,Wagner, D.,HP
This traditional Ukrainian Carol arranged for 3 octaves of bells includes some original material. A bells assignment chart for ringing this piece with four ringers is included in the book "Impossible Ringing Made Possible" (HP1108).
Carol of the Bells:  Leontovich, M.,Witherup, W.,SL
74 measures go by in a hurry with this setting of the Ukrainian bell carol. A light texture overall and the absence of special techniques characterize this arrangement.
Carol of the Bells:  Ukranian,McChesney, K.,LC
This classic arrangement of an iconic Christmas tune, which has been among our most successful publications for about fifteen years, is now available in an edition that is easier to read.
Carol of the Bells - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen:  Various,Larson, L.,HP

The Ukrainian bell carol is set accessibly once in a minor then in c minor. The opening motive is then used to overlap into the next carol, "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen" and is used to punctuate this tune at intervals.

Carol of the Birds:  ,Kinyon, B.,BE
A lovely French carol masterfully arranged for handbells, this piece can be rung with 3 octaves; but the 4th octave adds to the charm of the composition.
Carol of the Birds:  French,McChesney, K.,JH
Celebrate the Christmas season with this lesser known but beautiful carol. The tune of the French carol is set in two moods in this short, 34-measure selection.
Carol of the Huron:  Canadian Carol,Hatch, Winnagene,HP
The hauntingly beautiful melody of this Canadian carol, “‘Twas in the Moon of Wintertime,” is expressively captured in this 3-5 octave setting by Ontario based arranger Winnagene Hatch.
Carol of the Wise Men:  ,Gramann, F.,JH
This arrangenment of the Puerto Rican carol "De Tierra Lejana Venimos" was commissioned by the Raleigh Ringers. There are several layers to the music: challenging syncopations, lines and counter lines and flowing eighth-note accompaniment.
Carols A La Carte:  Various,Smith, J.,RO
James Smith arranged six, 3-4 octave carols that are free of bell changes and require only a stand for the music. Selections include: "O Come, Little Children"; "Joy to the World"; "O Come All Ye Faithful"; "Silent Night"; "Jingle Bells"; and "The First Noel".
Carols for the Newborn King:  Various,Larson, Lloyd,LC
"Carols for the Newborn King" is a tender carol medley from one of our most popular writers, set in simple and compound meters. Tunes included are CRADLE SONG, SUSSEX CAROL, and FIRST NOWELL.
Carols of Christmas:  Various,McKechnie, Linda,CP
Keyboard and bells soar to excitement on this medley of "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" and "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear." The bell chart suggests that 3rd and 4th octave treble bells may be doubled, giving the 5th octave ringers lots of playing time!
Carols of the Manger:  Various,Schram, R.,AP
"Playfully" is the character marking given to this medley of "Infant Holy, Infant Lowly; Away in a Manger; and Coventry Carol". This mostly straight-forward rendition of the tunes adds interest on the final page with bell and tempo changes.
Carols of the Nativity:  Various,Edwards, D.,SP
Dan Edwards provides a simple yet creative arrangement for beginners with this medley, incorporating "Bring A Torch, Jeanette, Isabella," "Away In A Manger," and "Silent Night". Chordal ringing with varying dynamics satisfies the ear while building ringer's skill and confidence.
Carols of the Nativity:  Various,Parrish, Mary Kay,CG
Beginning with a stately announcement of Christ's birth, this medley of carols moves gracefully from tune to tune as it tells the story of the nativity.
Casabel:  Various,Nelson, S.,CO
Sleigh bells and tambourine add a new flavor to the traditional carols "Good King Wenceslas" and "Ding Dong! Merrily on High." The Wenceslas melody predominates, but is combined at one point with the other tune.
Catalonian Carol:  Traditional ,Sherman, Arnold B.,RR
Based on "Catalonian Carol" from the Red River Music Solo Collection by Sueda Luttrell and Arnold Sherman, this advanced piece was commissioned by Houston Bronze Ensemble, Houston, Texas.
Catalonian Carol:  Traditional,Turner, Julie,JH
Julie Turner's arrangement of the familiar Catalonian carol “Fum, Fum, Fum” also incorporates the old English carol “Hey, Ho, Nobody Home”, and the result is a light, Renaissance feel.
Celebrate the Newborn King:  Various,Stephenson, Valerie W.,AP
This is a delightful, fun-filled medley of five familiar Christmas carols. Written for 3-5 octave handbell choir and optional handchimes, it promises to be a favorite for any festive occasion during the Christmas season.
Celtic Christmas Jig:  Scottish and Irish Jigs,Lamb, Linda R.,FM
Combining two jigs, one Scottish and one Irish, Linda Lamb has created a totally delightful and unique piece for any Christmas concert.
Charlie Brown Christmas:  Guaraldi, V,McChesney, K,WB
Everyone's favorite hard-luck case, Charlie Brown, now has his own handbell medley! Ringers will be challenged with the chromatic movement and syncopated rhythms.
Cherry Tree Carol, The:  ,Gumma, V.,PS
The traditional carol set for bells with flute and optional guitar for which chords are given. The flute plays a round with the bells on the second stanza.
Child is Born, A:  Various,Linker, J./McFadden, J.,BE
The bell and keyboard duo are at it again with this sweet setting of "Il est Ne" (French carol and "For Unto Us a Child is Born" from the "Messiah". The organ or piano and bells play together, antiphonally, or as solo instruments. Sixteenth note rhythms may present some challenge. 57 measures in length.
Child is Born in Bethlehem, A:  Praetorius, M.,Nelson, S.,HM
Take your listeners back in time with this setting of "Puer Natus" by Machael Praetorius. Scored for bells, optional chimes, Sopranino Recorder, Viola da Gamba, Lute, and Percussion, this fresh work should add a tender moment to Christmas worship. Performance notes and options are given as well as optional instruments.
Children at the Manger:  Various,Larson, K. J.,AU
A medley which includes "O Come, Little Children; Away in the Manger; & Your Little Ones, Dear Lord." Numerous meter and tempo changes. Alternate ending for 4 octave choirs.
Children's Christmas Eve:  Gade,Wagner, D.,TP
A delightful suite of: I. Christmas Bells , II. Christmas Carol and III. Christmas Tree March . No. III will require work.
Child So Lovely:  ,Thompson, M. L.,AP
An optional percussion part for claves and maracas and an optional chime part for 2-3 octaves are both included in this arrangement of a Venezuelan Christmas folk melody. Carolers, who in return for their song expect treats or small gifts, sing this song. The music gives gifts of its own with rich and various articulations and rhythmic challenges.
Chorale Prelude on In Dulci Jubilo:  Zachow, F. W.,Mathis, W. H.,NM
The joyful Christmas carol by Friedrich Wilhelm Zachow is here set in 3/4 time for simpler reading.
Christmas Angel Fantasia:  Various,Petker, R. A.,TH
Angels from the Realms of Glory; Angels We Have Heard on High; and "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" are joined together with a brilliant fanfare.
Christmas Angels Medley:  Various,Edwards, D.,JH
"Angels from the Realms of Glory," "Angels We Have Heard on High," and "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" are the three "angel" carols in this medley. The scoring is full, and keeps all ringers busy with a big sound.
Christmas Bell Carol:  Leontovich, Mykolo,Morris, Hart,BE
Energy pulses through this setting of the traditional Ukrainian carol from the very first note and doesn't quit until the final accented notes! This sparkling arrangement will have audiences demanding an encore!
Christmas Bell Suite:  Various,Behnke, John A.,AG
The well-known Christmas "bell" songs "Kling Glocken", "I Heard the Bells", and "Ding Dong Merrily on High" are combined in a dazzling medley.
Christmas Carillon:  Based on the hymn tune Sicilian Mariners,Lowenberg, Kenneth,LC
"And all the bells on earth shall ring" in this brilliant work, characterized by idiomatic bell figures and soaring modulations. Fresh harmonies and just the right amount of special techniques further enhance this "appealing" selection, based on SICILIAN MARINERS.
Christmas Carillon, A:  Various,Tucker, M.,CG
Margaret Tucker combines 3,4 or 5 octaves of bells with optional 3 octaves of handchimes in this medley of five carols. The introduction is a unison bell peal (the carillon) which "thickens" out as it leads into Joy to the World.
Christmas Carol Celebration:  Various,Wagner, D.,LC
The composer skillfully states and interweaves in this chordal arrangement "Joy to the World; Good King Wenceslas; & O Come All Ye Faithful" providing a festive and happy Christmas offering.
Christmas Carol Fantasy:  Various,Hakes,LC
A malletted LV introduction sets the mood for the Christmas fantasy using "Cranbam; W Zlobie Lezy; Cantique de Noel & Stille Nacht." The music ends quietly as it began.
Christmas Carols from a Bell Tower:  Various,Hilty, E.,FL
This work presents simple carols introduced and joined together through passages resembling tower, bell peals. The LV technique is frequently called for.
Christmas Celebration, A:  Various,Keller, M.,MO
A medley of "Joy to the World; The First Noel; & Gentle Mary Laid Her Child." Begins and ends with fanfares. Each tune is treated differently.
Christmas Chimings:  Various,Edwards, D.,SP
"Joy to the World, Hark! the Herald Angels Sing, and O Come, All Ye Faithful" are the three Christmas carols included in this simple arrangement. A passage of original material in peal-like fashion introduces the first tune and is also used as transition material between tunes and as a final statement to the piece of 78 measures.
Christmas Chorales:  Various,Herbek, R.,GN
Three chorales, "Sleepers Awake; Break Forth of Beauteous Light; and O Morning Star" are simply arranged with no subdivided beats. Good for the less experienced groups.
Christmas Collage:  Various,Stephenson, V.,JH
Spice up your Christmas celebrations with this festive, 36-measured introit. A sparkling peal, which can be doubled in the 5th and 6th octaves, runs through the piece with melody in the lower ranges.
Christmas Exaltation:  ,Akers, Michael E.,LC
Based on "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" this setting comes out with a bang in fortissimo dynamic, shake technique, and strong chords. The dynamics contrast, however, giving ringers a work out on musical expression, At only 33 measures, this is an ideal transition piece or introduction to the singing of the carol. Some bell changes apply!
Christmas Fantasia:  Various,Lohr, A.,SF
142 measures go by fast in this fantasy setting of CAROL OF THE BELLS and GREENSLEEVES. The sustained ringing sound is contrasted with staccato laden passages.
Christmas Fantasy:  Various,Gross, William E.,FL
Handchimes lend their shimmery timbre to this medley of 6 carols including "The Wexford Carol," "Wassail, Wassail," "I Saw Three Ships," "Carol of the Bells," "Good King Wenceslas," and "The Holly and the Ivy." All this is included 144 measures.
Christmas Fiesta, A:  Various,Moklebust, C.,CG
Christmas carols with a Latin flavor are presented in this medley with optional percussion. Various techniques are used to spice up the nature of the individual carols.
Christmas for Understaffed Bell Choir:  Various,Dugger, Bill D.,ME
The seasonal favorites "Adeste Fidelis, Infant Holy, silent Night, and Jingle Bells" are one page, repeatable versions, and may be used as incidental music, or as a suite. These arrangements are ideal when the bell choir has absent members and when little rehearsal time is available.
Christmas in About Three Minutes:  Weston, M.,Wagner, D. E.,LC
"Christmas in About Three Minutes" is based on 23 carol tunes or song quotations. Religious carols as well as secular holiday songs are included.
Christmas in England:  Various,Wiltse, C.,ST
A full five octaves of handbells as well as 4-5 octaves of chimes are needed to perform this setting of the English carols, "Puer Nobis", "Coventry Carol," and "Gloucestershire Wassail." Special techniques as well as fresh harmonies help paint the picture of the English countryside, blanketed in snow, with the sound of carolers at your door. 151 measures in length.
Christmas in Many Lands:  Various,Herbek, R.,GN
This folio contains three selections: A German Christmas, A French Christmas and An English Christmas. Each selection is a medley of favorite carols from the country specified.
Christmas Invitation:  Dugger, Bill,,ME
This work begins with original material in 6/8 meter and C# minor. Later sections include "Joy to the World" and "O Come All Ye Faithful."
Christmas Is Coming:  ,McChesney, K.,AG
Extensive performance notes are given for ringing this arrangement of the old English tune with several combinations of bells and chimes.
Christmas Joy:  Various,Dobrinski, C.,HP
A medley of the tunes "Joy to the World" & "Go, Tell It on the Mountain". Highly recommended for the Christmas Season!
Christmas Joy :  Various,Thompson, M. L.,FB
Three separate arrangements. Includes: "Silent Night" (Original Melody); "Silent Night" (Traditional Melody) and "We Three Kings".
Christmas Jubilation:  Various,Edwards, Dan R.,RO
A rousing, 12-measure flourish introduces three carols. Fully scored to keep all ringers involved, "Christmas Jubilation" is a tidy 100 measures in length.
Christmas Lullaby:  Various,Anderson, Christine D./Hamilton, Richard,RW
Uses "Infant Holy" and "Cradle Song" over an arpeggiated moving accompaniment.
Christmas Lullaby:  Various,Helman, M.,LC
Michael Helman has combined the three tender carols, "Away in the Manger" (both the CRADLE SONG tune and James Murray's tune) and "The Friendly Beast" for this medley and has assigned special techniques throughout.
Christmas Lullaby:  Various,McChesney, K.,JH
Medley of "Away in a Manger (Kirkpatrick) & Infant Holy Infant Lowly (Polish)". The traditional carol tune "Cradle Song" is the basis of this tender setting for bells and 3 octaves of optional but preferable chimes.
Christmas Meditation:  Various,Helman, M.,AG
Away in the Manger and "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear" are combined in this gentle arrangement. F major moves to Ab major and back again. Chimes are used in the lower melody.
Christmas Medley:  Various,Burroughs, B.,GN
A gentle medley of "Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne; Once in David's Royal City; Infant Holy, Infant Lowly; & Gloria in Excelsis Deo."
Christmas Processional and Medley:  Various,Hall, J.,JH
A repeatable processional begins this medley of "Joy to the World, Hark! the Herald Angels Sing, and Angels We Have Heard on High". Fully scored with special techniques, including the gyro, sprinkled throughout for flavor.
Christmas Processional and Medley II:  Various,Hall, Jefferey A.,JH
This medley of "O Come All Ye Faithful," "He Is Born," and "Angels From the Realms of Glory" begins with an optional 12-measure processional (performance ideas are included in footnotes).
Christmas Quodlibet, A:  Various,Tucker, S.,CO
Oh Come, All Ye Faithful (Adeste fideles), "The Snow Lay on the Ground" (Venite adoremus) and "Now Sing We , Now Rejoice" (In dulci jubilo) are the basis for this 3-5 octave arrangement with 2-3 octaves of handchimes.
Christmas Reflections:  Various,Nelson, S.,BE
Three - six octaves of optional handchimes provide additional color to this piece within a piece. It can be rung as written for the Christmas season, or anytime during the year by omitting the Christmas carol quotes and a few measures. If you don't have the optional BIG bells, try to borrow them - it would be well worth it!
Christmas Rejoicing:  ,Wagner, D.,LC
An opening section, by repetition, provides a processional of any length. Carol tunes and fragments of carol tunes are used throughout the piece.
Christmas Song, The:  Torme/Welles,Wagner, D.,HP
Add audience appeal to your Christmas program with this perennial favorite.
Christmas Suite for Handbells:  Various,Morris, H.,BE
An easy collection of 3 separately arranged Christmas tunes: "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen; Zither Carol; & Puer Nobis".
Christmas Tapestry:  Various,McKechnie, Linda,JH
Linda McKechnie weaves her own original tune together with the Christmas favorites "Deck the Halls," "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear," and "Gloria in Excelsis".
Christmas Tidings:  ,Merrett, F.,LA
The following tunes, "Deck the Halls, Coventry Carol & O Little Town of Bethlehem", are arranged to play as a medley or each can be played individually.
Christmas Tidings:  Various,Meredith, J.,GM
Described as a fantasy on "Mary Had a Baby" and "Go Tell It on the Mountain", this rendition will have your ringers hopping with jazzy rhythms and special techniques.
Christmastime:  Various,Page, A. L.,AP
A joyful medley of "Deck the Halls" and "Jingle Bells". Generally chordal except for 9 measures in middle.
Christmas Trilogy:  Various,Buckwalter, K.,SP
A clever introduction tells right away the three tunes included: "O Come, Little Children; The First Nowell & Ding Dong Merrily on High". "The First Nowell" is scored for opt. flute or violin.
Christmas Trilogy, A:  Various,Luethi, G.,FL
An avant garde arrangement of 3 tunes: "A Babe is Born; Still, Still, Still; & Shepherd's Awake - Bring a Torch."
Come All You Shepherds:  ,Burkhardt, M.,MO
The publisher has graded this work level I, but syncopation and the fast, allegro tempo dictates a II+ rating. The texture of the work is light, airy and expectant.
Come Child of Light:  Various,Helmore, T./Larson, L.,AP
This Advent anthem may be used in a variety of ways during worship or related Advent observances with narration for each of the four weeks of Advent.
Come Christmas Come:  Various,Wissinger, Kathleen,FM
Based on the carols, "Savior of the nations, Come" and "O Come All Ye Faithful," this piece may be performed by one handbell choir; or it may be rung by two or three separate choirs. Rich harmonies and appealing running eighth note patterns create a jubilant setting of this traditional Christmas carol, appropriate for church or your holiday concert.
Come Let Us Adore Him:  Various,Edwards, Dan R.,RO
This joyful Christmas arrangement, which incorporates ADESTE FIDELES and GLORIA, is full of articulations - mart lifts, mallets, echoes, thumb damps, and shakes - making it interesting both to play and hear.
Come Thou Long Expected Jesus:  Various,Biggs, S.,AU
Hymn tunes Jefferson and Veni, Emmanuel are combined in this setting for 3 octaves. Opening, simple phrases of the tune punctuated by malleted, suspended bells sets an ethereal mood before capitulating into a driving, syncopated pulse. A majestic section ends the work. 99 measures in length.
Comfort Ye:  Handel, G. F.,McChesney, K.,BE
This is taken from the vocal solo in "Messiah." A part for the optional C instrument is included in each sheet of music.
Coventry Carol:  ,Wiltse, C.,ST
A fine arrangement with interesting harmonies.
Coventry Carol:  ,Dobrinski, C.,HP
Beginning quietly and slowly, this piece builds to a loud, vigorous climax and then concludes with the mood set at the beginning.
Coventry Carol:  Carol,Bartsch, Jr., J.,NM
This is the handbell score for the performance using handbells, ogran, orchestra. The reviewer does not know how these parts fit together. Rent orchestra parts from National. Orchestra reduction for organ by David Livingston.
Coventry Carol:  English Carol,Burkhardt, M.,MO
This arrangement of the 16th century English carol opens with the carol being stated in full chordal texture and then a short response in light LV texture. Later the melody is accompanied by thumb-damped scale-wise passages.
Coventry Carol:  ,Page, A.,CG
The echo technique, strategically placed, adds interest and effect to the final section of this setting of the 15th century English carol. The texture throughout consists mainly of eighth-note, step-wise or chordal motion.
Coventry Carol:  English Traditional,Roberts, Philip L.,GI
This level 4 piece will challenge ringers with frequent changes between bells and chimes and with various stopped-sound techniques.
Coventry Carol:  Traditional,Helman, Michael,BE
Three octaves of optional chimes (from C4 to C6) are scored in this rhythmic version of the minor carol melody. LV, echo and the chimes combine for a "shimmery" effect, like a frosty Christmas morning.
Coventry Carol:  Traditional English Carol,Burroughs, Bob,AP
This Christmas carol is most often found with the lyrics: "Lullay, thou little tiny child, by, by lully, lullay."
Coventry Carol:  Traditional English Carol,Eithun, Sandra,CO
Optional finger cymbals, wind chimes, and flute add their ambiance to this reflective setting of the traditional English carol. The opening section is marked "mysteriously, freely" and sets the tone for the entire work.
Cowboy Christmas:  Various,Waldrop, Tammy,RO
Put on yer boots and saddle up for this fun trail ride through the traditional carols "Away in a Manger", "Angels We Have Heard on High" and "O Come, All Ye Faithful."
Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy:  Tchaikovsky, P.,Gramann, F.,BE
Combine bells with 3-4 octaves of optional chimes and use this as a Christmas show piece! Performance suggestions give helpful ideas for simplifying several difficult measures. Mallets are used extensively!
Deck the Halls:  Welsh,Smoke, G.,HM

"Deck the Halls" is a series of variations on the traditional English tune. Multiple special techniques are used.

Deck the Halls:  Welsh,McChesney, K.,HP
The playful melody of this favorite holiday song incorporates 2 octaves of optional chimes. The beginning is bright and fanfarish before settling down to bouncy, bass accompaniment with melody overhead.
Deck the Halls:  Welsh,Ingram, B.,JH
Written for a city-wide mass Christmas concert, this arrangement sparkles with Bill Ingram's clear, concise style. Everyone gets an opportunity to be part of the melody!
Deck the Halls:  Welsh,Behnke, J.,HP
A lively tempo, staccato techniques such as thumb damps, martellatos, and mallets on tabled bells, and jumpy rhythms characterize this arrangement of the Welsh traditional tune. This one is a great way to liven up a Christmas concert!
Deck the Halls:  Traditional,Kent, David R.,FM
If you are looking for a cheerful, up beat arrangement of a traditional Christmas song, this arrangement of "Deck the Halls" is for you.
Deck the Hall with Blues and Boogie:  Welsh,Stephenson, V.,LC
Get out the sunshades for this cool rendition of the familiar Christmas carol in lazy blues and boogie woogie styles! Grace notes, slurpy accidentals, bouncy staccato, echo technique and varying tempos all band together to make this a sure-fire concert winner!
Ding Dong Merrily on High:  ,Wagner, D.,BE
Intriguing harmonies complement the traditional tune and create a happy Christmas offering.
Ding Dong Merrily on High:  16th Century French Carol,Lamb, Linda R.,AP
This is a particularly fun piece for handbells and is set for 3-5 octave handbell choir and optional handchimes.
Ding Dong Merrily on High:  Traditional,DeWitt, Stan,GE
Get out the mallets and have some fun with this peppery rendition of the English Christmas carol. The melody is rung in both upper and lower ranges with malleted accompaniment. A slow ending section provides good contrast - all in 45 measures.
Ding Dong Merrily on High:  Traditional,Morris, Hart,CO
This arrangement is a rather "straight-forward" setting of the Christmas carol. 6 chimes, ranging from C5 - G5, are optional, but do add flavor to the mix.
Ding Dong Merrily on High:  Traditional,Ingram, Bill,JH
Arranger Bill Ingram successfully combines the title tune with the chorus "Gloria" (Angels We Have Heard on High).
Ding Dong Merrily on High:  Various,Larson, Lloyd,BE
Introduced by a "bell tower" motif, the melody enters in the doubled treble bells. After two full sections of this melody, a parallel key change leads into "The Ukrainian Bell Carol." The final sections return to the title tune. The ringers all keep involved while achieving a lilting feel.
Ding Dong Merrily On High:  ,Burkhardt, M.,HP
An ostinato pattern, a minor mode (middle section) and good use of bells all combine to make a fine Christmas selection for the 3 octave choir.
Ding Dong Merrily On High:  ,Dobrinski, C.,HP
An energetic, lilting arrangement of a wonderful 16th century French Carol, this piece uses martellato, TD, SK, Pl and RT. It is truly delightful!
Ding Dong Merrily On High:  Traditional English Carol,Gramann, Fred,CG
Beginning with a quiet treble ostinato figure inspired by the lyrics "in heaven the bells are ringing," the ringing grows in intensity until it bursts forth with the first statement of the traditional English carol, "Ding, Dong, Merrily on High."
Ding Dong Merrily On High:  Traditional French Carol,Wagner, Douglas E.,LC
Bring together two highly recognizable carol tunes ("Ding! Dong! Merrily on High" and "Angels We Have Heard on High") with idiomatic bell patterns, striking harmony and an exhilarating modulation from E-flat to G, and you have the ideal selection for celebrating the most joyous time of year.
Ding Dong Merrily On High:  French,Eithun, Sandra,AG
Playful bell motives abound in this joyful arrangement of a favorite Christmas bell tune.
Ding Dong Merrily on High Medley:  Various,Stephenson, V.,LW
Although the title suggests only "Ding, Dong, Merrily on High", this piece is really a medley of "Carol of the Bells, Joy to the World, Wassail Song, Deck the Halls and Ding Dong Merrily on High."
Dona Nobis Pacem:  ,Jergenson, D.,LA
This version of "Dona Nobis Pacem" is a wonderful tune arranged in a quiet setting except for the ending. Flowing eighth notes are the norm here and the tempo is moderate.
Dormi:  Various,Waugh, Timothy,CG
"Dormi" combines an an old Italian carol ("Dormi") with the Polish "Rocking Carol."
Do You Hear What I Hear:  Regney, Noel & Shayne, Gloria,Ingram, Bill,RO
“Do You Hear What I Hear?” has truly become a classic of the Christmas season, and now arranger Bill Ingram offers a very satisfying setting for handbells.
Earth Shall Ring:  Person, H.,Tucker, M.,CG
Based on PERSONENT HODIE tune, the first 20 measures may be used as an easy-to-learn processional. Optional chimes and finger cymbals add to the medieval feel of the piece, which is entirely chordal in texture.
Eastern Caravan:  Stephenson, V., ,JH
A tambourine and/or woodblock add to the "oriental" flavor of this fast moving music.
Echo Carol:  ,Herbek, R.,BO
The "Echo Carol" remains a popular Christmas selection after centuries of use. An easy arrangement, each of the 3 stanzas are in different keys.
Echo Carol:  ,Zabel, A.,FL
This setting of the traditional German carol is for two choirs: handbells and handchimes, or bells and bells. The tempo is allegro in cut time, the texture strongly chordal, and the play between the two choirs is, well, in echo fashion!
El Nino Jesus:  ,Kellermeyer, D.,HM
Are you looking for a light, upbeat, fresh, level II selection for Christmas performance? This is it! This Spanish carol is set in 6/8 meter with a nice lilt and melody appearing in both the upper and lower registers.
Emmanuel Emmanuel:  McGee, Bob,Wagner, Douglas E.,LC
Bob McGee's popular praise chorus is showcased as the refrain in an ingenious setting that includes "Angels We Have Heard on High" and "O Come, All Ye Faithful" as the verses.
Emmanuel Savior of the Nations:  Various,Hakes, Derek K.,CO
"O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" and "Savior of the Nations, Come" combine in this 50 measure melody. 3 octaves of bells and/or chimes render a mysterious background upon which to paint the lovely minor key tunes. Although it is a brief work, many different musical devices and textures make it rich for listeners and ringers alike.
English Carol, An:  ,Sherman, A.,HP
Using an ostinato figure played Martellato or TD, the arranger creates a clever arrangement of "Piae Cantiones" (better known as "Good King Wenceslas") in simple meter with the exception of a middle section in compound meter.
Epiphany Carol, An:  ,White,BE
Although written in a minor mode, there is an excitement which underlies this unusual carol. Optional notes are Db7 through F7.
Es ist ein' Ros' entsprungen:  Brahms, J.,Wagner, D.,PS
From an organ Chorale Prelude (translated "There Is a Rose Blooming") by Johannes Brahms, we present a transcription for bells which retains the style and rich harmonics of the original.
Every Beast Was Glad To Tell:  ,Semmann, B.,NM
This creative, simple arrangement of a traditional English carol in which each of the six stanzas is treated differently is a grand selection.
Fanfare for Christmas:  Various,Page, A. L.,RR
Eight optional handchimes, ranging from G5-G6, organ, and brass, offer additional ensemble for this medley of the carols "Joy to the World, There's a Star in the East, and O Come All Ye Faithful". The fanfare begins bold and bright before relaxing into a somewhat free section where the chimes enter on the melody. A full texture returns for the final section and ends big.
Fanfare for the Faithful:  Wade, John Francis,Kellermeyer, David M.,MO
"Fanfare for the Faithful" uses the traditional Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful) tune as an effective handbell and handchime composition for either worship or festival ringing.
Fanfare on O Tannenbaum:  McKlveen, P., ,JH
Introduce your next Christmas program with this short (34 measures) fanfare on the traditional tune. Fun and exciting to ring.
Fantasia on Christmas Carols:  Various,Hilty, E.,FL
Carols included are: "Hark! the Herald Angels Sing; Greensleeves; The First Noel; Adeste Fideles; & Stille Nacht."
Fantasie on Lo How a Rose E'er Blooming:  Plainsong ,Hilty, E.,FL
A fresh approach to an old piece. A key center is allusive. The introduction, treatment with lush harmonies and the ending give this piece a "mystical" mood. Fine writing.
Fantasy on Greensleeves:  Traditional,Coe, Michael,LC
It is most appropriate that a English arranger should set one of his land's native songs in a fantasy for bells. The melody is first accompanied by full chords, then in the bass with chords above, and finally complemented by running eighth note patterns.
Fantasy on Joy to the World:  Mason, L.,Beard, K.,TP
Shakes and block chords are woven into the traditional melody making this festive carol transcription an instant success.
Fantasy on Lo How a Rose E'er Blooming:  German,McKlveen, P.,JH
Unlike the usual flowing arrangements of this German carol "Es ist ein Ros'", this setting makes use of steady eighth-note pulse to move the music along. Different techniques are supplemented to add interest and variety.
Fantasy on Love Came Down at Christmas:  ,Eithun, S.,CO
The timbres of piano, chimes, and bells are used gently to recreate this traditional Irish melody. This is a wonderful composition for a Christmastime offertory or communion meditation.
Fantasy on Shchedrik:  Leontovich, Mykola,Kinzel, Christopher S.,LA
"Shchedrik" known in English as "Ukrainian Christmas Carol" is arranged here for a full 5 octaves of bells. Chromatic bell changes, mallets, quick tempo, fast scale passages, and changing meter challenge ringers to sharpen their skills while enjoying this favorite Christmas carol of all countries.
Fantasy On the Wexford Carol:  ,Poole, D.,SP
Synthesizer, piano, or organ accompaniment is an intergal part of this setting of the Irish carol. Triplets, dotted rhythms, and lilting phrases further enhance the celtic ambiance of the tune. The keyboard and bells contribute equally to the performance success of this work.
Feliz Navidad:  Various,Morris, H.,RR
This arrangement for handbells and optional choirchimes, guitar and percussion is a medley of three Latin carols: Fum Fum (Catalonian) Alegria (Puerto" Rican) and A La Nanita Nana (Spanish) each carol special through use of different instruments.
Festive Christmas, A:  Various,Starks, H.,AP
An energetic and exciting setting of 2 Christmas Carols, "Sicilian Mariner & O Come, Little Children." Good music to help your choir move beyond the beginning level.
Festive Peal on Hymn to Joy:  Beethoven,Ryan, Michael,LC
Using all bells or chimes in the 2- or 3-octave set, Beethoven's sturdy tune is cast in G, C and A-flat major, with bell changes eased in comfortably before each new key.
First Noel:  Traditional,Dobrinski, Cynthia,HP
Beginning and advanced choirs alike will be delighted by this up-beat and joyous Christmas offering from Cynthia Dobrinski.
First Noel:  Traditional,Ingram, Bill,LC
Get out both your bells and your chimes (opt. 3 octaves) to ring this easy-to-prepare arrangement of the favorite British carol. Ingram presents the carol simply, but with a few surprises as the melody line soars into countermelody! Chimes may play on the melody in a later section.
First Noel:  Traditional ,Eithun, Sandra,SF
Here is a fresh and spirited arrangement of this familiar carol.
First Noel:  Traditional,McChesney, Kevin,SF
Here is a great Christmas carol that your new five octave choirs can achieve. This is a straight ringing piece that sounds fuller and harder than it really is.
First Noel:  Traditional,Krug, Jason W.,BE
Mallets on suspended upper bells in ostinato pattern accompany a rich, lower melody in the opening section of this carol arrangement. Later, the melody is in the treble supported by flowing eighth-note accompaniment in the lower bells.
First Noel, The:  ,McKlveen, P.,LC
The gentleness of this arrangement is emphasized by the arranger's dedication to his newborn son's first Christmas.
First Noel, The:  ,Bloedow, M.,MW
Forty-three measures have been devoted to this arrangement of the 17th century English carol. A straight forward arrangement with no use of special techniques awaits the ringer. Due to its short length it might do well as an introduction to congregational singing or as an interlude.
First Noel, The:  ,Bock, F./McChesney, K.,FB
Fred Bock's piano arrangements have held a favorite slot in church pianist's repertoire for many years; this adaptation for bells stays true to the original.
First Noel, The:  ,Larson, L.,BE
The A-B-A form of this carol arrangement allows ringers to work on contrasting musical ideas. The A sections are strong, chordal, with soaring melody in doubled octaves. The B section is quiet, reflective, and lighter in texture. The final A section is broad, in a new key, and drives to the fortississimo ending in measure 86.
First Noel, The:  ,Loiacono, K.,NM
The toll swing figures highly in this setting of the English carol. The melody enters in the bass with chords being tolled in the upper bells. In other sections, the melody moves around the octaves with interesting countermelody.
First Nowell, The:  ,Kinyon, B.,CP
The opening, subtle solo notes swiftly move into full, glorious chords. You are swept along by waves of alternating LV and Ring sounds.
First Nowell, The:  ,Roberts, P.,NM
No bell changes are required to ring this sweet arrangement of the favorite Christmas carol.
Follow the Star:  Puerto Rican Carol,Thompson, Martha Lynn,CG
"Follow the Star" is based on Helen Kemp's choral setting of the Puerto Rican carol.
For Unto Us a Child is Born:  Handel, George F.,McChesney, Kevin,JH
G.F. Handel's beloved chorus from MESSIAH comes alive for handbells in this arrangement marked to be played "Joyfully, dancing and rhythmic."
French Carol:  ,Gilbert, A.,GN
A sensitive arrangement of the beautiful French tune, "Quelle Est Cette Odeur Agreable?" Available in two editions, one for 3 octave choirs and one for 4-5 octave choirs.
French Carol, A:  ,Hefner,SP
A setting of the French Carol "Now the Green Blade Riseth". Suggested tempo is "in a slow 2" making it easy to learn.
French Noel:  ,Burroughs/Sewell,PS
Combine keyboard with your bells in this unusual arrangement of the traditional French melody. Use of 16th notes requires ringing skill.
Friendly Beasts, The and We Wish You a Merry Christmas:  Various,Helman, M.,AU

Two favorite carols are included in this folio for 3,4 o5 octaves. The first, "The Friendly Beasts" also includes 3 octaves of optional choir chimes.

From a Distant Home:  Puerto Rican Carol,Pysh, Gregory M.,NM
Castanets and conga drums set the mood and pulse in the introduction of this arrangement of a Puerto Rican Carol. You'll need your mallets and 3 octaves of chimes (E5-C7) to complete the "tango-flavored" picture. Dotted rhythms add challenge to the 91 measures. (This piece should probably be leveled a 3-.)
Frosty the Snowman:  Nelson, S./Rollins, J.,Wagner, D.,HP
You'll have your audience nodding heads and tapping feet with this wonderful arrangement of a perennial favorite! A delightful ending with mallets, TD and martellato!
Fugue a la Joy:  Handel, G. F.,Allured, Donald E.,CP
Based on Handel's tune ANTIOCH, this arrangement reaches into the traditional carol for rich tonal color but moves into fresh new rhythms and exciting accent patterns.
Fum Fum Fum:  ,Sanders,HP
This percussive arrangement of the delightful Spanish Carol offers contrast to the usual Christmas offering. Opt. Claves/Tambourine.
Fum Fum Fum:  ,Thompson, M. L.,HP
Whether your choir rings 3,4 or 5 octaves every ringer will keep busy in this setting of the CATALONIAN carol - a straight-forward arrangement spiced with martellatos, mart-lifts, and pluck or mallets. 35 measures in length.
Fum Fum Fum:  ,Nelson, S.,CO
Optional castanets and tambourine add their distinctive "spice" to this setting of the up-beat carol. Other special features include a tango section with malleted accompaniment, optional 2 octaves of handchimes incorporated into the melody line, and the use of the vibrato technique.
Fum Fum Fum:  Spanish Carol,Ingram, B.,RO
Because this Spanish carol was written to approximate the sound of a strumming guitar, the arranger, Bill Ingram, has written a part for the instrument AND includes strum-like rhythms in the bell score.
Fum Fum Fum:  Traditional Catalonian Carol,Morris, Hart,RR
Snare drum, finger cymbal (or triangle), and tambourine are optional in this setting of the traditional Catalonian carol; but do you really want to miss out on the fun they add? The music is very accessible with a handfull of chromatics to add challenge. Staccato articulations are sprinkled throughout the texture to add flavor.
Gentle Mary Laid Her Child:  Traditional,Eithun, Sandra,SF
This is a lively rendition of this traditional Christmas carol, commonly known as "Good King Wenceslas."
Gentle Shepherd, The:  Edwards, D., ,CG
Arpeggios, mallets, TD, HD, accidentals and dynamic control keep ringers on their toes! A gentle piece which creates an interest effect using LV in one voice and mallets at the same time in another.
German Christmas, A:  ,Tucker, M.,CG
Five lesser known German Carols are skillfully arranged for SATB voices with handbells and other optional instruments. Performance options suggest multiple ways of using this delightful music.
Gesu Bambino:  Yon, Pietro A.,Rogers, Sharon Elery,HP
This hauntingly beautiful tune by Pietro A. Yon is a standard Christmas holiday classic the world over.
Gloria (Angels We Have Heard on High):  ,Callahan, F.,AG
Light and pleasant, a repetitive 8th note figure in the upper bells accompanies the melody once through. This piece features a brief introduction and closing--it is not worked to death for length. Use with appropriate scripture.
Gloria in Excelsis:  ,Abe/Ivey, R.,TP
A unique setting of "Angels We Have Heard on High". Highly recommended.
Gloria in Excelsis Deo:  Vivaldi, A.,Hilty, E.,FL
Antonio Vivaldi's beloved Gloria is here set for organ and 2 octaves of bells. The organ carries the sixteenth-note passages while the bells ring the chordal "Glorias."
Gloria in Excelsis Deo:  Vivaldi, A.,Hilty, E.,FL
Antonio Vivaldi's beloved Gloria is here set for organ and 4 octaves of bells. The organ carries the sixteenth-note passages while the bells ring the chordal "Glorias."
Glorious Christmas Glorias:  Various,Waldrop, T.,RO
Ever since the angel's proclamation, 'Glory to God in the highest...' composers have been writing music to echo that glad announcement. This fantasy for 3 or 5 octaves, combines three of the best-loved "Glorias" of the Chrismtas season.
Glory to the Newborn King:  Various,Akers, Michael E.,LC
Both the joyous and tender aspects of the season are admirably expressed in an easy medley perfectly suited for worship or concert.
God Rest Ye Gentle Mary:  ,Loiacono, K.,NM
The tune Piae Cantiones is the tune used here (same as Good King Wenceslas) in this setting for 3 octaves. Chordal and polyphonic textures are both scored and provide interest. No special techniques are asked for allowing the music to focus on the pure rung sound of bells. 61 measures in length.
God Rest Ye Merry:  ,Dobrinski, C.,HP
A fun piece to play. Large chords make use of the full range of bells.
God Rest Ye Merry:  ,McChesney, K.,HP
Big quarter note chords are used in this rhythmically easy selection. Your choir will enjoy the techniques.
God Rest Ye Merry:  Traditional English Carol,Phillips, Judy,CG
A delightful staccato accompaniment pattern characterizes this lively setting of the familiar carol, first in the mid-range and then in the treble bells.
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen:  ,Danner, H.,PS
An easy, chordal arrangement of the traditional tune.
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen:  ,Taylor, J.,HP
A rhythmic, staccato bass motive begins this arrangement of the traditional English carol. It then underlies the melody. Full textures with thumb damps and martellatos add spice. The 40 measures go by quickly and end on a ring touch.
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen:  ,Stephenson, V.,HP
peal sets the work up then lets loose with staccato mallet articulation upon eighth-note chords in the bass register. A section of echo technique on whole notes gives one a chance to breath before venturing on to syncopated accompaniment against an optional 2-octave chime melody.
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen:  Traditional,Roberts, P.,GI
The traditional English carol is given a "brisk" treatment with staccato articulations to aid the "bounce." The opening section is a duet of two lines that adds notes along the way, but always in open and light textures. 77 measures in length.
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen:  Traditional,McChesney, K.,JH
Challenge your ringers this Christmas with an energetic setting of the title tune in medley with "Sing We Now of Christmas."
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen:  Traditional,Eithun, Sandra,RW
Eleven optional handchimes (in 3-octave treble range) add a reflective contrast in 4/4 to the main sections of sprightly syncopation in 6/8. The main melody is "adjusted" for 6/8 and is accompanied by a bouncy staccato effect.
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen:  Traditional English Carol,Maggs, Charles,GE
Part of the "Ardis Freeman Handbell Library," this 2-page setting of the traditional English carol makes extensive use of the staccato technique. Reading music "road signs" is another feature for teaching. The back page contains the bells used chart with 2 suggested bell assignments, a warm-up exercise applicable to the piece, and helpful performance notes.
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen:  Traditional English Carol,Dobrinski, Cynthia,HP
You will definitely “wow” your audience with Cynthia Dobrinski’s exciting and rhythmic 3-7 octave rendition of this traditional English carol.
God Rest You Merry:  ,Sherman, A.,RR
Delightful and creative. Rhythmically easy but tempo creates a challenge. Bass bells carry melody in 1 stanza. Employs numerous stopped sounds.
God Rest You Merry Gentlemen:  English,Lohr, A.,SF
Stanza 1 is arranged with the melody above a "drone" bass. 2nd stanza uses augmentation.
God Rest You Merry Gentlemen:  Traditional,Morris, Hart,AG
This title is a Christmas favorite given the lively "Morris" rhythmic touch.
God With Us for All Time:  ,Garee, B.,SP
A sensitive arrangement of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" ending truiumphantly with optional chimes playing "Joy to the World".
Good Christian Friends Rejoice:  ,Dobrinski, C.,HP
The use of stopped techniques emphasize the joy and energy of this arrangement.
Good Christian Friends Rejoice:  Traditional,Waldrop, Tammy,AP
This is a joyful, fun-filled setting of the familiar carol, "In Dulci Jubilo" for 3-5 octave handbell choir and optional 2 octave handchime choir.
Good Christian Men Rejoice:  ,Smoke, G./Thompson, P.,HM
Handbells and keyboard combine to produce a jubilant, exciting setting of the "In Dulci Jubilo" tune.
Good Christian Men Rejoice:  ,Maggs, C.,GE
Interesting arrangements for beginning ringers are found in this Ardis Freeman handbell library. "Good Christian Men, Rejoice!" provides a good challenge for counting and rests and clean damping. Also, the ringers will encounter various "road map" signs and learn to follow a score. However, there are no worrisome page turns.
Good Christians All Rejoice:  Old German Carol,Benton, Robin,FL
The old, familiar German carol is set here in E flat major and in 6/8 meter. Two against three figures are used throughout for interest as well as mallets, toll swings, handchimes, shakes and martellatos.
Good King Wenceslas:  Floridum,Burkhardt, M.,TH
Have a successful Christmas Ring with the use of this lively arrangement of "Tempus Adest Floridum" which has a active bass ostinato in much of the music.
Good King Wenceslas:  ,Morris, H.,AP
Actually, this piece could be rated level II if it weren't for the cut time signature. Mostly chordal, with just enough techniques thrown in to make it bouncy and fun! The final page gives performance and learning suggestions along with a bio on the arranger, Hart Morris.
Good King Wenceslas:  ,Lichlyter, M.,BE
The dance-like quality of this favorite Christmas carol is here set with open-spaced texture, new material as intro and transitional music and a final sections that thickens up with tall chords.
Good King Wenceslas:  Various,Thompson, M. L.,HP
51 measures in length, textures of tall chords that involves all the bell positions, mallet techniques and simple rhythms all make this a winner for early level II choirs and any other choir that needs that "extra" Christmas selection. Medley of "Good King Wenceslas & Gentle Mary Laid Her Child".
Good King Wenceslas:  ,Eithun, S.,CG
A brisk, 8-measures passage sets up a steady tempo with mallets on tabled bells and thumb damps. The tune enters at nine as a single line, but soon swells to full chords rung in forte dynamic. Other sections are "gentle" effected by the echo technique; "stately" with steady-march tempo; and a final return to the opening material with a few more surprised added to the mix! 85 measures.
Go Tell It on the Mountain:  ,Frey,NM
A rhythmic arrangement of the spiritual. Bongo & claves with vocal (solo, choir or congregation) make this a sure winner.
Go Tell It on the Mountain:  ,Kinyon, B.,CG
Take an old tune, dress it up with some "newer" harmonies and you have a lively addition of the spiritual to bell literature.
Go Tell It on the Mountain:  ,Malek,TP
All dotted rhythms generally associated with this tune have been removed making it rhythmically easy.
Go Tell It on the Mountain:  ,Dobrinski, C.,HP
Spunky, syncopated, painted bright colors with special effects, this setting of the Christmas spiritual should provide hours of fun rehearsal as well as performance. An optional clarinet and trombone add to the blend to make a jazz treat sweet!
Go Tell It On the Mountain:  ,Morris, H.,HP
An assortment of percussion instruments combined with the composer's strong rhythmic structure create an arrangement of the spiritual which will captivate the attention of your audience.
Go Tell It On the Mountain:  ,Tucker, S.,GI
Handbells and organ combine in what the arranger describes as a "peppy" setting of this favorite spiritual. The bells start with a jazzy intro full of dotted-eighth and sixteenth-note patterns. Later full chords on both instruments proclaim the message before returning to the earlier jazzy rhythms.
Go Tell It On the Mountain:  African-American Spiritual,Larson, Lloyd,LC
Cast in a moderate swing style, the setting opens with a simply stated bass line and grows as the tune is added and the harmonic texture thickens.
Go Tell It on the Mountain Medley:  Various,McKechnie, Linda,HP
This arranger is well-known for combining classic literature with hymns or carols or contemporary music. In this lovely carol setting she employs the music of Serge Prokofiev's "Troika" from Lieutenant Kije Suite.
Greensleeves:  ,Hagler, S.,PO
A lot of movement. Colorful harmonies and a "new" look at a favorite Christmas selection.
Greensleeves:  Traditional,Wiltse, Carl,ST
An interesting arrangement of the traditional melody.
Greensleeves:  Traditional,Morris, Hart,MO
A mystical, flowing arrangement of the 16th centruy English ballad includes parts for optional 5 octaves of handchimes, flute, oboe, and wind chimes. The texture is light and airy with liberal use of the LV technique. The piece is a nice contrast from the jazzier arrangements of this composer.
Greensleeves (What Child is This):  ,Moklebust, C.,CG
This piece uses a combined handbell choir (3,4 or 5 octaves) and handchime choir (2-3 octaves) or keyboard.
Hallelujah Chorus:  Handel, G. F.,Kauffmann, R.,TP
Arranged for 3 octaves plus 2 opt. bells, G3 and A3.
Hallelujah (from 'Messiah'):  Handel, G. F.,Thompson, M. L.,SP
3 octaves of bells are adequate for performance of this music. Opt C3 -> B3 adds depth.
Handbell Christmas:  Various,DeValve, L.,BO
Lester DeValve's medley includes five wonderful titles.
Handel Christmas Medley:  Handel, George Frederic,Lamb, Linda R.,AG
Handel's "Messiah" and his Christmas hymns are combined in a wonderful way!
Hark a Child is Born:  Various,Rogers, S.,TP
Based on" Puer Nobis Nascitur (Latin Carol) and Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Mendelssohn)" this arrangement gets off to a "bouncy" start with lots of staccato technique in the melody and accompaniment before settling into a chordal, rung texture.
Hark Christmas Bells:  Various,Behnke, John,AG
The "Ukrainian Bell Carol" and "Hark! the Herald Angels Sing" are combined in an exciting new way. A show-stopper for your Christmas concert, lots of techniques spice up this medley.
Hark the Herald Angels Ring:  Various,Leavitt, John,CO
Three beloved Christmas carol settings of "The First Noel," "Come, All Ye Shepherds," and "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" are arranged by composer John Leavitt.
Hark the Herald Angels Sing:  Mendelssohn, F.,McKlveen, P.,CP
Using 35 bells in the 3 octaves, rich harmonies and simple melodic embellishments, the arranger provides a rhythmically easy arrangement of the popular Christmas hymn.
Hark the Herald Angels Sing:  Mendelssohn, F.,Dobrinski, C.,HP
The harmonic and rhythmic variation (3 beats instead of the traditional 4) of the middle section adds a new twist to an old tune.
Hark the Herald Angels Sing:  Mendelssohn, F.,Hilty, E.,FL
Entire piece is played LV for the effect of an outdoor carillon. Rhythmically easy.
Hark the Herald Angels Sing:  Mendelssohn, F./Handel, G.,Sherman, A.,BE
The tunes "Mendelssohn" and "Christmas" are used in this delightful Christmas medley.
Hark the Herald Angels Sing:  Mendelssohn, F.,Justice/Hall,JH
Arranged for minimum rehearsal time for both bells and instruments. Brass ensemble includes two trumpets, horn, trombone & bass trombone/tuba. Set includes seven bells parts, full score and brass parts.
Hark the Herald Angels Sing:  Mendelssohn, F.,Bloedow, M.,MW
Twelve measures are devoted to the introduction of this favorite carol by Felix Mendelssohn.
Hark the Herald Angels Sing:  Mendelssohn, F.,Keller, M.,AG
Chordal accompaniment, rung and malleted provides the backbone texture of this level II work with keyboard. The melody is found in upper and lower registers, giving all the ringers a "turn."
Hark the Herald Angels Sing:  Mendelssohn, F.,Stephenson, V.,GE
Ringers will appreciate that the melody of this favorite carol appears in both the upper and lower registers of the bells. Shake technique adds excitement to this fully-scored rendition that keeps everyone busy. The back page includes rehearsal notes and an ringing exercise directly related to the piece.
Hark the Herald Angels Sing:  Mendelssohn, F.,Bock, F./McChesney, K.,FB
The late Fred Bock arranged Felix Mendelssohn's immortal tune for piano,and now, in turn, his arrangement has been set for bells by Kevin McChesney. Majestic and spirited the opening section combines chordal melody with staccato accompaniment. The energy continues after a key change with dotted and sixteenth-note rhythms and fanfarish triplets.
Hark the Herald Angels Sing:  Mendelssohn, F.,Lohr, A.,SF
15 bells, ranging from C5 to C7 with an optional D7, are required for this solo handbell piece with piano accompaniment. Bell layouts and technical suggestions are written into the bell score. The mood is upbeat, allegro, and the melody has both 4/4 and 6/8 meter treatments.
Hark the Herald Angels Sing:  Mendelssohn, F.,Edwards, D.,RR
This vivacious setting of one of the old Christmas favorites keeps all ringers busy with full, rung chords. Syncopation adds a twist, but the pattern is repetitive.
Hark the Herald Angels Sing:  Mendelssohn,Wissinger, Kathleen,HP
This level 1 setting provides easy access to a favorite Christmas hymn with quarter note rhythms and carefully separated parts in melody and accompaniment. All ringers are involved throughout the piece.
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas:  Martin, H./Blane, R.,Wagner, D.,WB
Include this delightful arrangement in your next Christmas program!
Hear the Bells at Christmas:  Various,Thompson, M. L.,FB
Two earlier collections are combined to produce this useful volume of Christmas Carols.
He is Born:  ,Sherman, A.,HP
"He is Born" is a simple arrangement for mixed two-part or SATB voices. The vocal style should be light and animated throughout, never dark or heavy.
He is Born:  Il Est Ne,McChesney, K.,JH
Staccato effects, such as thumb damp, ring touch, pluck, and mallet figure highly in this setting of "Il Est Ne", the old French carol, and give the effect of a hand drum. Attention to bell changes rather than rhythm is the key to a satisfying performance for church or concert.
He Is Born:  Traditional,Anderson, Christine D.,HP
You may pick your style of ringing in this arrangement of the traditional tune; 6-in-hand; bell tree; or regular ringing.
He Is Born:  Traditional ,Maggs, Charles,GE
Part of the "Ardis Freeman Handbell Library," this 2-page setting of the French carol challenges ringers to think in layers and to follow repeats. The back page contains the bells used chart with 2 suggested bell assignments, a warm-up exercise applicable to the piece, and helpful performance notes.
He Is Born:  Traditional French Carol,Garton, Sue,FM
The intermediate handbell soloist will find detailed performance notes throughout the ringer's score, along with preset positions. The piano accompaniment (in Db) flows along and keeps a good pulse going.
He Is Born:  French Carol,Dobrinski, Cynthia,HP
Cynthia Dobrinski's sparkling setting of this familiar French carol is ideal for choirs that want to sound terrific with a minimum of rehearsal.
He is Born Hallelujah:  Various,Stephenson, V.,AP
A joyous handbell piece which combines 3 popular tunes, "Hallelujah Chorus; He is Born; & Angels We Have Heard on High."
He Is Born Rejoice:  Various,Edwards, Dan R.,CO
Two French carols(IL EST NE and GLORIA) combine with ADESTE FIDELES in this setting for handbells OR handchimes. A joyful tempo of quarter note = 106 sets the happy tone along with the shake technique used throughout the work. Dynamic and tempo variations add depth to an otherwise easy to prepare selection of 72 measures.
He Is Born the Divine Christ Child:  ,Larson, L.,BE
This setting of the traditional French carol is an easy level 3. It's perky with lots of special technique effects. The melody appears in varying registers, and the texture keeps all the ringers involved.
Here We Come A Wassailing:  Traditional English Carol,Merrett, Fred A.,LA
A delightful carol. Bells in the 3 octave range are active.
Here We Come A Wassailing:  Traditional,Kent, David R.,BE
Ringers will enjoy this romp through the old English Carol. There's plenty in here to keep them busy but still able to keep up with the "bright" tempo (dotted quarter = 96) in 6/8 meter.
Holly and the Ivy:  ,McChesney, K.,CG
Rhythmically easy, chordal arrangement ideal for the less experienced choir. LV technique used.
Holly and the Ivy:  Traditional,Eithun, Sandra,HP
This thoughtful and quiet rendering of the traditional English carol by arranger Sandra Eithun is a perfect fit for times when a more reflective mood during holiday performances is desired.
Holly and the Ivy:  Traditional,Stephenson, Valerie W.,CG
This 76-measure work pairs a lively rendition of “The Holly and the Ivy” with a more lyrical setting of “Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine” that may be played on handchimes.
Holly and the Ivy, The:  Traditional,Anthony, Kris,AG
This is a wonderful arrangement of the traditional carol full of rhythmic surprises!
Holly and the Ivy, The:  ,McChesney, K.,RW
Mr. McChesney was commissioned to arrange this traditional carol for the Twelfth Night Handbell Festival in Bakersfield, California. A fanfare opens the work over a pedal point. The texture is full and can be rung with 3 to 5 octaves and optional organ and/or brass. Special techniques are used throughout the work. Brass ensemble consists of 2 trumpets, Horn, Trombone, and Tuba.
Holly and the Ivy, The:  ,Bloedow, M.,CO
A lively, dance-like opening section complete with thumb-damped and malleted accompaniment opens and closes this 84-measured work and contrasts with the middle section of open-spaced texture and smooth, eighth-note accompaniment.
Holly and the Ivy, The:  ,Davis, C./McKlveen, P.,DL
Flute or Recorder part on last page (from "Mannheim Steamroller").
Holly and the Ivy, The:  Traditional,Moats, W.,HM
Descending, eighth-note runs fall like snow over the melody of this beloved English carol. This melody is heard in upper and lower ranges, giving everyone an opportunity to ring it. The final section is full and strong and involves all the ringers.
Holly Jolly Christmas, A:  Marks, J.,Wagner, D.,WB
This selection, originally written by Johnny Marks, is written for 3, 4 or 5 octaves.
Home for the Holidays Medley:  Various,Wagner, D.,WB
Contains: "Home for the Holidays; I'll Be Home for Christmas; &Winter Wonderland."
How Great Our Joy:  ,Morris, H.,AP
Alfred Level # 2. Rhythmically easy, chordal. Dynamic control essential. Melody shared in all octaves.
How Great Our Joy:  ,Justice/Honea,JH
This traditional carol is easy enough to learn in one rehearsal of the brass and one rehearsal of the handbells. Must be performed with brass. Set includes seven HB parts and parts for Brass Quartet (two Trumpets, French Horn and Trombone).
How Great Our Joy:  Various,Dobrinski, C.,HP
"While by My Sheep" by Hugo Jungst and "Joy to the World" by George Handel are the two Christmas carols upon which this arrangement is based. The opening 16 measures are marked "Exuberantly" and are fully scored. Things settle down to a more leisurely pace in measure 17 with staccato, triplet-figure accompaniment and gently marted melody.
How Great Our Joy:  Various,Wagner, D. & Larson, Lloyd,LC
The glorious sounds of Christmas ring continuously from beginning to end in this magnificent montage of four joyous carols of the season. Titles include, "Joy to the World, Good Christians Friends Rejoice, While by the Sheep" and "O Come All Ye Faithful." The orchestration includes a conductor's score and parts for:2 flutes (or 1 flute, 1 piccolo), oboe/English horn, 2 Bb clarinets, bassoon, 2 horns ,3 Bb trumpets, 2 trombones, tuba, timpani, various percussion, harp, 2 violins, viola, cello, and double bass.
How Great Our Joy:  Traditional German Carol,Ingram, Bill,RO
"How Great Our Joy!", based on the traditional German carol JUNGST, offers multiple choices for performance. Performance options suggest using a piano, organ, or electronic keyboard for the second choir part; or it can be a two handbell choir piece.
Huron Carol:  French,Waugh, T.,JH
Tim Waugh arranged this carol for a high school ensemble. The melody is played strictly in octaves or unison accompanied by an ostinato pattern of mixed rung and martellato techniques. Good for ensemble or young ringers.
Huron Carol, The:  ,Wiltse, C.,ST
American Indian carol. Several bell techniques used.
Hydom Hydom:  Traditional Czechoslovakian Carol,Thompson, Martha Lynn,CG
"Hydom, Hydom (Shepherds Watch Their Flocks by Night)", an exciting arrangement of the traditional Czech carol, employs numerous handbell techniques: martellato, pluck/mallet, mart lifts, ring, LV, and mallets on suspended bells.
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day:  Calkin, J.,Dobrinski, C.,HP
Utilizing elements of text painting, this musically describes and interprets the various stanzas. Performance notes give composer's intentions.
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day:  Calkin, J.,McChesney, K.,BE
Optional handchimes (Db3 to Eb 6) add a special touch to this favorite carol arranged for 3-5 octaves. The opening simulates church bells tolling away the glad news in their towers. The peal quickens and the melody enters in the mid register on chimes.
I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day:  Calkin, James,Burroughs, Bob,FM
Here is an innovative arrangement of the traditional Christmas carol.
Il Est Ne:  Traditional,Krug, Jason W.,BE
You'll want to include the optional hand drum, triangle, and tambourine scored in this dancing setting of the traditional French carol. Staccato technique in the bell score combines with the percussion to keep toes tapping to the music. This joyful piece is 113 measures.
Il Est Ne (He Is Born):  ,Garee, B.,SP
This arrangement presents a challenge but adds the various techniques required to make it a sure winner.
Il Est Ne, le Divin Enfant:  Various,Wood, D.,LC
Based on French Carol melodies this setting combines the complimentary sounds of organ and bells with optional tambourine. All of which capture the spirit of these lovely tunes.
In Bethlehem Lies Sleeping:  Various,Powell,CO
2 carols, "In Bethlehem Lies Sleeping" and "A Little Child on the Earth Has Been Born" combine to make this Christmas medley one which will be played year after year.
In Bethlehem So Lowly:  Psalter,Kinyon, B.,AP
The lovely tune found in this arrangement comes from the German GEISTLICHE PSALTER. Because of occasional chromatic harmony, there are a few measures where drills are necessary to facilitate bell changes.
In Bethlehem ('Wait's Carol'):  Stutsman, G.,Hornibrook, W.,TP
A simple, lovely tune of 52 measures. Good use of all bells in 3 octave range. 6 opt. notes in 4th oct.
In Dulci Jubilo:  Bach, J. S.,Hale, L.,CP
A new arrangement of the traditional Bach tune. The second stanza has a descant using varying rhythms and ringing techniques. Dynamic control needed because of contrasts.
In Dulci Jubilo:  ,Hilty, E.,FL
Basically a 3 octave arrangement. Only G3 in the 4th octave is used. A linear arrangement. Very useful.
In Dulci Jubilo:  Various,Page, A. L.,CG
The arranger incorporates "Greensleeves" into this favorite carol arrangement otherwise known as "Good Christian Men, Rejoice."
In Dulci Jubilo:  ,Davis, C./McKlveen, P.,DL
Mannheim Steamroller title.
In Excelsis Gloria:  Brown, A.,Callahan, F.,NM
Subtitled "When Christ Was Born of Mary" and not to be confused with the "Gloria" tune. Opt. 5th octave adds greatly.
Infant Holy:  ,Rucker,HP
An easy, simple setting of the traditional tune. A fine offering at Christmas.
Infant Holy Infant Lowly:  ,Wiltse, C.,ST
For the 5 octave choir seeking a "quick" Christmas number this music is ideal.
Infant Holy Infant Lowly:  ,Jansen, J.,PS
The traditional carol arranged for 3 or 4 octaves of handbells with organ. The set contains 8 handbell parts and 2 director/organ scores.
Infant Holy Infant Lowly:  ,Dobrinski, C.,HP
Rhythmically easy arrangement of this familiar tune. Perform with bells alone or add flute for color.
Infant Holy Infant Lowly:  ,Sherman, A.,AG
A gentle beginning and ending enclose this arrangement of the traditional Polish tune. The middle section is gently pushed forward with 8th notes.
Infant Holy Infant Lowly:  ,Kinyon, B.,BE
The basic chordal structure of this simple setting is broken near the end with arpeggiated passages. LV used extensively.
Infant Holy Infant Lowly:  Lezy, W.,Buckwalter, K.,BE
This level II piece gives less-experienced ringers an opportunity to be involved in a larger work.
Infant Holy Infant Lowly:  ,Kellermeyer, D.,HM
After a chordal introduction the melody appears in solo line then enhanced by an upper countermelody. Soon the texture grows with open spacing. A new section builds into a chordal texture and leads into the opening material. Toll swings are the only special technique required.
Infant Holy Infant Lowly:  ,Manz, P./Thompson, M. L.,MO
The Polish carol "W Zlobie Lezy" provided the basis for Paul Manz's organ improvisation and, in turn, that provided the material for this transcription by Martha Lynn Thompson. 36 fully scored measures has a lightness to it that focuses on the pure, rung sound of bells with no special techniques called for.
Infant Holy Infant Lowly:  Traditional,Noller, D.,JH
3 or 4 octaves may ring this straight-forward rendition of the Polish carol depicting the humble Christ Child. The melody enters in the forth measure and appears in both treble and bass registers at different times in the piece.
Infant Holy Infant Lowly:  Traditional,McFadden, Jane,AG
This beautiful Christmas lullaby begins with a mellow feel and ultimately erupts with joy.
Infant Holy Infant Lowly:  Traditional ,Thompson, Martha Lynn,AP
A gentle lullaby for the Christ Child, this arrangement includes a tender rendition of Brahm's Lullaby (Wiegenlied) in a later section.
Infant Holy, Infant Lowly:  Traditional,McKlveen, Paul A.,RR
Paul McKlveen's clever and fresh arrangement sets this popular carol in a gently flowing style that is sure to please ringer and listener alike.
Infant So Gentle:  Gascon,Merrett, F.,GN
The sections of this gentle, Gascon carol in 3/4 time are: Andante in C major, Meno Mosso in C minor, Largo in Ab major (incorporates the tune, "Shepherds, Come to Worship) and a return to Andante in C major.
Infant So Gentle:  Merrett, Fred A.,,FL
Sub-titled, "Gascon Carol," and set in 3/4 meter, this gentle tune travels through Andante, Meno Mosso, and Largo tempos before returning to Andante. Mallets on suspended bells and flowing arrpeggios accentuate the lullaby mood.
In Heaven the Bells are Ringing:  Various,Wagner, D.,LC
Meter changes, rhythmic alterations, jazzy overtones and fresh harmonies are applied in a whimsy to traditional Christmas carols in this medley. A good work out on changing from simple to compound meter and on syncopated rhythms should have your ringers thinking twice about the "old songs they know so well! Medley of "Angels We He Heard on High, Joy to the World, Ding Dong Merrily on High".
In the Bleak Midwinter:  Holst, G.,Buckwalter, K.,SP
A sensitive arrangement of a lovely tune by Gustav Holst. Use a solo instrument or chimes for the melody in the middle section.
In the Bleak Midwinter:  Holst, G.,McChesney, K.,LC
Modulations are so natural one is hardly aware of the 3 key changes. Gentle arrangement.
In the Bleak Midwinter:  Holst, G.,Gumma, V.,PS
A quiet, rhythmically easy arrangement for chimes and handbells.
In the Bleak Midwinter:  Holst, G.,Warzyn, J.,HM
Gustav Holst's melody and Christina Rossetti's text are represented in this bell score with a variety of performance options: vocal solo with handbell accompaniment or instrumental solo with handbell accompaniment or handbell solo with handbell or keyboard accompaniment or chimes may be substituted for handbells. All parts are included in the folio.
In the Bleak Midwinter:  Holst, G.,Eithun, S.,JH
A lot of interest and contrast are packed into the 43 total measures of this setting of Gustav Holst's beloved carol. Ringers will benefit from the challenge of varying tempos, moods, dynamic levels and LV technique. The rhythms should come fairly easy allowing time to focus on musicality.
In the Bleak Midwinter:  Holst, G.,Moklebust, C.,CG
2-3 octaves of handchimes play a unique role in this setting of Gustav Holst's beloved melody CRANHAM. The chimes are scored on a separate grand staff and play in combination with the 3-5 octave of handbells. A keyboard may play the chime part if necessary. The music flows along at a gentle pace; the texture is light with occasional building up to make a point, 89 measures.
In the Bleak Midwinter:  Holst, Gustav,Thompson, Martha Lynn,AP
This is a beautifully quiet, charming setting of the carol by Gustav Holst.
In the Bleak Midwinter:  Holst, Gustav,Geschke, Susan E.,HP
Using only legato ringing, this gently flowing setting conveys a sense of peace and tranquility surrounding the birth of the Christ child.
In the Bleak Midwinter:  Holst, Gustav,Eithun, Sandra,GI
An elegantly graceful offering teeming with rich chords, this arrangement is stunning in its simplicity and beauty.
In the Hall of the Mountain King:  Grieg, E.,Thompson, M. L.,FB
Superbly adapted for handbells. Rich, full and exciting. Challenging.
I Saw Three Ships:  Various,Rogers, S.,JH
A straightforward arrangement of the traditional English carol, but also includes "Adeste Fideles." There are several sections and tempo changes.
I Saw Three Ships:  Traditional,Edwards, D.,JH
One can almost see the flags waving and the sails billowing as the famous ships of the traditional carol glide into port on Christmas day in this imaginative rendition by Dan Edwards. Grace notes, pulsing mart-lift passages, bouncy staccato, and rousing shakes all lend their flavor to the work's 75 measures.
I Saw Three Ships:  Traditional English Carol,Eithun, Sandra,HP
A bold and invigorating accompaniment creates a delightful "seafaring" flavor in this traditional English carol setting by Sandra Eithun.
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear:  Sears, E.,Sherman, A.,HP
Arnold Sherman has truly captured the essence of this beloved carol. The opening resembles twinkling stars in the clear night above.
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear:  Willis, R.,Eithun, S.,CO
"Tranquil" is the character marking attached to the music of this selection. This is achieved by a steady ostinato in octaves in the treble bells. Underneath is original material that hints at the melody. This grows for 18 measures before the title tune enters in full force on top of tall chords. A later section uses echo technique and slower tempo to keep the mood. 97 measures.
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear:  Willis, R. S.,Lamb, L.,AP
"It Came Upon the Midnight Clear" is a gentle, flowing arrangement of the beloved Christmas carol for 3-5 octave handbell choir. It is appropriate for any Christmas program during the holiday season, but it is especially useful for a Christmas Eve service.
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear:  Willis, Richard S.,Dobrinski, Cynthia,HP
Cynthia Dobrinski's elegant setting of this familiar carol provides sufficient contrast throughout by incorporating a variety of elements including a verse of "Away in a Manger" in the middle section.
I Wonder as I Wander:  Various,Gramann, F.,GS
To aid in this medley of "I Wonder As I Wander" and "Kings of Orient" the composer has given extensive performance notes, which explain the musical picture of each element of the work.
I Wonder As I Wander:  Traditional Appalachian Carol,Helman, Michael,LC
Images of the midnight sky covering the desolate Bethlehem plains, as cows and sheep in a small, crude stable gather to protect a tiny babe in a manger, are brought to mind in this memorable musical experience.
Jangle Bells:  Pierpont, J.,Pettener, R.,RR

Based on a tune by John J. Pierpont (Jingle Bells) this 3-5 octave work sounds like a Christmas holiday tune come to town on Halloween. In fact, the Addam's Family might choose it as their favorite carol!

Jazzy Jinglin' Bells:  Pierpont, J.,Engle, M.,NM
The title summarizes a fun piece which is a colorful setting of "Jingle Bells".
Jesus Jesus Rest Your Head:  ,Wagner, D.,TP
A gentle setting of a gentle Christmas Carol.
Jesu Sleep in Heavenly Peace:  Various,Wagner, D.,HP
Flowing, gentle, in 9/8 meter this title is based on "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" by J. S. Bach and "Silent Night" by Franz Gruber. The LV technique is used extensively to achieve a peaceful mood. The texture is light with melody in doubled, upper register and triads in chords or in triplet feel. 67 measure in length.
Jingle Bell Jazz:  Pierpont, J.,Greer, B.,RO
The use of jazz and pop styles transforms this simple tune into an exciting performance to be enjoyed by ringer and listeners alike!
Jingle Bell Rock:  Beal, J./Boothe, J.,Wagner, D.,HP
Take this title, add the arranger and you have a sure winner for your next Christmas concert!
Jingle Bells:  Pierpont, J.,Groth, R.,GR
A short, easy, uncomplicated arrangement. Ideal for the Christmas Concert.
Jingle Bells:  ,Dobrinski, C.,HP
What more can be said - a fun piece, a marvelous arranger and a grand chordal arrangement! Suggested tempo is 135-175.
Jingle Bells:  Pierpont, J.,Lohr, A.,SF
Have fun with this easy arrangement of the ever popular tune.
Jingle Bells:  Pierpont, J.,Wiltse, C.,ST
This is a rhythmically easy and simple arrangement of Pierpont's tune.
Jingle Bells:  Pierpont, J.,Kent, D.,HP
The mid and bass range of bells will enjoy ringing this fun tune because they have the melody as well as the upper registers! Fully-scored textures keep everyone busy! 73 measures in length.
Jingle Bells:  Traditional,Curtis, Cynthia D.,NM
27 bells in the 3 octave range plus 7 handchimes in the 2 octave range are required to ring this fun holiday classic. Instructions for changes in the solo ringer's part are written right into the music for easy access.
Jingle Bells Processional:  Pierpont, J.,Stephenson, V.,GE
On the back page of this bell selection, along with the bell chart and articulation definitions, is a rhythmic exercise with instructions. This exercise is a great warm-up for rhythms used in this processional on the favorite holiday tune. Optional handchimes and jingle bells are also scored and worth the effort to acquire for this piece.
Jingle Jolly Christmas:  Various,Weston, Mark,LC
You're sure to have fun with this one! Three rollicking Christmas standards are scored in swing style including "Jingle Bells," "Up on the Housetop," and "Jolly Old St. Nicholas." This might be a good time to teach the "weave" again for accidentals!
Jolly Old St. Nicholas:  ,Dobrinski, C.,HP
This anthem is NOT in the same key as MHP1296 by Ms. Dobrinski (2-3 oct. arrangement).
Joseph and Mary:  ,McChesney, K.,AP
3 octaves of optional handchimes may be incorporated into this setting of the traditional English Christmas carol, which is useful all during the Advent and Christmas season. The harmonies are allowed to ring through with the numerous LV's throughout the selection, therefore, it's important to be precise with damping as the harmonies change.
Joseph Dearest Joseph Mine:  ,Haan, R.,JH
This lovely carol in lilting 6/8 meter contrasts a lively 1st section with a calmer 2nd section.
Joseph Dearest Joseph Mine:  ,McChesney, K.,LS
Harmonies using 2nds and 7ths and the melody moving to various octaves create an interesting arrangement for ringers and listeners.
Joseph Dearest Joseph Mine:  ,Allured, Donald E.,NM
The publisher marked this work at level V, however, a level III choir should not have difficulty with enough rehearsal time.
Joseph Dearest Joseph Mine:  ,Rogers, S.,RW
This 15th century German carol has been set for 3,4 or 5 octaves of bells with optional 2 octaves handchimes. Extensive use is made of mallets on suspended bells.
Joseph Dearest Joseph Mine:  Unknown,Page, A. L.,AP
"Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine" is a bright, energetic setting of the 15th century German carol for 3-5 octave handbell choir, organ and optional handchimes. It is appropriate for any occasion during the Christmas season.
Joseph's Song:  Grier, G.,McChesney, K.,JH
This arrangement of a Gene Grier original begins with a short, free passage before the tune begins in a faster, measured tempo. Two octaves of optional handchimes and mallets on suspended bells add a starlight quality to the music in certain passages.
Journey to Bethlehem:  Spencer, R., ,GN
Shifting major/minor tonality, repeating ostinato rhythms and a melody more of sound than of line characterizes this original composition that may or may not be for the Christmas season.
Joyful and Triumphant:  Various,Wagner, Douglas E.,LC
After a brilliant introduction, this arrangement features three familiar tunes ("O Come All Ye Faithful, He is Born, and While by My Sheep") in succession and closes with a reprise of “O Come, All Ye Faithful.”
Joyful Christmas Celebration:  Various,Edwards, Dan R.,FM
Sparkling, jubilant, and very merry, with toe tapping rhythms describes this splendid combination of two beloved carols--"Joy to the World" and "Angels from the Realms of Glory." Percussion instruments include triangle, claves, maracas, and tambourine.
Joyful Christmas Medley:  Various,Edwards, Dan R.,SP
Here is yet another very accessible medley from the pen of Dan Edwards. Titles include: Angels From the Realms of Glory, Echo Carol, and Joy to the World.
Joy of Christmas:  Various,Joy, Michael,RR
On the surface, this is a medley of "Joy to the World" and "How Great Our Joy." However, in addition to these two main carols, the inspiration for the opening fanfare, the interludes, and the coda comes from other carols whose texts use the word "joy."
Joyous Christmas Day:  Various,Merrett, F.,LA
The performance notes give directions for performing the piece in its entirety or various tunes from the medley. Music contains: "O Sanctissima; We Three Kings of Orient Are; Glorious Now Behold Him; All My Heart This Night Rejoices."
Joyous Light:  Haugen, M.,Smith, V.,CO
Seven handchimes ranging from D6 to C7 provide an optional melody option for a section of this bell anthem with the sub-title "Holy Child within the Manger." The music, by Marty Haugen, is light, tender, and gentle in nature and painted so by the bell score with open scoring, flowing eighth-notes, and cantabile melody. 61 measures in length.
Joy to the World:  Handel, G. F./Bock, F.,Burroughs, B.,FB
Arranged from a popular original setting by Fred Bock. Challenging and rewarding.
Joy to the World:  Antioch,Parrish, M. K.,AG
Meter changes (2/4, 4/4, 5/8, 6/8) keep ringers on their "toes". Ends chordally and majestically.
Joy to the World:  Handel, G. F./Mason,Sherman, A.,CO
A happy and exciting development of the hymn tune. The music builds to a grand conclusion.
Joy to the World:  Handel, G. F.,Hess,CO
The bell part is written in block chords and rhythmically easy.
Joy to the World:  Handel, G. F.,Smith,LA
Festive arrangement requiring advanced rhythmic and ringing skills. Rhythm changes from simple to 10/8 back to 4/4.
Joy to the World:  Various,McKechnie, Linda,HP
Linda McKechnie again successfully combines classic Christmas with classic repertoire in this combination of Handel's "Joy to the World" and Marcello's "Psalm 19." Full orchestra parts are available from the arranger.
Joy to the World:  Handel, G.,Hilty, E.,FL
An antiphonal fanfare between bells and organ sets up the entry of this favorite carol. Voices may sing along with the straight -forward setting of verse one, and also on verse three, where the bells take off on an ascending descant.
Joy to the World:  Handel, G.,Dobrinski, C.,HP
A flashy, antiphonal fanfare between bells and organ sets up the entrance of this Handel/Mason favorite carol. The text is printed in the director's score to assist with the directing of congregational singing. One stanza is accompanied by handbells only followed by an interlude on the organ.
Joy to the World:  Handel, G.,Stephenson, V.,LC
The "Joy" in the title is depicted in several ways in this setting based on the hymn tune "Antioch" by G.F. Handel. A strong bell "peal" opens the numbers and leads into the tune on top of treble chords with martellatos and mallets on the syncopated accompaniment. Shakes and echos appear later in an open-spaced passage, which later build to a grand ending.
Joy to the World:  Mason, L./Handel, G.,Stephenson, V.,GE
"Joyfully" is the word used to describe this score that is performed totally with mallets. Most of the piece is straight eighth notes and tall chords.
Joy to the World:  Handel, George F.,Morris, Hart,CO
Pulsing with rhythmic and melodic force, this setting of the Christmas favorite is "tweaked" toward the syncopated side for energy and fun! Mallets and shakes figure highly in the special effects department.
Joy to the World:  Handel, G. F.,Stephenson, Valerie W.,GE
Part of the "Ardis Freeman Handbell Library," this 4-page setting of G.F. Handel's original work is fun through and through. Mallets are used for all ringers for the entire piece - including clicking the mallet sticks together! The back page contains the bells used chart, 2 bell assignment options, a warm-up exercise applicable to the piece, and helpful performance notes.
Joy to the World:  Handel, George F.,Zabel, Albert,HP
This festive, versatile arrangement, may be done with organ and handbells or with handbells and almost any combination of string and/or wind instruments.
Joy to the World:  Handel, George F.,McChesney, Kevin,JH
At 51 measures, this lively, upbeat setting of the popular tune by George F. Handel would fit perfectly in a quick moment during Advent or Christmas worship.
Joy to the World the Lord Is Come:  Handel, G. F.,Larson, L.,BE
Key changes and inharmonic chords create a constantly changing harmonic structure. Block chords keep ringers busy. Syncopated patterns are used sparingly.
King of Kings:  Various,Dutton, Thom,CD
"King of Kings" incorporates the familiar carols "We Three Kings" and "Good King Wenceslas" with the lesser known French carol "Le Marche Des Rois' (The March of the Kings) and the Flemish carol "De Drei Konigen" (The Three Kings). The 'King of Kings' section of Handel's 'Hallelujah Chorus' from Messiah' ties it all together.
Kings of Orient:  Hopkins, H.,Edwards, D.,RW
Based on the traditional carol "We Three Kings," this setting resembles a gourmet meal with just the right amount of spicy techniques complementing rhythmic motives, and optional percussion parts. The structure is light to begin with and then grows more intense as the piece progresses.
Kling Glockchen (Ring Out Little Bell):  ,Geschke, S.,AG
The sweet German carol translated "Ring Out Little Bell" is the basis of this sparkling arrangement that includes a sampling of several techniques to enhance the melody. The work consists of easy notes and rhythms but has a tempo marking of quarter = 138-144.
Kling Glocken Kling:  Traditional German Carol,Tucker, Sondra K.,AP
This arrangement of the German carol "Kling, Glockchen,Kling" (translated "Ring Little Bells") sparkles with cheerful energy and is sure to delight worship congregations or concert audiences.
Kolyada:  ,Waugh, T.,JH
Arranger Tim Waugh dedicates this setting of the Russian carol to "the child in all of us". Indeed, the music sparkles and lilts as the happy melody is accompanied by light, staccato textures and sleigh bells.
Kris Kringle Jingle:  Various,Petersen, M.,LA
Arranger/Composer Merle Petersen has a way with creative titles and ideas. In this delightful romp she combines "Jingle Bells, Jolly Old St. Nicholas," and Mozart's "Sleigh Ride." Sleigh bells add to the magic but are optional, as are the 6 handchimes (G5-D7).
Las Campanas de la Navidad (Bells of Christmas, The):  Various,Morris, H.,AG
Commissioned by The Raleigh Ringers, these Spanish carols are festooned with optional chimes, guitar and percussion including marimba.
Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow:  Styne/Cahn,Wagner, D.,HP
Add this delightful arrangement of a perennial favorite to your Christmas repertory.
Let Our Gladness Know No End:  French Noel,Tucker, Sondra K.,BE
3 octaves of optional handchimes and optional tambourine are scored alongside the bells in this joyful arrangement of the carol FRENCH NOEL. It is a fresh selection for the Christmas season.
Little Drummer Boy:  Traditional,Stephenson,Valerie W.,FM
Here is a wonderfully crafted ensemble arrangement of the favorite Christmas song.
Little Drummer Boy, The:  Simone, H.,Hermany, D.,SP
This arrangement of the familiar Christmas tune is a sure winner! It is mostly a 3-octave arrangement with 3 optional notes: C3, F3, and G3.
Little Drummer Boy, The:  Davis, K./Onorati, H./Simeone, H.,Wagner, D.,WB
Based on a choral piece of the same name, this arrangement is continually moving because of the delightful snare drum.
Lo How a Rose:  ,Wiltse, C.,ST
Accompanied by gentle arpeggiated chords in the treble bells and strong, whole note chords in the bass, the trumpet soars above in plaintive melody. However, cue notes are provided when the notes "soar" above the novice trumpet players range.
Lo How A Rose :  German Carol,Dobrinski, Cynthia ,CG
This accessible setting of the beloved carol is enhanced by rich harmonic treatment and the use of optional violin.
L'o How a Rose E'er Blooming:  ,Ringham, W.,BE
Looking for a short, straightforward Christmas carol for a meditative moment in worship? Then take a look at the 43 measures of this setting of the beloved Christmas tune. The meter is 2/2, the first section chordal, the second smooth with eighth-note accompaniment, and the ending quiet and thoughtful.
Lo How a Rose E'er Blooming:  Praetorius,Wiltse, C.,ST
A straightforward, chordal arrangement of the 16th Century melody. Ideal for Advent.
Lo How a Rose E'er Blooming:  ,Smoke, G.,HM
A simple, quiet setting of the traditional tune, "Es ist ein Ros'."
Lo How a Rose E'er Blooming:  ,Dobrinski, C.,HP
This contemplative and expressive arrangement of the 16th Century German Carol is for bells and flute. Rhythm switches from 6/4 to 4/4 to 6/4. Flute part is on back page of score.
Lo How a Rose E'er Blooming:  ,McChesney, K.,JH
A phrase from "O Come O Come Emmanuel", scored for bells and optional handchimes (14-D5 to C6), introduces this arrangement of the lovely advent carol. Fresh harmonies, rhythmic motifs, open and thick textures, chimes and bells on melody, and the pure rung sound of bells set this arrangement apart from the others.
Lo How A Rose E'er Blooming:  Traditional,Raney, Joel,HP
The world of handbell music continues to expand and reach an ever-broadening audience as composers find new ways to combine handbells with other instruments. This spellbinding setting from Joel Raney does just that by combining a synthesizer string pad with handbells and handchimes.
Love Came Down at Christmas:  ,Wiltse, C.,ST
This arrangement of the traditional Irish melody has distinct sections, which make it ideal for using as a hymn introduction with interludes between the stanzas and a coda.
Love Came Down at Christmas:  Various,Dobrinski, C.,HP
Traditional Irish melody and 13th century plainchant join hands in this sweet arrangement by one of handbells premiere composers. The flute lends its graceful character and adds to the atmosphere. Medley of "Love Came Down at Christmas" and "Of the Father's Love Gegotten".
Lullaby Carol:  ,Kinyon, B.,HP
This lovely tune, unfamiliar to the reviewer, is arranged for 3 octaves with 5 opt. notes from the 4th octave. A lot of movement and nice large chords. Ideal for church or concert.
Lullaby Jezu:  ,Wiltse, C.,ST
The less experienced 4 octave choir will find this arrangement attractive because of the simple rhythms and chordal nature.
Manger Carol:  ,Merrett, F.,NM
This setting of the Austrian carol is a nice contrast to the other popular manger carols. Nine chimes in the 2-octave range ring a middle-section melody line accompanied by rocking accompaniment. This is a good work out for sensitive ringing.
Manger Child:  Various,Lamb, Linda R.,HP
Linda Lamb combines three beloved Christmas carols, "Silent Night, Holy Night, Away in a Manger," and "What Child Is This?", in this lyrical Christmas melody.
Manger Lullaby:  Various,Morris, H.,RR
Arranger Hart Morris departs from his bouncy-rhythmic style to pen this delightful arrangement on the MUELLER and CRADLE SONG tunes for "Away in a Manger." The optional flute part plays a running, eighth-note accompaniment to the tunes throughout most of the piece.
Manger Medley:  Various,Hall, Jefferey A.,SP
Add a special sparkle to your Christmas season with this tribute to the newborn babe!
Manger Reflections:  Various,Eithun, Sandra,CO
"Silent Night, Away in a Manger" and "Infant Holy, Infant Lowly" are the three carols upon which this arrangement is based. Gentle rhythms, melody in various registers, LV technique and tempo flucuations all combine in this reflection of Christ's birth.
Manger Trilogy, A:  Various,Linker, J./McFadden, J.,CO
Three Christmas carols, Is Dawning Rejoice!" make up this trilogy" centering on the manger of the Christ child. The organ take the tune in the first section against full dotted-quarter chords.
March from the Nutcracker:  Tchaikovsky, P.,McChesney, K.,JH
Artfully arranged and accessible to 3,4,5,6 or 7 octaves of bells, this March from the pen of Peter Tchaikovsky's
March of the Kings:  Hopkins, Jr., J.,Cheek,NM
This arrangement of "We Three Kings" buildsl through each stanza to a grand finale.
March of the Magi:  Rogers, S., ,TP
An original work, beginning in a minor key but ending in a major one. Rhythmically Easy.
March of the Three Kings:  French Carol,Ingram, Bill,JH
The martial texture of this setting of the French carol is characterized by staccato articulations in march-like patterns, a dotted-rhythm melody, and strong chordal support of melody in the full sections of the work.
Mary Did You Know:  Various,Wagner, D.,HP
The Christian, contemporary tune by Lowry and Greene is here set in a medley with "What Child Is This" by Douglas Wagner. The tunes contrast each other in syncopated verse straight rhythms and 4/4 and 3/4 meter.
Mary Had a Baby:  ,Stephenson, V.,GE
Marked 2 -3 octaves, but the only third octave bells called for are C4 and F4.
Mary Had a Baby:  ,Behnke, J.,RR
You'll think you're on a tropical island listening to steel drum rolls, maracas and claves when you hear this upbeat setting of the favorite Christmas spiritual. No one lifts a bell until measure 18 and then it is only to RT (ring touch, another form of staccato). When the ringing does start it is in chordal texture, but it doesn't last long until the mallets are out again! An optional conga part is included on a separate score and noted in the handbell score.
Mary Had a Baby:  ,Page, A. L.,CG
2 octaves of optional handchimes add tenderness to this setting of the traditional spiritual along with "Sweet Little Jesus Boy". The chimes take the melody supported by sustained chords using the echo technique. Some bell changes occur.
Mary's Cradle Song:  ,Buckwalter, K.,BE
The traditional Austrian carol is sweetly set for bells and optional flute.However, the flute part is separate and when not available, bells or chimes may play the melody.
Mary's Little Boy Chile:  Hariston, J.,Christensen, J.,BO
An easy bell arrangement of an original composition for voice in the style of the spiritual.
Masters in This Hall:  Chartres,Kent, D.,AG
A sparkling setting of a familiar traditional Christmas carol.
Masters In This Hall:  Old French Carol,Downey, Gail,FM
The old French carol is set here in spunky rhythms, spicy articulations, and shifting meter. Written for a full 3 octave of bells only (no parentheses to navigate), an eighth-note pulse keeps the music moving along through two keys.
Masters In This Hall:  Traditional English Carol,Edwards, Dan R.,CG
A variety of handbell techniques are employed in this delightful arrangement of the familiar carol. This title is set in a minor.
Medieval Procession:  Medieval French Melody,Peery, Charles E.,MO
The tune Orientis Partibus is given a quaint, modal treatment reminiscent of the earliest use of this melody: as a donkey carol in which the congregation sang "Hail, Sir Donkey!" in honor of the work it did carrying Mary to Bethlehem.
Meditation on an Old French Carol:  ,Hakes, D.,LC
The LV technique is used extensively throughout this setting of the traditional "French Carol", in both soft and flowing passages and strong, chordal ringing sections.
Merry Christmas:  Various,Page, A. L.,AP
"A Merry Christmas" is a fun-filled Christmas medley for 3-5 octave handbell choir with optional handchimes, incorporating "Ding Dong, Merrily on High", "Masters in This Hall" and "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen." It is a delightful choice for school, church and concerts during the Christmas season.
Merry Old Medley:  Various,Eithun, Sandra,JH
This Christmas medley of "Bring A Torch...", "Good Christian Men, Rejoice", and "Sussex Carol" is set in a light and dance-like manner.
Midnight Clear:  Willis, R.,Wiltse, C.,ST
Interesting harmonies and large chords make this a grand Christmas selection. There are accidentals, a modulation and several tempo changes which challenge the bell choir.
Midnight Clear:  Willis, R.,Wiltse, C.,ST
Richard Storrs Willis beloved title is here set by Carl Wiltse in his unique style. Fresh harmonies are combined with tehuto rhythmic interpretations. A key change from C major to Ab major comes about mid-way through. The ending is big and full. 78 measures in length.
Midnight Stars Make Bright the Sky:  Liang,Cowen, M.,PS
The flute enforces the oriental mood of this enchanting piece using as its source a Chinese Epiphany hymn.
Midnight Stars Make Bright the Sky:  Liang,Shepperd, M.,TH
A setting of a little known Chinese Hymn with a flowing 8th note pattern. Opt. vocal solo in included.
Midnight Stars Make Bright the Sky:  Liang, Chi-fang,Morris, Hart,CG
In this distinctive arrangement, the simple flowing Chinese melody is introduced with optional chimes, set beneath an ostinato-like pattern on upper bells played with mallets.
Music Box Noel:  Various,Edwards, D.,SP
"He Is Born," "Angels We Have Heard on High", "Ukranian Bell Carol", "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", and "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent" are the carols presented here in music box style, sometimes simultaneously! Open spacing, staccato for light-hearted effect, and ostinato rhythms add to the mood presented in 60 measures.
Nativity Bell Song:  Petersen, M., ,LA
A gentle Christmas selection for handbells, voice (solo or unison choir) and flute. Bells, voice and flute are necessary to perform this quiet lullaby. Text and music are original.
Nativity Carol:  Traditional,Nelson, Susan T.,CO
The instrumentation list for this arrangement of PUER NOBIS NASCITUR include 3-5 octaves of handbells,15 chimes in the 3-octave range, and 1, 2, or 3 octaves of alternate bells (such as Petit & Fritsen bells, tubular bells, or organ chimes among others). Fresh!
Nativity Celebration:  Various,Gross, William E.,SP
This fun Christmas medley is full of lightening fast, rhythmically intense challenges for your choir, including lots of malleting and mixed meter.
Nativity Medley, A:  Various,Rogers, S.,TP
"Wzlobie Lezy; Away in a Manger; & Silent Night" are combined in an accesible arrangement. Rhythmically easy.
News of Great Joy:  ,Sherman, A.,HP
This title is based on Sussex Carol.
Night of the Father's Love:  Various,Choplin, Pepper,LC
Pepper Choplin’s creativity shines in this evocative intertwining of a 13th-century chant with one of the most popular carol tunes ever penned.
Noel:  Daquin, L.,Keller, M.,CO
Several statements of a melody from "Noel No. 1" by Daquin, each treated in different ways.
Noel:  Daquin, L.,Keller, M.,NM
An easy arrangement of a familiar noel originally written for organ and frequently heard during the Christmas season.
Noel Francais:  Various,Stephenson, Valerie W.,AP
Optional handchimes, hand drum, triangle, and finger cymbals add their flavors to this medley of French carols: Huron Carol; Pat-a-Pan; Angels, We Have Heard On High; and Bring A Torch, Jeanette, Isabella.
Noel Joyous Noel:  Various,Stephenson, Valerie,CG
Joyful malleted sections are featured in this arrangement combining a charming French folk song with "Angels We Have Heard on High." "Noel, Joyous Noel" is set in C Major throughout.
Noel Medley:  Various,Stephenson, V.,LW
The first stanza is a simple statment of "The First Noel" followed by "Good Christian Friends.." which uses mallets and/or the PL techniques.
Noel Noel:  Various,Stephenson, V.,JH
The French carols "Noel, Noel" and "Les Anges Divins" combine in this arrangement which calls for 11 optional handchimes in the 2 octave range.
Noel Nouvelet:  ,Kinyon, B.,HP
The French title of this tune translates: "Sing We Now of Christmas". However, for Easter the titles "Welcome Happy Morning or Now the Green Blade Riseth" may be substituted. Light texture, interesting, alternate harmonies and staccato sections lend a variety of interest throughout the work.
Noel Nouvelet:  Various,Nelson, Susan T.,FM
The familiar melody, appropriate at Christmas or Easter, is presented in an arrangement that is accessible for the ringers, yet interesting for the listeners.
Noels Ringing Tidings Bringing:  Various,Morris, Hart,RR
This medley of "The Snow Lay on the Ground," "He Is Born," "Sing We Now of Christmas," and "Infant Holy, Infant Lowly" is filled with special techniques that make these French carols come alive. Eight optional handchimes contribute to the joy as well.
Noel Ye Merry Gentlemen:  Various,Nelson, S.,CO
Based on "Noel Nouvelet and God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen" this 65 measured arrangement is written for 3 octaves of bells, optional hand chimes (C5-D6), optional soprano recorder and percussion (finger cymbals or triangle, tambourine or hand drum).
Nowell Celebration:  Burroughs, Bob,,GI
"The First Nowell" is taken to new heights with full, glorious chords and delightful syncopation.
Nowell Sing We:  English Carol,Nelson, Susan T.,GI
This wonderful English carol from the fifteenth century is exquisitely arranged for handbells and chimes by Susan (Nelson) Sylvester.
Now He Is Born:  Vic, C.,Christensen, J.,BO
Using a lovely tune by Vic, Mr. Christensen makes a fine arrangement suitable for church or concert.
Now is Born the Divine Christ Child:  ,McChesney, K.,LC
Are you looking for that "extra" Christmas number that easy to learn, is fully-scored, and equally playable at church, concert, or in the mall? This one may fit your bill. Easy rhythms and full textures keep ringers interested. The final section has some eighth-note, chordal runs which may require additional practice. A good resource arrangement.
Now Sing We Now Rejoice (Setting 1):  ,Manz, P./Thompson, M. L.,MO
Paul Manz's improvisation on the German carol IN DULCI JUBILO is here transcribed for 3,4 or 5 octaves of bells in two settings by Martha Lynn Thompson.
Now Sing We Now Rejoice (Setting 2):  ,Manz, P./Thompson, M. L.,MO
Paul Manz's improvisation on the German carol IN DULCI JUBILO is here transcribed for 3,4 or 5 octaves of bells in two settings by Martha Lynn Thompson.
Now the Green Blade Riseth:  ,McChesney, K.,HP
"Sing We Now of Christmas" is the alternate title to this tune. However, the energetic nature of this entire work suggests the vigorous growth of Spring, when the grass turns green. This energy is set up with a driving bass clef-rhythm pattern played by mallets on tabled bells.
Now the Holly Bears a Berry:  Traditional Cornish Carol,Page, Anna Laura,AP
"Now the Holly Bears a Berry" is a lilting, spirited setting of the traditional Cornish carol, known as the SANS DAY CAROL, for 3-5 octave handbell choir optional handchimes. It is appropriate for all occasions during the Christmas season. Because of the text of the carol, this piece is appropriate for Passion Sunday and Easter as well.
Nutcracker,The:  Tchaikovsky, P.,McChesney, K.,LC
Written for 3, 4 or 5 octaves of handbells and optional Chime Instruments this medley includes three selections from Tchaikovsky's famous suite. The Chinese Dance calls for chimes, shakes and lots of staccato while Trepak uses a potpourri of special techniques. The medley is 134 measures long.
O Christmas Tree:  ,Eithun, S.,AG
Another wonderful German Christmas Carol in a fantastic setting for handbells and solo instrument. Instrument part is on p. 8.
O Come All Ye Faithful:  Wade, J.,Sherman, A.,BE
The fanfare rhythm introduced at the beginning is carried through creating a martial and festive arrangement of one of our most popular Christmas hymns.
O Come All Ye Faithful:  ,Maggs, C.,GE
Interesting arrangements for beginning ringers are found in this Ardis Freeman handbell library. "O Come, All Ye Faithful", the traditional carol, uses block chords with enough to keep everyone busy. Crescendos and diminuendos in the music afford a good work out on expressiveness.
O Come All Ye Faithful:  Wade, J.,McChesney, K.,HP
The arrangement of this title is based on "Adeste Fideles".
O Come All Ye Faithful:  Traditional,Wagner, Douglas E.,LC
This bright Christmas piece is designed to fill the need for easy titles to be played by 3, 4 and 5-octave ensembles.
O Come All Ye Faithful:  Traditional,McChesney, Kevin & Roth, Karen,RW
13 optional handchimes, ranging from C5 to A6, are scored on a mid-register melody in the latter half of this arrangement of the well-known carol.
O Come All Ye Faithful:  Traditional,Krug, Jason W.,BE
You've never heard ADESTE FIDELES this way before! Clapping, syncopation, shaker, djembe and well-placed marts all add to the festive accompaniment to the augmented melody line.
O Come Emmanuel:  ,Jergenson, D.,LA
Ideal for the beginning choir. Uses only whole, half and quarter notes except for 1 measure of 8th notes.
O Come Let Us Adore Him:  Various,Dobrinski, C.,HP
Medley of "O Come All Ye Faithful & Fairest Lord Jesus".
O Come Let Us Adore Him:  Smart, Henry T.,Larson, Lloyd,BE
"Angels From the Realms of Glory" (REGENT SQUARE) is pared with the title carol (ADESTE FIDELES) in this regal rendition for the Christmas season. Set in Eb and C Majors, there are varying accompanimental textures and harmonies that add interest and energy. Bells changes add challenge. The piece concludes with a big ending in measure 68.
O Come Little Children:  ,Bisbee, B. W.,NM
An easy arrangement of the traditional German Carol.
O Come Little Children:  ,Dobrinski, C.,HP
More and more young ringer's and youth choirs are expanding to five octaves. This arrangement of the traditional German carol would suit that group quiet well.
O Come Little Children:  German ,Morris, H.,RR
Like a Piper calling the children to follow and a drum marking the cadence of their feet, the optional flute and drum add to the story of this sweet Christmas carol. This level two setting is very accessible and shows the versatility of Hart Morris arranging skills. The piece 49 measures long and keeps the interest of all the ringers in the music.
O Come Little Children:  Traditional,Lowenberg, Kenneth,HP
Christmas is a season that evokes a childlike feeling in all of us, filled with wonder and awe. This enchanting arrangement brings to life a delightful Christmas scene.
O Come O Come Emmanuel:  ,Dobrinski, C.,HP
Miss Dobrinski's arrangement of the "Veni, Veni Emmanuel" is for 3-5 octaves and appropriate for the advent season or concert. Most effective with 5 octaves because of the chords in the bass clef.
O Come O Come Emmanuel:  Helmore, J.,Smoke, G.,HM
Bells play an accompaniment to the melody which must be sung or played on a C or Bb instrument.
O Come O Come Emmanuel:  ,McKlveen, P.,CO
This arrangement of the Latin hymn, "Veni Emmanuel", will be a delight to bass bell ringers - they have the melody! The accompaniment consists of moving scale passages with thirds and sixths underneath. A solid, traditional arrangement.
O Come O Come Emmanuel:  ,Corser, R.,LW
The textures that accompany this favorite advent tune are first thickly chordal, then flowing triplet rhythms and at last full treble and bass chords. The sections do call for tempo changes and varying dynamics.
O Come O Come Emmanuel:  ,Mathis, W.,FB
Optional handchimes add a special quality to this 3, 4, 5 or 6 octave arrangement of the favorite advent plainsong. The introduction is a play on the melodic motif "O Come."
O Come O Come Emmanuel:  ,Maggs, C.,GE
32 measures with repeats and no page turns along with simple rhythms makes this favorite advent tune arrangement an idea selection for young ringers.
O Come O Come Emmanuel:  ,Lohr, A.,AG
If itOs possible to put "spunk" and "spice" into the plaintive advent tune, VENI EMMANUEL, then arranger Alan Lohr has done it, and done it tastefully. Lots of staccato and syncopated rhythms surround the melody.
O Come O Come Emmanuel:  ,Justice, D./Hall, O.,NM
Planning to do this title for Advent season, but need something that works up quickly and is brief? Then this is the piece youOre looking for. Brass and bells are both required.
O Come O Come Emmanuel:  ,Tucker, S.,NM
The two sections of this arrangement, scored for bells and 2 octaves of chimes, offer rhythmic contrast.
O Come O Come Emmanuel:  Traditional,Geschke, Susan E.,HP
Susan Geschke's passionate treatment of this beloved Advent hymn captures the quiet reverence and expectation of the season.
O Come O Come Emmanuel:  Traditional,Roberts, Philip L.,GI
Following a slow, deliberate introduction, this chant is carefully arranged to bring a fresh presentation to perhaps one of our most well-know pieces for Advent.
O Come O Come Emmanuel:  Traditional,Treisback, Judith E.,FM
A distinctive treatment of this age old melody includes the Singing Bell technique and malleted suspended handbells, along with the optional use of alternate bells and the somber resonance of an oboe to create the ambiance of mystery and wonder.
O Come, O Ye Faithful:  Wade, J.,Hilty, E.,FL
A trumpet-like fanfare between bells and organ opens this setting of "Adeste Fideles" (Irregular) in which the congregation may sing along on the stanzas. Strong, chordal ringing from the bells supports the melody while the organ adds accompanimental flourishes.
O Come Rejoicing:  ,Thompson, M. L.,HP
Creative Christmas programming is yours with the addition of this Polish carol. Include it in a group of favorite carols from various countries.
O Come Ye Christians Rejoice:  Wade, J./German,McKlveen, P.,JH
Celebrate the Christmas season with a festive piece for bells, organ and/or brass by performing this arrangement of "Adeste Fideles" and "In Dulci Jubilo".
Of the Father's Love Begotten:  ,Page, A. L.,AP
"Of the Father's Love Begotten" is a quiet, beautiful setting of the 13th century plainsong, Divinum Mysterium, arranged for 3-5 octave handbell choir. This lovely piece will be a meaningful addition to the Advent service.
Oh Come All Ye Faithful:  Wade, J.,McChesney, K.,CO
Looking for something to freshen up on your congregational singing at Christmas? Check out this versatile carol setting. It includes an optional 45-measure prelude, an introduction to the hymn with accompaniment to congregational singing that may also be played by bells only. Or you can do the entire arrangement as a bell score.
O Holy Night:  Adam, A.,Groth, R.,GR
An easy arrangement of this Christmas favorite.
O Holy Night:  Adam, A.,Kinyon, B.,BE
A very easy bell part combined with a keyboard accompaniment makes this a wonderful selection for the Christmas season.
O Holy Night:  Adam, Adolphe C.,Dobrinski, Cynthia,HP
Cynthia Dobrinski's new version of Adolph Adams' Christmas treasure, "O Holy Night," is satisfying for exsperienced ringers and accessible enough for less experienced choirs to ring with grandiose results.
O Holy Night:  Adam, Adolphe,McChesney, Kevin,JH
Written especially for the premier handbell ensemble "Ring of Fire," this arrangement is suprisingly accessible for choirs ringing mostly Level 3 repertoire. It is set in C Major.
O Holy Night:  Adam, Adolphe,Childers, Brian,RW
In this arrangement of the beautiful Christmas song, the 6/8 melody is accompanied by arpeggios, sixteenth-note ostinato-like patterns, and, briefly, by triplet figures in 4/4 meter.
O Leave Your Sheep:  ,Morris, H.,CP
Vitality in dynamics and tempo challenge ringers with this arrangement of a Christmas favorite. The subtlety of the ending calls the listener to reflect on the mystery of the Nativity.
O Little Town of Bethlehem:  Redner, L.,Ivey, R.,TP
An easy, interesting arrangement. Several key changes. Begins and ends quietly.
O Little Town of Bethlehem:  Redner, L.,Wiltse, C.,ST
Introduction - traditional 1st stanza and nice harmony on 2nd stanza.
O Little Town of Bethlehem:  Various,Sherman, A.,MO
This Christmas piece incorporates "Once in Royal David's City" into "O Little Town of Bethlehem". With this combination, the composition features interesting harmonies, much LV and mallets suggested at the end.
O Little Town of Bethlehem:  ,Tucker, M.,CP
A legato textured bass melody begins this arrangement. As the melody moves into the treble, the music is filled with rich chords then quietly closes.
O Little Town of Bethlehem:  St. Louis/Redner, L.,Bock, F./Mathis, W.,FB
Originally a piano solo on the tune "St. Louis" by the late Fred Bock, this arrangement captures the intent of the original. Alternate and fresh harmonies translates into several bell changes, but worth the challenge. Only 44 measures in length and just right for a contemplative moment in worship.
O Little Town of Bethlehem:  Redner, L.,Dobrinski, C.,HP
This well-loved Christmas carol sets to music our thoughts and feelings about the town of Bethlehem.
O Little Town of Bethlehem:  Traditional,Sherman, Arnold,CO
9 optional handchimes (ranging from G4 - C6), and mallets on suspended bells rung randomly both contribute a "shimmering" sound to this setting of carol tunes FOREST GREEN and STILL, STILL, STILL. The random ring is layered with a quasi-ostinato eighth-note line with the tune "sandwiched" in-between in the opening section. Later strong chords support the melody before a final, ethereal section ends the work in measure 68.
O Little Town of Bethlehem:  Traditional,Helman, Michael,LC
n the same style as the composer's highly successful setting of "Silent Night, Holy Night" from last season, this new pairing of "O Little Town of Bethlehem" and "Once in Royal David's City" is rich in texture and color.
O Little Town of Bethlehem:  Tradtional,Roth, Karen,JH
This short arrangement of the traditional Christmas carol features the optional use of 10 handchimes (ranging from D4-E5).
O Little Town of Bethlehem:  Redner, Lewis H.,Phillips, Judy,HP
The quiet midnight scene depicted in this endearing carol is beautifully captured here with bell effects and the use of wind chimes and finger cymbals.
O Little Town of Bethlehem:  Redner, Lewis H.,Eithun, Sandra,CG
This tender rendering of the familiar Christmas favorite will offer a quiet, meditative addition to any holiday concert or worship service.
O Little Town of Bethlehem:  Redner, Lewis,Moklebust, Cathy,JH
From the Raleigh Ringers Series for advanced ensembles comes this musically sophisticated, but very accessible, setting of the Christmas classic.
O Morning Star:  Nicolai, P.,Cowen, M.,PS
A chordal and contrapuntal arrangement of the famous hymn tune.
On a Still Silent Night:  Various,Akers, Michael E.,LC
This title is a medley of "Silent Night" and "Still Still Still".
Once in Royal David's City:  Gauntlett, H.,Kinyon, B.,HP
A short, quiet arrangement which suggests use of chimes on melodic passages. Chordal. L V, TD.
Once in Royal David's City:  Gauntlett, H.,Hanks, D.,NM
A bright introduction and interesting bass lines make this arrangement of the traditional carol fresh.
Once in Royal David's City:  Gauntlett, H.,McChesney, K.,LC
The arranger incorporates change ringing patterns throughout this arrangement of the hymn tune IRBY. Toll swing is also called for giving this a "cathedral tower" sound.
Once in Royal David's City:  Gauntlett, H./Irby,Afdahl, Lee J.,AU
The carol tune IRBY is here set for bells and 2,4 or 5 octaves of chimes. Flowing passages of eighth-notes entwine in a in 12-measure opening that leads to a melody notated for chimes. Later on the eighth-note patterns turn to sixteenth-note figures with the LV technique applied.
Once in Royal David's City:  Various,Behnke, J.,MO
Two octaves of optional chimes add extra charm to this medley of the title tune "Once in Royal David's City" and "Love Came Down at Christmas." The contrasting hymn picks up the harmonic movement a bit before returning to the opening feel.
Once In Royal David's City:  Gauntlett, Henry John,Moklebust, Cathy,CG
The newest in the growing line of pieces for combined handbell and handchimes choirs, this is an arrangement of the tune IRBY, useable at any time during the Christmas season.
Once In Royal David's City:  Gauntlett, Henry J.,Dobrinski, Cynthia,HP
Cynthia Dobrinski's setting of this lovely carol sets a tranquil mood enhanced by optional 3-6 octave handchimes and a beautiful flute part.
Once In Royal David's City:  Gauntlett, Henry J.,Phillips, Judy,FM
The setting begins with the presentation of an eight measure theme. This theme continues as a counter melody to the hymn tune, weaving its way through the composition in varying octaves.
On Christmas Day in the Morn:  Various,Gramann, F.,HP
A carol fantasy based on: "Away in a Manger; 1st Nowell; and The Holly and the Ivy" played separately then together at the conclusion. Festive.
On Christmas Night:  Various,Helmen, M.,AG
Nine optional handchimes in the 3-octave range are scored on a lower bass-range melody in this medley of WEXFORD and SUSSEX carols from England. Sixteenth-note patterns add lilt to the texture while LV passages contribute smoothness and grace. Open scoring gives a light feel to the 83-measures work.
On Christmas Night:  Traditional,McChesney, Kevin & Roth, Karen,JH
"On Christmas night all Christians sing..." So begin the lyrics to the English tune known as the SUSSEX CAROL.
On December Five and Twenty:  Traditional Catalonian Carol,Leavitt, John,CO
Three short variations of the traditional Catalonian carol combine in this folio for 3 octave only. (Translation - no parentheses!) The first variation is chordal with a few martellatos; the second incorporates mallets, mart-lifts, and shakes; and the third adds thumb damps to the mix.
One Night In Bethlehem:  Austrian Melody,Lamb, Linda R.,RO
Three traditional carols are combined in this arrangement: "Still, Still, Still," "Away In a Manger" and "O Little Town of Bethlehem."
One Small Child:  Meece, D.,Waldrop, T.,RO
This arrangement has a variety of options: a processional with two simple bell trees and chimes, a vocal line that may be sung by a soloist or a choir, the inclusion of a level I+ chime choir along with the 3-5 octaves of bells, and performance notes with suggestions on special costuming and other visual presentation.
One Star:  Rogers, Cheryl Jones,Hakes, Derek K.,CG
Based on a choral anthem by Cheryl Jones Rogers, this handbell transcription effectively captures the beauty and mystery of the original lyrics and music.
On That Wondrous Silent Night:  Various,Edwards, Dan R.,NM
A gentle combination of the two tunes "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" and "Silent Night" will make this an excellent piece for worship or concert during the Christmas season.
On This Day Earth Shall Ring:  ,Morris, H.,CO
Piae Cantiones, 1582 is the basis of this cheerful setting by Hart Morris. Optional percussion parts call for muffled snare drums and finger cymbals. A nice antiphonal section sets up the melodies entrance. Light and airy with open spacing the texture exudes a sense of joy.
On This Day Earth Shall Ring:  Piae Cantiones,Moklebust, Cathy,CG
This energetic treatment of the tune PERSONENT HODIE may be used at any time during the Christmas season and is also a great festival choice.
On This Day Earth Shall Ring:  Traditional,Sylvester, Susan T. (Nelson),FM
The innovative arrangement of the hymn tune "Personent Hodie" is ideal for your Christmas season concert or church service.
On This Day Earth Shall Ring:  Various,Gramann, Fred,LC
Bold harmonies, sweeping melodic lines and driving triplet rhythms propel the development of two beloved English carols, intertwined in brilliantly conceived counterpoint.
O Tannenbaum:  ,Bartsch, Jr., J.,NM
This is arranged for handbells, Organ & Orchestra.
Our Gifts We Bring:  Wiltse, C., ,ST
Modal and filled with harmonic surprises. All bells of the 4 octaves are used.
Out Under the Sky:  Various,Wagner, Douglas E.,LC
The awesome sense of expectation and mystery of that first Christmas night out on the desolate Bethlehem plain is thoughtfully conveyed in a tender work incorporating two immediately recognizable carol tunes.
Over the Hills and Everywhere:  ,Morris, H.,CO
Be sure to order to optional percussion part for this jazzy setting of "Go Tell It on the Mountain." Indeed, the percussion adds extra spice to the snappy rhythms, special technique effects, and varying textures of this setting. Get out your chimes, too! Six chimes, ranging from D4 to B4 are scored for a bass melody in the work's middle section. 177 "quick" measures. FUN!
Over the River and Through the Woods:  Traditional American Tune,Stephenson, Valerie W.,HP
This perennial holiday favorite begins with an all-malleted section, followed by a handchime section, reflective of a horse-drawn sleigh running into bad weather along the way. The ending is a joyful reprise, bursting with the cheer of the season.
Overture from the Nutcracker:  Tchaikovsky, P.,McChesney, K.,JH
Symphonically set to imitate orchestra sound, this arrangement of Tchaikovsky's famous overture to the Nutcracker Suite should challenge and delight ringers. 3-4 oct. of optional handchimes adds to the magical ambiance, as does the well-placed staccato technique.
Parade of the Wooden Soldiers:  Jessel,Vaccaro,FB
Use this march at Christmas or as a general concert piece.
Pastoral Christmas, A:  Various,Wagner, D.,LC
Get ready for "the warm fuzzies" (sheep that is) in this tender selection based on "Sheep May Safely Graze" (J.S. Bach), "Away in a Manger" (Kirkpatrick), and "Infant Holy, Infant Lowly" (Polish carol). All these tunes are featured in 54 measures. The work's fabric is open, flowing, and steady in tempo with only two bell changes. A nice selection to challenge a choir toward level III repertoire.
Pastorale on Lo How a Rose:  Bach, J. S.,McFadden, J.,AU
This pastorale is a combination of "Es Ist ein Rose" and Bach's "Pastorale in F." The flute is not optional.
Patapan:  Burgundian,French, A.,AF
Written for a bell ensemble with 14 bells ranging from C3 to G6. Mallets, thumb damp and mart lifts are called for in this 35 measure arrangement of the Burgundian folk tune.
Pat a Pan:  Burgundian,Thompson, M. L.,HP
Short, straight forward, rhythmic.
Pat a Pan:  ,Morris, H.,JH
Effectively use your bass bells as the "drum" or use the scored snare drum, triangle and tambourine. Either way this is a fresh and exciting Christmas offering.
Pat a Pan:  Burgandian,Hall, J.,RW
An Adagio section introduces this lovely old carol with mysterious presence. Open fourths and fifths add to the medieval flair as accompaniment in the next section while the next passage opts for a "boogie-woogie" feel complete with a malleted, walking bass line! Syncopated melody and well-placed martellatos also signal a detour from the original tune.
Pat-A-Pan:  Traditional,Pysh, Gregory M.,BE
Written for the Raleigh Ringers, this rendition of the Christmas carol pulses with rhythmic malleted accompaniment and optional conga drums. 10 optional chimes (ranging from D#5 to E6) are scored right at the beginning adding a shimmer to the music. The score is full, keeps all ringers involved, and moves through a couple of key changes. It is set in 2/4 time.
People Look East:  ,Moklebust, C.,AU
The French carol, BESANCON, is here set for 3,4 or 5 octaves with some performance notes given to accommodate.
People Look East:  Traditional,Wiltse, Carl,ST
Although there are a few key changes and alternate harmonies, this is a rather straight-forward setting of the French advent carol. An open spacing keeps the music light and airy and lilting along in 6/8 time.
People Look East:  French Folk Melody,Morris, Hart,CO
The lively advent hymn tune BESANCON is the basis for this setting for bells and flute. Set in 6/8 meter with a metronome marking of "dotted quarter = 76", the pulse, along with accents, kicks the energy off from the opening measures.
Processional on O Come All Ye Faithful:  Traditional,Eithun, Sandra,JH
Two Bb trumpets (optional) open this Christmas setting with an 8-measure fanfare, which is then repeated in the bell score to form the processional pattern.
Promise Fulfilled, The:  Various,Morris, H.,RR
Extensive performance notes are given by the arranger to help facilitate the most effective ringing of this combination of the tunes VENI EMMANUEL, HYFRYDOL and DIVINUM MYSTERIUM.
Puer Nobis:  ,Wiltse, C.,ST
An easy arrangement of a tune (Piae Cantiones) from the 16th century.
Quiet Christmas Eve:  Various,Dare, Carol R.,DT
The two carols in this 3-octave setting can be played individually or as a short medley without a transition between the carols. Both carols are suitable for bells and are lovely on chimes. Titles include: "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (Picardy)" and "Away in a Manger."
Reflections on Silent Night:  Gruber, F.,Barnes,FL
Various moods are expressed with tempo and contemporary harmonies. Chimes are suggested to emphasize melody.
Rejoice Christ Is Born:  Various,Schram, Ruth Elaine,LC
In a sprightly compound duple meter, three spirited carols ("Here We Come A-Caroling, People Look East, and Good Christian Men, Rejoice") proclaim the good news of the season.
Rejoicing at the Manger:  Various,Noland, R.,CO
Freshen up your Christmas carol ringing with this jazzy arrangement of "Away in a Manger" and "now Sing We, Now Rejoice," by including the optional C and Bb instrument parts.
Repeat the Sounding Joy:  Various,Eithun, Sandra,AP
"Joy to the World," "Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee," and "How Great Our Joy" are combined in this rousing Christmas season medley.
Ring Christmas Bells:  Various,Downey, G.,PS
A delightful arrangement of three Christmas tunes: Christmas Day; Ding, Dong Merrily on High; & Ring Little Bells.
Ring Christmas Bells:  ,Hussey,MO
Taking an old tune, "Carol of the Bells," the arranger explores new territory with the harmonic structure making this an interesting addition to Christmas bell literature.
Ring De Christmas Bells:  Hairston, J.,DeValve, L.,BO
A marvelous composition by one of America's finest composer and arranger of spirituals, Jester Hairston. In the character of a spiritual, this composition is filled with rhythm and melody.
Ringing Christmas, A:  Various,McKechnie, Linda,AP
This festive arrangement of The Ukrainian Carol and Noel Nouvelet includes a separate part for flute or violin. Both melodies are magically paired throughout the piece, and the optional flute or violin reinforces the melody.
Ring Joy to the World:  Handel, Georg Frederick,Edwards, Dan R.,CG
Usher in the Christmas season with this rhythmic arrangement of the beloved hymn tune ANTIOCH.
Ring Little Bells:  ,Burkhardt, M.,MO
A little known German carol is the source of this delightfully fresh music. A wonderful addition to Christmas repertory.
Ring Little Bells:  Traditional German Carol,Morris, Hart,CG
Here is an energetic arrangement of the traditional German children’s carol “Kling, Glöckchen,” incorporating shake, ring touch, and mart lift techniques, as well as mallets.
Ring Little Bells Ringalingaling:  Widman, Benedikt,Hall, Jefferey A.,JH
Whether using the original German title - “Kling, Glockchen, Klingelingeling” - or its English translation, this light and folksy setting of a 19th century German carol is sure to please ringers and listeners alike!
Ring Out:  Various,Hermany, D.,NM
An ostinato bell peal along with the carol, The First Noel, begins this work for 3,4, or 5 octaves and 3 octaves of optional chimes. The melody, I Hear the Bells on Christmas Day, played on chimes then appears sandwhiched in-between accompaniment.
Rise Up Shepherd and Follow:  ,Morris, H.,AP
An exciting and energetic arrangement of the spiritual.
Rise Up Shepherd and Follow:  African-American Spiritual,Dobrinski, Cynthia,HP
Cynthia Dobrinski's new arrangement of this classic Christmas spiritual is sure to be a hit with both church and concert audiences.
Rise Up Shepherds and Follow:  ,McChesney, K.,BE
Performance notes are given for use of the optional 3-5 octaves of handchimes in this arrangement of the Christmas spiritual. Full chordal ringing, malleted passages, flowing LV sections and powerful fortissimo passages make up the texture of this work.
Rise Up Shepherds and Follow:  Traditional Spiritual,Behnke, John,AG
Ringers will enjoy snapping their fingers and playing a great malleted bass line and dotted rhythms in this jazzy new arrangement of the Christmas spiritual.
Riu Riu Chiu:  Spanish Carol,Moklebust, Cathy,JH
This 16th century Spanish carol is scored for bells, with optional recorder (or flute) and percussion.
Rock Him Gently:  Dugger, Bill,,ME
"Rock Him Gently" has a melodic theme that shifts back and forth between treble and bass. It is an original composition appropriate for any part of the Christmas season.
Rocking Carol:  ,Waugh, T.,TP
Wide use of mallets in this setting of "Hajej Nynej". A rocking effect is created by alternating a rung note with one malleted.
Rocking Carol:  Various,Morris, H.,RR
"Still, Still, Still", a Czech carol is combined with the title Austrian carol in this gentle setting, which calls for 12 handchimes in the 2-octave range. A rocking accompaniment pattern in the upper register opens the work and leads to the first statement of the tune scored for the chimes. After a key change the texture grows stronger, but soon returns to a tender dynamic and ending.
Rose Carol:  Traditional,Sherman, Arnold B.,CO
"Lo, How A Rose is Growing" is the basis for this beautiful and expansive meditative arrangement by master composer Arnold Sherman. Lovely passages of eighth-note accompaniment and delicate touches by optional handchimes add to the enchanting mood. Excellent choice for Christmas Eve or any thoughtful moment of worship.
Royal David's City:  Various,Page, A. L.,AP
Bells and optional handchimes are called for in this medley of David's City with soft, lush harmonies. A bright section follows with a plucked accompaniment and treble melody. Measure 47 returns to tempo I and introduces the handchimes.
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer:  Marks,Wagner, D.,SP
Plucking and martellato add to the effectiveness of Mr. Wagner's arrangement of a perennial Christmas favorite.
Russian Carols Medley:  Various,Woods, Sylvia,WD
"Angelical Hymn" and "Twelfth Night Song" are combined in this medley for 4 octaves of bells, 2 octaves of optional handchimes, and either lever or pedal harp (range includes the G that is 10 strings below middle C.) If you're fortunate enough to have an available harpist, then get a copy of this and see if it will work for you!
Saint Hilary:  Traditional Carol,Merrett, Fred,FL
Sub-titled "Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus," this tune's origins are unknown. Set in major keys, the melody is strong, martial and in quarter-note rhythms. Optional 3 octaves of handchimes appear on the melody in the second half of the arrangement.
Sheep May Safely Graze:  Bach, J. S.,Wagner, D.,SP
A straightforward arrangement of this classic!
Sheep May Safely Graze:  Bach, J. S.,Tipton, N.,SF
This shortened arrangement is more a statement of the chorale tune than an arrangement of the Bach Chorale Prelude. Good for the less experienced choir.
Sheep May Safely Graze:  Bach, J. S.,Kinyon. B.,BE
This timeless arrangement for handbells and keyboard is most welcome in any service or concert.
Sheep May Safely Graze:  Bach, J. S.,Kindred,TP
From Cantata 208. This familiar piece is convincing with 3 octaves only. Simple, melodic and familiar.
Shepherd's First Noel, The:  Various,Rogers, S.,TP
2 tunes, "Come, All Ye Shepherds" & "The First Noel" are arranged spearately and combined in this easy medley.
Shepherd's Joy:  Various,Waldrop, T.,AG
This title is a medley consisting of: "Shepherd's Hey, While Shepherds Watched Their Flock, How Great Our Joy and The First Noel".
Shepherd's Song:  Various,Ingram, Bill,RO
The Handel tune “While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks” is combined with the “Gloria” chorus from “Angels We Have Heard on High” in this joyful arrangement by Bill Ingram.
Shepherds Why This Jubilee:  Various,Afdahl, Lee J.,AP
"Shepherds, Why This Jubilee!" is an exciting medley of Christmas carols including "Angels We Have Heard on High", "In the Bleak Midwinter" and "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" for 3-5 octave handbell choir with optional handchimes. It is a must for special programs and regular worship services during the Christmas season.
Silent Night:  Gruber, F.,Hermany,NM
A simple arrangement of a well-loved hymn using a wide range of bells and choirchimes, if available.
Silent Night:  Gruber, F.,Merrett, F.,JH
A simple, easy arrangement of the ever popular Christmas tune.
Silent Night:  Gruber, F.,Wiltse, C.,ST
A grand arrangement of this Christmas favorite. Harmonically very close to that in the hymnal.
Silent Night:  Gruber, F.,Dobrinski, C.,HP
A sensitive, gentle arrangement of an ageless tune! Opt. flute scored on last page.
Silent Night:  Gruber, F.,McKechnie, Linda,CP
Tenderness and delicate intimacies are the hallmark of this arrangement. LV passages create pools of sound into which the "fragile" malletted notes drop and ripple!
Silent Night:  Gruber, F.,Moklebust, C.,JH
Although this is a "stand-alone" handbell arrangement (optional handchimes, organ and congregation) it is most effective when used as a congregational accompaniment to the singing of this favorite Christmas carol.
Silent Night:  Gruber, F.,Hilty, E.,FL
Handbells and organ combine in this arrangement of Franz Gruber's famous tune. After an introduction the congregation may join in singing verse one. Verse two is designated for bells only or solo voice and bells. The congregation may join in again on the third and final verse.
Silent Night:  Gruber, F.,Honore, J.,CO
The German carol STILLE NACHT was first written for voices and guitar â" only because the organ broke down and there was no other choice! This versatile setting of that carol includes a part for optional guitar along with organ 3-5 octaves of handbells, optional SATB choir, congregation and flute. May be performed with bells or choir/congregation in any combination to fit your resources.
Silent Night:  Gruber, F.,Eithun, S.,RR
This setting of the classic Christmas carol includes optional keyboard, handchimes and a narrator.
Silent Night:  Gruber, Franz,Roth, Karen,JH
Mallets on suspended bells are scored throughout this arrangement of Franz Gruber's famous carol.
Silent Night:  Gruber, Franz,Geschke, Susan E.,CG
Flexibility is offered in this setting of the beloved Christmas carol by Franz Gruber. It may be rung as a stand-alone piece in its entirety or as an accompaniment to choral or congregational singing.
Silent Night Holy Night:  Gruber, F.,Sherman, A.,HP
A gentle arrangement flowing nicely from one section to the next. Perfect for Christmas Eve Service.
Silent Night Holy Night:  Gruber, F.,Hopson, H.,AP
A calm effect is achieved in the beginning section of this arrangement by the emphasis given to the bass bells.
Silent Night Holy Night:  Gruber, F.,Maggs, C.,GE
33 measures with repeats and no page turns make this setting of the favorite carol idea for young ringers learning to count in 6/4.
Silent Night Holy Night:  Gruber, F.,Larson, L.,BE
After a tender introduction of 26 measures, the congregation may join with the handbell choir and sing the carol (repeats are built in for multiple verses). After the singing a final section, which includes harmonic changes, ends the setting.
Silent Night Holy Night:  Gruber, Franz,Helman, Michael,LC
This deeply moving setting of the most beloved carol of all time is sure to touch the hearts of all who hear it.
Silent Night Holy Night:  Gruber, Franz,Larson, Lloyd,BE
The first 2/3rds of this carol arrangement of STILLE NACHT is light and transparent, but then begins to build in intensity toward climax in measure 71 before "floating" back down to a piano ending in measure 82. A good lenghth for Christmas Eve services, the score includes an optional repeat (as needed) and an optional ending.
Silent Night Holy Night:  Gruber, Franz,Zabel, Albert,HP
This meditative arrangement from Albert Zabel presents many options for performance. It may be done by handbells and organ, or with handbells and almost any combination of string and/or wind instruments.
Silver Bells:  Livingston/Evans,Dobrinski, C.,HP
Round out your Christmas program with this perennial favorite!
Silver Bells:  Livingston/Evans,Stiles,SP
An arrangement of the popular Christmas tune for 3 octaves with 4 optional bass notes of the 4th and 5th octaves.
Sing We All Noel:  Traditional English Carols,Gramann, Fred,CG
"Sing We All Noel" utilizes three carols: "Noel Nouvelet"; "Entre le boeuf at l'ane gris; "God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen".
Sing We Now of Christmas:  Traditional,Anthony, Kris,AG
A refreshing arrangement of the ever popular French folk tune.
Sing We Now of Christmas:  ,Larson, L.,BE
The first section is straight forward with a couple of chromatic surprises. After a key change the tempo slows and we find the melody in a quasi-major tonality with the bass line descending chromatically.
Sing We Now of Christmas:  ,Buckwalter, K.,AG
Gentle but quick rhythmic and melodic "peals" permeate the bell score and play counterpart to the organ in this original composition. The tonal center is minor until the final section, where it moves into parallel major key with triumph. 131 measures in length.
Sing We Now of Christmas:  Traditional English Carol,Lohr, Alan,SF
Get out your mallets and hang on! This energetic arrangement keeps your bass ringers on their toes.
Sing We Now of Christmas - Now the Green Blade Rises:  Traditional French Carol,Moklebust, Cathy,CG

This creative and varied arrangement of the French carol NOËL NOUVELET will be an exciting musical offering during both the Christmas and Easter seasons, using the alternative title, "Now the Green Blade Rises" during Easter.

Sing We Now of Christmas (Now the Green Blade Riseth):  Noel Nouvelet,Thompson, M. L.,HP
The popular Noel Nouvelet is now set for level II in a big sounding piece including staccato technique and fully-scored chords. Two complete texts are included: Now the Green blade Riseth and Sing We Now of Christmas.
Sleep Little Christ Child:  Hartley, A., ,TH
A simple, beautiful Christmas song for 5 octaves handbells and 2 octaves of chimes. The chime part can be adapted to the keyboard and a soloist can also be used.
Sleep of the Child Jesus:  French,Thompson, Martha Lynn,RO
"Cradled among oxen mild, sleep, sleep, sleep thou little Child..." the lyrics of this French carol are included for reference.
Sleep of the Child Jesus, The:  ,Wiltse, C.,ST
A fine arrangement of the beautiful French carol. Requires control to obtain a quiet mood.
Snow Lay on the Ground:  Traditional English Carol,Dobrinski, Cynthia,HP
Cynthia Dobrinski's sparkling arrangement of this traditional carol incorporates the chorus of "O Come, All Ye Faithful" and features an optional section for 3-5 octave chimes.
Snow Lay on the Ground, The:  ,Hermany,DO
A happy, joyful setting of the traditional carol.
Snow Lay on the Ground, The:  ,Everson, L./McChesney, K.,JH
Lowell Everson's setting of the traditional Eglish carol is here arranged for 3, 4, or 5 octaves of bells and optional handchimes. The snowy mood is set by use of lilting rhythms in 6/8 and 3/4 time, a section of chimes on the melody, and a free-form passage in contrasting 4/4 meter.
Song of the Manger:  Various,Sherman, A.,HP
This title is a medley of "Away in the Manger" & "Infant Holy, Infant Lowly".
Spiritual Christmas:  Various,Stephenson, Valerie W.,LC
Scored entirely in F Major with only one simple E4/E6 change, three rousing spirituals each relate their own account of the blessed birth.
Spiritual Christmas, A:  Various,Lamb, L.,RW
"Go Tell It on the Mountain," "The Little Cradle Rocks Tonight in Glory" and "Mary Had a Baby" are the three traditional spirituals included in this medley. Textures range from soft and gentle to full and strong. Various techniques are applied to achieve contrasting effects.
Star of Christmas Medley:  Various,Edwards, Dan R.,SP
Dan Edwards once again masterfully provides a simple, yet creative arrangement for the beginning bell choir with this medley for Christmas.
Star of the Wisemen:  Gross, William E.,,FL
Assemble the camels for this original "caravan to Bethlehem" composition. A flourish introduces the piece before settling into a rhythmic gait suggestive of plodding over desert sands. The energetic melody weaves around like a snake charmer's tune in the upper registers. Techniques are sprinkled throughout. You will arrive at Bethlehem in measure 80!
Stille, Stille, Stille:  Austrian Carol,Thompson, Martha Lynn,AP
"Stille, Stille, Stille", arranged for 3-5 octave handbell choir with optional handchimes, is a beautiful, quiet setting of the familiar German carol. It is appropriate for the entire Christmas season and is a perfect choice for Christmas Eve services.
Still Still Still:  ,Artman, R.,TP
This quiet, unhurried arrangement of the lovely Austrian Carol is enhanced with the use of mallets and rhythm changes. Concludes with several measures of "O Holy Night."
Still Still Still:  ,Wagner, D.,HP
The lovely "Austrian" carol is the basis and the unifying factor in this fine arrangement. Also included is: "St Louis" and Murray's "Away in the Manger."
Still Still Still:  ,Whisett, E.,NM
This favorite German folk song has been set for 3-5 octaves of bells with soprano solo and piano accompaniment. The bell part is flowing eighths and chordal figures.
Still Still Still:  ,Kinyon, B.,CO
3, 4,5 or 6 octave choirs may ring this arrangement of the German carol along with 2,3 or 4 octaves of optional handchimes. Flowing accompaniment and fresh harmonies are combined to achieve the still atmosphere this carol describes.
Still Still Still:  Traditional,Warzyn, J.,HM
The text of the lovely Austrian carol is sung over a flowing handbell accompaniment in this arrangement. 48 measures in length.
Still Still Still:  Murray, James R.,Larson, Lloyd,BE
Ready to move your choir from level 2 repertoire to level 3? This level 2+ should prove just enough challenge, without discouragement! The title carol is combined with "Away in a Manger" (Murray) is a gentle tempo with occasional bell and key changes.
Still Still Still:  Hilsberg, Donald C.,Ingram, Bill,JH
A versatile arrangement of the favorite Austrian carol, set for bells and piano (or for a beautiful change, bells and harp).
Still Still Still:  Traditional Austrian Carol,Dugger, Bill D.,ME
"Still, Still, Still" is a three octave arrangement of the famous lullaby from the great Austrian tradition.
Suite of French Carols:  ,Tucker, M.,CO
Contents: "He is Born, the Child Divine; Here Twixt the Ass and Oxen; and Bring A Torch, Jeannette, Isabella".
Sussex Carol:  ,Tucker, S.,NM
Playful and bouncy this happy arrangement of the old English carol will challenge the ringers on 16th notes in compound time, alternating between rung and staccato technique, and equal dynamic in 16th-note runs.
Swedish Christmas Medley:  Various,Tucker, M.,AU
This medley features the Swedish carols Lyssna, Lyssna: Hor Du Anglasangen; Hosianna David's Son!; Kom, Kom, Fager ungersven; Sancta Lucia; and Nar Juldagsmorgon Glimmar. Two octaves of optional chimes add their flavor along with passages of mallet rolls on tabled bells. 121 measures in length.
That Christmas Night:  Various,McChesney, Kevin,BE
The hymn tunes GLORIA, ST. LOUIS, CAROL, and BESANCON are combined in this carol medley inspired by a solo project with Christine Anderson. Varying tempos, keys, dynamics and a fully-scored texture keeps the ringers and audience involved throughout all 104 measures.
That Glorious Song of Old:  Willis, R.,Waldrop, T.,RR
"It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, That Glorious Song of Old", begins the familiar carol on which this arrangement for bells and optional cello is based. The carol is set in 3/4 meter, however this setting augments the melody by expanding to 4/4 time with arpeggiated, flowing accompaniment.
There's a Song in the Air:  Harrington, K.,Kinyon, B.,CG
This is an interpretaion of the "Christmas Song" tune as evidenced by the widespread use of ritards, fermatas, subitos and a wide range of dynamics.
There's a Song in the Air:  Harrington, K.,Beck, J./Sherman, A.,BE
John Ness Beck's setting of this carol is here transcribed for bells by Arnold Sherman. It opens with mallets on suspended bells for that shimmery, crisp winter air effect then moves onto a stronger texture full of rich harmonies, expressive tempos, and dynamics, which if done correctly, will add much to the music's ability to communicate to the listener.
Three King Swing, The:  Hopkins, H.,Tucker, S.,LA
Jazz up your Christmas concert with this swinging setting of "We Three Kings" blues style. A bluesy vamp in 5/4 gets the piece started and then layers of "fills, "licks" and "bass lines" are added before the melody enters. Fun and challenging!
Three Plainsong Melodies:  various ,Hilty, E.,FL
Veni Emmanuel; Ave Maria; & Divinum Mysterium are treated as a medley. Interestingly written for 4 octaves handbells and solo instrument or play entirely with handbells.
Tidings of Comfort and Joy:  Various,Wagner, D.,LC
Drag out your "Oxford Book of Carols" and see if you can identify all the British carol tunes incorporated into this 109-measures arrangement. Very few articulations are called for, allowing ringers to focus in on ringing and damping. Because this is written for 3 or 4 octaves (no 5th octave), ringers encounter fewer ( ) making for a smoother read.
Tidings of Great Joy:  Handel, George Frideric,Wagner, Douglas E.,LC
Themes from the Christmas portion of Handel's masterwork are seamlessly arranged in a festive and dignified setting, suitable for worship or concert presentation.
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day:  Traditional,Behnke, John A.,AG
This medieval Christmas tune, which is paired with "Coventry Carol," dances to life with thumb damps, plucks and marts. A wonderful LV bell peal concludes the piece.
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day:  Traditional English Carol,Helman, Michael ,CG
The traditional English Christmas carol is brought to life in this joyful setting.
Traditions of Christmas:  Davis, C.,McKlveen, P.,DL
Mannheim Steamroller title.
Tre Regali:  Wissinger, Kathleen,,HM
"Tre Regali" (Italian for "Three Gifts) is a chordal and rhythmic exploration in 5/4. Advanced choirs will find themselves challenged to play the quick chord progressions, percussive bass, and rests cleanly without overplaying the dynamics. Optional finger cymbals and tambourine have their own score included in the back of the folio.
Twas in the Moon at Winter Time:  Huron Carol,Gross, William E.,SP
Here is a hauntingly beautiful setting of the HURON CAROL.
Twas in the Moon of Wintertime:  ,McChesney, K.,AP
This lovely, French-Canadian carol is set in C minor for 3,4 or 5 octaves of bells. The opening suggests the stillness of moonlight upon snow complete with mallets on suspended upper bells.
Twas in the Moon of Wintertime:  ,Thompson, M. L.,HP
Optional hand drum and sleigh bells accompany this fully-scored arrangement of the Huron Carol. Tall chords in open spacing keep all ringers busy. Equally playable by 3, 4 or 5 octaves with performance notes for each octave.
Twas in the Moon of Wintertime:  ,Blessing, B.,DF
This Christmas selection is based on a French Folk Melody of the 16th century. Legato ringing is scored in the opening section, while staccato technique characterizes the second section. Later, triplet figures dominate. 52 measures in length.
Twas in the Moon of Wintertime:  ,Honore, J.,CO
This is an easy level 2 for your three or five octave handbell choir based on the popular French folk song.
Twas in the Moon of Wintertime:  French Folk Melody,Moklebust, Cathy,CG
The French tune, UNE JEUNE PUCELLE, has been arranged with several handbell techniques, and is accompanied by chime tree, finger cymbals, and tambourine.
Twelve Days of Christmas, The:  ,Hussey,MO
The arranger creates a delightful piece with the selection of the traditional English tune and adding many bell techniques.
Two Ancient Carols:  Praetorious, Michael,Thompson, Martha Lynn,CP
"Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming" and "Coventry Carol" (or "Lullay, Thou Little Tiny Child") are the time-honored carols contained in this folio.
Two Carols for Handbells and Organ:  Various,Ferguson, J.,CG
"O Little Town of Bethlehem and Good Christian Friends, Rejoice" are the two contrasting carols featured in this folio. The first in gently rung with the smoothness the LV technique imparts; the second is in a sprightly 6/8 meter. Each setting has suggested organ settings. 45 and 74 measures in length respectively. (The organ part is included in this folio.)
Two Carols with Percussion:  Various,Edwards, Dan R.,AP
Optional percussion - hand drum or tambourine - lends its special flavor to "Pat-a-Pan," a Burgundian carol, and the Catalonian carol "Fum, Fum, Fum."
Two Christmas Carols:  ,Bock, A.,MO
A avante-garde arrangement of 2 tunes, "Tempus Adest Floridum & The Holly and the Ivy." Rhythmically easy inspite of the appearance of the 1st 10 measures.
Two Christmas Carols:  Various,Davis, C./McKlveen, P.,DL
Mannheim Steamroller title.
Two Christmas Processionals:  Various,Stephenson, V.,SP
Thorough performance notes are given for both selections in this folio: Christmas Greetings and African Noel. Both work well with bells or chimes or both and give score for optional percussion and chorus.
Two French Carols:  Various,Young, P.,AG
Two French carols have been set under this one cover. "The Sleep of the Infant Jesus" is for 3-5 octaves and 3 octaves of handchimes (or keyboard) in two distinct choirs.
Two More Christmas Carols:  Various,McChesney, K.,DL
Mannheim Steamroller title.
Two Noels:  Dandrieu, D.,Wagner, D.,TP
Two selections in opposing styles and both with optional tambourine. The first is a French carol and the second uses clock motion which is suitable for any festive occasion.
Two Processionals on Silent Night:  Gruber, F.,McKlveen, P.,LA
Top off your Christmas program with one of two processionals. Each is written with simple, repeating patterns that are easy memorize. An ostinato in the bass keeps the steady beat. The first processional is in the traditional 3/4 meter of the tune, and the second is in 5/8, for those of you who require less symmetry in your life!
Tyrolese Carol:  Traditional,Tucker, Sondra K.,CG
This sparkling arrangement of a traditional Christmas carol is perfectly suited for both Advent and Christmastide, and it makes a bright and cheerful addition to concert and festival repertoire as well.
Ukrainian Bell Carol:  Leontovich,Morris, H.,SP
The arranger makes full use of the bells in all octaves. An exciting ending utilizes bells from C3 to B7.
Ukrainian Bell Carol Fantasy:  ,Dobrinski, C.,HP
The favorite Christmas bell tune is combined with original music to create this fantasy. Lots of techniques and quick ringing will make this fun and challenging for ringers.
Ukranian Bell Carol:  Leontovich,Gillespie, D.,BE
This easy arrangement of the traditional carol is printed in 2 versions; a 3 octave edition is on one side and a 4 octave edition is on the other.
Under the Mistletoe:  Wendling, P.,DeValve, L.,BO
The rhythmical setting makes this an ideal selection for a Christmas concert.
Unto Us a Boy is Born:  Latin ,Blessing, B.,DF
Subtiled "A Christmas Fantasia for Handbells," this arrangement takes the LATIN CAROL through three key changes and two meters. Simple unison melody leads off and then adds arpeggiated, eighth-note accompaniment in the second section.
Up on the Housetop:  Hanby, B.,Du Mars, H. G.,TP
Get your beginning choir off to a good start with this easy arrangement of the Christmas favorite which uses only whole, half, quarter and eighth notes.
Up on the Housetop:  Traditional,Ingram, B.,RW
Round out your Christmas program or concert with this bright arrangement of the favorite Yuletide song. 3 octaves of bells work well.
Up on the Housetop:  ,Sherman, A.,HP
Arnold Sherman's performance notes are very informative and outlines his use of "text painting" throughout this beloved holiday classic.
Up On the Housetop:  ,Parrish, M. K.,AP
This version of "Up on the Housetop" is a fun and frolicking setting of the famous Christmas song. Ringers find a challenge in executing the articulations while keeping the melody prominent.
Variations on a French Noel:  Rinehart,Gumma, V.,PS
Two variations on a lovely tune each one differing not only in development but also in bell techniques used (PL & Sk).
Variations on Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella:  French/Bach, J. S.,Hilty, E.,CO
The dance-like quality of this French carol tune is captured from the very beginning of this setting with fast, random ringing above the melody in chords followed by a section of tolling, a quote from Brahms' Lullaby and, finally, a flowing section, which includes the text if ringers should be so disposed to ring and sing.
Variations on Deck the Halls:  ,Engel, M.,NM
A very fine arrangement of this wonderful Christmas tune, reflecting the joy of the season and the melody.
Variations on Noel:  ,Muschick, J.,BE
An arrangement of a 17th century French (Auxios) tune requiring precision ringing. Several bell techniques used. Useful for church or concert.
Variations on People Look East:  Helman, Michael,,LC
While giving ringers a workout as it wends its way from variation to variation, this concert level work is a joy to play.
Variations on We Wish You a Merry Christmas:  Traditional,Helman, Michael,BE
This jovial Christmas music moves through passages of strong chords, malleted accompaniment, martellato, flowing LVed eighth notes, echoed chords with chime melody and a final race to the finish in these variations on the favorite holiday song. It is 97 measures.
Veni Emmanuel:  ,Meredith, J.,GM
Performed by Sonos Handbell Ensemble on Well-Tempered CD (WTP5170) with the option of bells/chimes/tambourine and flute this setting is a combination of the tunes "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" and "God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen."
Very Merry Christmas:  Pierpont, James,Lamb, Linda R.,AG
Perfect for everyone’s Christmas concert, "Very Merry Christmas" combines “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” “Jingle Bells,” and “The Wassail Song”.
Villancico:  ,Downey, G.,NM
This flavorable Puerto Rican Carol is spiced up with lost of staccato technique including thumb damps, martellatos and plucks. Other seasonings are the echo technique, optional handchimes (2-3 octaves) on the mid-range melody, shakes and a bull fighter (optional). The rhythms are syncopated, but repetitious and should come along after a few rehearsals. You will find the melody in various ranges of the bells, so be sure to bring it out!
Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy:  Caribbean ,Morris, H.,RR
Percussion is NOT optional in this up-tempo setting on this Caribbean carol.
Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy, The:  ,Honore, J.,CO
The arranger of this West Indian Carol has marked this setting "Island flavored." This is accomplished by the various special effects, such as mallets, martellatos, and shakes; and the dancing, syncopated rhythms that permeate the accompaniment.
Voluntary on Angels We Have Heard on High:  Various,Wagner, D.,CO
Those looking for a medley of Christmas tunes find this publication very useful. It is easy but the arrangement is interesting.
Wassail Song:  Anderson, Leroy,Thompson, Martha Lynn,HP
Martha Lynn Thompson's 3-6 octave transcription of the last movement of Leroy Anderson's "Suite of Carols for String Orchestra" features a brisk tempo (triple meter with the feeling of one beat per measure).
Wassail Song:  Traditional,Stephenson, Valerie W.,CG
“Come a-caroling” with this seasonal favorite. The various stanzas of the carol text are musically portrayed in this creative arrangement, providing a variety of moods throughout the work.
Were You There on That Christmas Night:  Sleeth, Natalie,Thompson, M. L.,HP
The master melody writer, Natalie Sleeth, originally composed this captivating Christmas selection in a unison/two-part setting. It is now available in a variety of formats, including SSA, SAB, and 2PT/Unison, with piano or 3-5 octave handbell accompaniment. (There is also an SATB version, but it is not compatible with the handbell accompaniment.)
West Indies Carol:  ,Tucker, S.,HP
The Caribbean song most noted as a foil for the text, "Mary's little boy child," opens up in this arrangement with mallet rolls on tabled bells. Percussion (separate score) joins the syncopated and up-beat rhythmic accompaniment to get things really rolling. 58 measures.
Westminister Carol:  ,Merrett, F.,JH
An arrangement with linear movement using the tune traditionally associated with "Angels We Have Heard on High" (Westminster).
We Three Kings:  Hopkins, Jr., J.,Jergenson, D.,LA
An ideal piece for the beginning 3 octave choir. Chordally arranged with no rhythm problems.
We Three Kings:  Hopkins, Jr., J.,Dobrinski, C.,HP
Mallets and plucking are featured techniques of this Christmas selection. The music has a quiet beginning and ending and each stanza is arranged differently.
We Three Kings:  Hopkins, Jr., J.,Ivey, R.,TP
An easy arrangement of the traditional Christmas tune. The arranger uses block chords in half and quarter notes. The few 8ths notes present little difficulty. Recommended for the less experienced choir.
We Three Kings:  Hopkins, Jr., J.,Cox, L.,GN
Generally very chordal. Incorporates "Good Christian Men, Rejoice" in the middle section. Wide use of mallets.
We Three Kings:  ,Maggs, C.,GE
Interesting arrangements for beginning ringers are found in this Ardis Freeman handbell library. "We Three Kings" provides a good challenge for playing in a minor key, counting in 6/4 time and executing crescendos and diminuendos.
We Three Kings:  Hopkins, Jr., J.,Sherman, A.,RR
Using the optional percussion,Wind chimes, suspended Cymbal, Tambourine, Timpani, Finger cymbals and Triangle, will add to the enjoyment of this classic Christmas offering. Mr. Sherman has capured the mood of the events surrounding Jesus's birth.
We Three Kings:  Hopkins, J.,Bock, F./McChesney, K.,FB
Open-spaced chords, built in octaves and fourths, open this arrangement of the wise men's carol, originally written as a piano solo by the late Fred Bock. Seven optional chimes (from D5 to C6) enter in a later, more fluid section. Full chords round out the final passages and end on a pianissimo dynamic.
We Three Kings:  Hopkins, J.,Page, A. L.,CO
An eight-measure introduction to this setting of the popular carol, invokes a middle-eastern feel - from atop a camel! All sorts of techniques, from thumb damps and plucks to echo, adorn the score, further enhancing the mood. The melody appears in upper and lower bell registers.
We Three Kings:  Hopkins/ Hayes,Hall, J.,SP
Mark Hayes is well-known for his arrangements for piano (among other genres), and transcriber Jefferey Hall felt this title would work well for the bell idiom. The musical fabric is open and airy, moderately slow, and full of pulsing, eighth-note rhythmic motifs.
We Three Kings:  Hopkins, Jr., John,Matheny, John,AG
John Matheny has arranged a new, lovely and mysterious setting of "We Three Kings" that paints a picture of the Magi.
We Three Kings:  Traditional,Krug, Jason W.,BE
Although marked level 3+, this setting of KINGS OF ORIENT is in a moderate, 3/4 tempo with only a few bell changes. The shake and LV techniques as well as the optional 5 chimes (from D5-A5) add interest.
We Three Kings:  Hopkins, John H.,Childers, Brian,NM
The three kings arrive with a drum line in this rendition of the favorite Christmas carol. Set in 6/8 time with malleted, 16th note accompaniment (the drum line) and optional handchimes in the D5 to A6 range, the music moves along with a strong lilt.
We Three Kings:  Hopkins, John H.,Raney, Joel,HP
The depiction of the three kings journeying to Bethlehem on camelback is skillfully captured as the musical forces join together to paint the familiar text and conjure images of long ago wise men following yonder star.
We Three Kings:  Hopkins, John H.,Stephenson, Valerie W.,AP
We Three Kings (sub-titled "With Attitude!) is a delightful romp through the carol tune KINGS OF THE ORIENT arranged for 3-5 octaves of handbells by Valerie Stephenson. Two mallets per ringer will be needed.
We Three Kings :  Various,McKechnie, Linda,HP
Arranger McKechnie has had great success with combining classics with hymns and carols and this offering is no exception. Various performance options are given.
We Three Kings of Orient Are:  Hopkins, John H.,Moats, William E.,FL
A short fanfare sets up the entrance of the melody in the top bells, which moves to the inner bells on the second phrase and back again to the top on the third. The refrain is marked by a pulsing eighth-note rhythm much like a drum.
We Wish You a Merry Christmas:  ,Burkhardt, M.,MO
This short, lively arrangement is a grand conclusion for your Christmas Concert.
We Wish You a Merry Christmas:  ,Cheek,SP
A delightful arrangement of this marvelous Christmas piece. The arranger captures the spirit of this "gem" and even adds a little humor at the end!
We Wish You a Merry Christmas:  Traditional,McChesney, K.,JH
Those who hear you perform this music will know that you truly wish them a very Merry Christmas. Delightful and fun!
We Wish You a Merry Christmas:  ,Dobrinski, C.,HP
Arranger Cynthia Dobrinski really wanted to wish "everyone" a Merry Christmas when she set this traditional English carol.
We Wish You a Merry Christmas:  Traditional,Stephenson, Valerie W.,HP
Bursting with the joy of the season this clever, fun-filled setting is malleted throughout, making the occasional chromatics much easier to execute.
We Wish You A Merry Christmas:  ,Lohr, A.,SF
Conclude your Christmas program with this easy arrangement of the traditional tune.
Wexford Carol:  ,Nelson, S.,JH
This lively arrangement of a traditional Irish tune is a delightful addition to bell literature because of the sprightly melody, harmonic structure and various techniques.
Wexford Carol, The:  ,Wagner, H. D.,HP
Weaving in and out of minor and major tonalities, the traditional Irish tune's lyrical quality charms even those not born of the "green sod". Optional handchimes in the 2-octave range are also scored to add their loveliness to the melodic line. Mallets on suspended bells further enhance the mood.
What Child is This:  ,Wagner, D.,LC
A quiet, extended introduction begins this sensitive treatment of the beloved carol.
What Child is This:  ,Frederick, D.,NM
Greensleeves arranged in 48 measures, in a theme and variation format for bells and French Horn or Violin or Flute or Oboe.
What Child is This:  Various,Helman, M.,AG
GREENSLEEVES and KINGS OF ORIENT are the two tunes featured in this flowing arrangement that contrast eighth-note accompaniment with chordal texture and echo technique.
What Child is This:  ,Justice, D./Hall, O.,NM
Bells begins this setting in flowing accompaniment before a single horn solo appears on the melody. All parts join for the resounding "This is Christ the King!"
What Child is This:  Dix, W.,Behnke, J.,HP
GREENSLEEVES, that beautiful and wistful tune here carries the title of the text most associated with it "What Child Is This?". A dotted-rhythm motif dominates the introductory material then hands off to optional three octaves of handchimes on the melody with chords in the accompaniment. Fully scored to keep all ringers involved.
What Child Is This:  ,McKechnie, Linda,CP
Rhythmically easy, this arrangement is ideal for the less experienced choir. Ringing techniques plus optional use of harp or piano create heightened interest for both ringer and listener.
What Child Is This:  ,Dobrinski, C.,HP
This arrangement of "Greensleeves" begins slowly in a contemplative mood and picks up speed and excitement to the end. An interest effect is achieved with the LV technique in measure 21 following.
What Child Is This:  Old English,Kinyon, Barbara,HP
Arranger Barbara Kinyon offers a new setting of this hauntingly lovely tune based upon the 16th century English ballad.
What Child Is This:  English Carol,Reynolds, S.,SP
Reynolds is sensitive to both instruments and achieves a fine balance between the two.
What Child Is This:  English Melody,Larson, Lloyd,BE
Presented in a straightforward manner, this setting of the favorite English melody GREENSLEEVES is in 3/4 meter. Early work on bell changes (accidentals) should help to have this selection worked up quickly for the Christmas season.
What is This Lovely Fragrance:  ,Waugh, T.,TP
The tune of this wonderful French Carol is supported by arpeggios and chords. LV is used extensively.
What Is This Lovely Fragrance:  Traditional,Mazzatenta, Michael,AP
"What Is This Lovely Fragrance?" is a setting of the traditional French carol for handbells or handchimes.
What Star is This:  ,Pysh, G.,NM
Puer Nobis Nascitur is the tune on which this setting, written for The Raleigh Ringers, is based. Challenging features include fast tempos, mixed meter, 16th-note figures and runs, rubato and fluctuating dynamics.
What You Gonna Call Your Pretty Little Baby:  Traditional Spiritual,Nelson, Susan T.,CO
Five handchimes, ranging from C5 - G5, add to the fun of this traditonal spiritual arrangment. They enter on the second statement of the tune, in the mid-range, and are surrounded by undulating treble accompaniment scored with the LV technique. Short and sweet, this piece totals 30 measures.
When Christ Our Lord Was Born:  Handel, George F.,Sylvester, Susan (Nelson),FM
This is a lovely pastoral composition which has been artfully crafted. It combines the SICILIAN "BAGPIPER'S" CAROL with Handel's HE SHALL FEED HIS FLOCK to create a peaceful and expressive setting of these two well known Christmas pieces.
While By My Sheep:  ,Dobrinski, C.,HP
For organ and bells, this selection is based on "While By My Sheep" and "Now is Born the Divine Christ Child". The Organ score (#1346) is available and must be used with the bell score.
While By My Sheep:  ,McChesney, K.,HP
The echo passages (How Great Our Joy) are emphasized by alternating bells and optional handchimes in this straight-forward arrangement on the old German melody. Pluck and mallets add additional spice to this 55-measure piece.
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks:  ,Powell,BR
The composer uses a tune not as well known as the one usually associated with this title. Melody in the bass on 1st stanza.
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks:  Handel, G. F.,McKlveen, P.,JH
This traditional tune by Handel is set against a flowing alternating accompaniment, a chordal marcato section with playful plucks, a legato section and a full ending statement as the theme.
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks:  Traditional,Dobrinski, Cynthia,HP
Utilizing the variation form, Cynthia Dobrinski offers an unusual and refreshing change of pace in this creative arrangement for Christmas.
Winter Wonderland:  Bernard, Felix and Smith, Dick,Downey, Gail,FM
This favorite holiday pop selection comes in separate pieces for 3, 4, or 5 octaves, but all may be played together. A swing feel calls for dotted eighth-sixteenth patterns to be played as a quarter-eighth joined by a triplet brace. Optional chimes (the same for all formats) range from F4 - E5. What a fun piece this is!
Wizards In Winter:  O'Neil, Paul & Hinkel, Robert,Waugh, Tim & Greer, Rima,DR
This arrangement is designed to be played on 3 octaves of handbells with keyboard, or with keyboard and bass guitar. Or, you can play it on 5 octaves with bass guitar or keyboard. You can add chimes in measures 36-43 and 62-77. Or come up with a combination of your own! Only one copy is needed.
World in Solemn Stillness Lay:  Willis, Richard S.,Prins, Matthew,PE
The composer speaks: "I'm of the minority view that there ought to be a little bittersweetness in sacred Christmas music--to give just a slight nod to the fact that this is not just any baby who has just been born, but a baby who will die for the world's sins. It Came Upon the Midnight Clear hints in that direction with the abrupt change in melody and chord progression in the hymn's third line ('Peace on the Earth, goodwill to men...'). That realization was the inspiration for [this work], a fantasy on It Came Upon the Midnight Clear that explores coexisting feelings of joy and sorrow."
World-Wide Christmas, A:  Various,Herbek, R.,GN
Medleys of: "Infant Holy, Go Tell It on the Mountain, In the Moon of Wintertime, Gentle Mary Laid Her Child". Carols from Poland, America, French-Canada and Europe are included in this medley for Christmas tide.
Worship Christ the Newborn King:  Various,Akers, Michael E.,LC
Two familiar 'angel' carols, "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" and "Angels from the Realms of Glory" proclaim the Good News of Christmas Day.
You Came Down from Heaven:  Italian Carol,Merrett, F.,GN
The strong and confident melody of this Italian carol tune is set in 4/4 with an ABA form that corresponds to the major keys C-Db-C. The B section melody calls for Db4 to Gb5 optional chimes. Lots of character markings aid in musicality preparation.
Yuletide Joy Medley:  Various,Morris, H.,RW
Celebrate the Christmas season with this rhythmic and happy medley of "Jingle Bells," "Deck the Halls," and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."