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TruTimbre® Comfort Grip Handle

The Comfort Grip Mallet makes malletting easier. Designed for the bass bell mallets, the handle provides extra weight to balance the large mallet head, resulting in a more sure strike to the Handbell. The TruTimbre® Comfort Grip Mallet handle can also be used on all other TruTimbre® mallets for a sure grip. The increased size makes picking up, holding and releasing the mallet easier. The mallet handle comes standard on the Plum and Burgundy mallets. We also offer TruTimbre® Mallets and TruTimbre® Mallet Bags.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
4010 Mallet Handle $6.95

TruTimbre® Mallet Bags

Keep your mallets protected at home or on the road.

TALL: Allowing ample room for mallet heads with its unique tappered design, this 21" tall bag (11" wide at the top) is constructed of durable Cordura fabric with a top zippered closure. An additional storage pocket on the front and a shoulder strap add to its functionality.

COMPARTMENT: Featuring sewn-in compartments to keep your mallets sorted and easily accessible, this bag can be hung on the wall or folded flat and zippered shut for travel. Measures 19-1/4" tall and 14-1/2" wide. Also has a shoulder strap and two front zippered pockets.

We also offer TruTimbre® Mallets and TruTimbre® Comfort Grip Handles.

Save $5 on a Mallet Bag when you purchase a TruTimbre® Mallet at the same time.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
4017 Tall $25.00
4018 Compartment $35.00

TruTimbre® Mallets

We make every mallet with one goal in mind - to give you the best possible sound from your bells! With precise ranges, rich tones, soft wool yarns and balanced voicing, the results are spectacular! TruTimbre® upper range mallets speak more clearly than anything we've heard before. The bass mallets produce a rich timbre matching a true Handbell sound. We also offer TruTimbre® Mallet Bags and TruTimbre® Comfort Grip Handles. Mallets are sold individually.

Purchase a TruTimbre® Mallet Bag along with a mallet and save $5 off the bag.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
4000 Plum, C2-F#3
 $45.00  $37.95
4001 Burgundy, G2-B3
 $40.00  $32.95
4002 Green, F3-G4
 $25.00  $22.95
4003 Jade, F4-B4
 $23.00  $19.95
4004 Tan, G4-G5
 $23.00  $19.95
4005 Light Blue, E5-D6
 $23.00  $19.95
4006 Brown Rubber, C6-A6
 $18.00  $14.95
4006B Brown Rubber, C6-A6
 $18.00  $14.95
4007 White Poly, G6-C8
 $18.00  $14.95
4007B White Poly, G6-C8
 $18.00  $14.95
4011 (one each of 4002, 4003, 4004, 4005, 4006 and 4007) (Save 10%)
 $104.00  $100.00
4012 (one each of 4001, 4002, 4003, 4004, 4005, 4006, 4007, 4026 and 4027) (Save 10%)
 $164.00  $155.00
4026 Black Rubber, C6-G7
 $18.00  $14.95
4026B Black Rubber, C6-G7
 $18.00  $14.95
4027 White Nylon, C7-G8
 $18.00  $14.95
4027B White Nylon, C7-G8
 $18.00  $14.95

1 - 3 of 3 records