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      Weddings Weddings
Air:  Bach, J. S.,Patterson, J.,NM
Johann Sebastian Bach's "Air from Suite No. 3 in D major" BWV 1068, is set here in three staves with corresponding ringer parts 1, 2 & 3, 4 & 5.
Air:  Handel, George Frideric,Sylvester, Susan T.,FM
An exceptional handbell quartet arrangement of the stately composition, "Air from Water Music" is appropriate for church services, weddings, any solemn ceremony or concert presentation.
Air for the G String:  Bach, J. S.,Afdahl, L.,HM
Combining rung and malleted bells, this trio of J.S. Bach's Air from Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major requires 4 octaves of bells and may be rung by a full bell choir as well as a trio.
Air from Suite No. 3 in D Major:  Bach, J. S.,Tipton, N.,SF
This is a simple yet effective arrangement. It is written in 4/4 and is of a fairly thin texture.
Air from Water Music:  Handel, G. F.,McChesney, K.,TP
This piece is convincingly arranged for bells and could be used for a service of worship, a concert or perhaps a wedding.
Air on the G String:  Bach, J. S.,Alberty, C.,TE
This is an arrangement of the Bach "Air" that is popular as an organ or instrumental selection. The arranger suggests that the piece be played "slowly with expression."
Air on the G String:  Bach, J. S.,Larson, L.,BE
Bach's beloved composition from the Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D comes alive on handbells. Plucked staccato notes conjure up the image of a harpsichord accompaniment.
Allegro:  Handel, G. F.,Baker, C.,BF
Bell assignments are given for quartet, quintet, sextet and septet as well as 3 octaves of bells. The assignments are for bell sets that use tables, and no four-in-hand or shelley technique is required.
Allegro and Hornpipe:  Handel, G. F.,Keller, M.,AG
The "Allegro" and the "Hornpipe" from George Frideric Handel's beloved "Water Music Suite" are versatility set for 5 octaves of bells and keyboard or keyboard-percussion quartet or small orchestra.
Allegro Maestoso:  Handel, G. F.,Callahan, F.,HP
This composition can be rung with 3 octaves; however, the optional notes use all of the 4th and/or 5th octaves.
Allegro Maestoso:  Handel, G. F.,Linker, J./McFadden, J.,HP
G. F. Handel's masterpiece resounds in this setting for bells and organ or brass. Full chordal ringing with various techniques call for precision throughout the work.
Andante:  Handel, G. F.,Wilson, M.,FL
Does your handbell choir need a good workout on dotted-eighth sixteenth patterns? This arrangement of G.F. Handel's slow movement from Water Music is an excellent opportunity to perfect that rhythm.
Ave Maria:  Bach, J. S./Gounod, C.,Hartley, A.,TH
This arrangement of the Bach-Gounod "Ave Maria" suggests using chimes or a solo instrument for the melody. Bells play arpeggiated accompaniment.
Ave Maria:  Bach, J. S./Gounod, C.,Yarborough,NM
This duo, a welcomed addition to the repertoire for duet ringers, uses 4 octaves of handbells with piano accompaniment (Bach's Prelude #1 in C Major).
Ave Maria:  Schubert, F.,Griffin, W.,HP
This version of "Ave Maria" is a versatile arrangement in which handbells play as written. There are several suggestions for the melody line. The accompaniment plays in triplet form all the way through.
Ave Maria:  Bach, J. S./Gounod, C.,Freeman, A.,CA
Dividing the arpeggios between 2 ringers (#2 & #3) appears to work well. Ringer 1 has the melody throughout and Ringer 4 plays the bass line.
Ave Maria:  Bach, J. S./Gounod, C.,Kastner, M./McChesney, K.,JH
Arranged from the familiar Bach/Gounod music, this setting is part of the "Solo Ringing! Musically" series.
Ave Maria:  Gounod, C./Bach, J. S.,McFadden, J.,JH
This setting of Charles Gounod and J. S. Bach's original composition showcases a C instrument (preferably oboe) that is NOT optional.
Ave Maria:  Shubert,Doran, Tim and Price, Betty J.,CE
Triplet figures, accidentals, and dotted rhythms makes this setting of Schubert's classic a choice for more advanced soloist. 11 bells/chimes, between D5 and D6, are needed to ring the 54 measures. The chime/bell score is easy to read and includes a CD accompaniment track (but no written accompaniment).
Ave Maria:  Various,Prins, Matthew,GI
Matthew Prins has taken the most well-known settings of "Ave Maria," Bach/Gounod and Schubert, and arranged two separate works. Both are included in one edition.
Because:  D'Hardelot, G.,Stephenson, V.,NM
A traditional love song from the past is now available for the handbell soloist. Accompaniment is scored for the organ but can easily be adapted to the piano.
Be Thou With Me:  Bach, J. S.,Jergenson, D.,LA
"Bist Du Bei Mir", Bach's immortal aria, is ideal for any solemn occasion such as a memorial service. Use this piece with medium-high voice or flute.
Bist Du Bei Mir:  Bach, J. S.,Maggs, C.,CA
For the quartet, a transcription of the famous tune from the "Little Notebook" for Anna Magdalena Bach.
Bist Du Bei Mir:  Bach, J. S.,Sherman, A.,HP
This version of "Bis Du Bei Mir" is a wonderful tune arranged by one who knows both bells and arranging. Set in straightforward manner, it is appropriate for church services, schools, or concerts.
Bit of Bach, A:  Bach, J. S.,Rogers, S.,AP
Actually, it's three separate bits of Bach under one cover. "Gavotte" is from the "English Suite in D minor". "Prelude in C" is from the "Well Tempered Clavier" and "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring" comes from Bach's "Cantata 147". The latter is set in 3/4 meter for ease of reading. A great way to introduce beginning ringers to the classics.
Bridal Chorus:  Wagner. R./Mendelssohn, F.,Rosene, P.,GR

Includes both Bridal Chorus and Wedding March in one package. The music is printed on both sides of the page.

Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin:  Wagner, R.,Freeman, A.,CA
Stem directions indicate quartet members notes in bass and treble clef. This arrangement is ideal for a wedding march when a full choir can't be present.
Bridal Chorus & Wedding March:  Wagner, R./Mendelssohn, F.,Merrett, F.,SP
Combined into one edition are both traditional wedding tunes, "The Bridal Chorus" and "The Wedding March", either of which can be rung by 2 to 5 octave handbell choirs.
Canon:  Pachelbel, J.,DeWell, R.,TP
Because of the wide spread use of this tune on commercials and in movies, the piece will "ring a bell" even with those who aren't familiar with this classic.
Canon:  Pachelbel, J.,Hopson, H.,HP
Pachelbel's "Canon in D" is always an excellent choice and always in good taste! Hopson's arrangement follows in the same good taste of the original!
Canon In D:  Pachelbel, J.,Griffin, W.,BC
This transcription of the "Canon in D" was done for the Handbell Ringers of Japan. It is written for 5 octaves only, but the upper 5th octave notes are used sparingly.
Canon In D:  Pachelbel, J.,Linker, J./McFadden. J.,BE
The popular Linker/McFadden duo have arranged this familiar classical title by utilizing the clarity of a good organ and the excitement of bells.
Canon of Joy:  Pachelbel, J.,Diluzio, M.,LC
Johann Pachelbel's beloved work is arranged here in 45 measures and in sections of pure, ringing sound contrasted with mallets on tabled bells. Eighth-notes figure highly in the middle section, so perhaps this is a Level II, instead of the Level I marking on the cover.
Canon of Praise:  Pachelbel, J.,Hopson, H.,HP
"All within me bless the Lord, all within me bless His holy name." begins the text of this anthem based on Pachelbel's immortal canon. 3, 4, or 5 octaves of bells add vital accompaniment throughout the entire work.
Celebrated Canon, The:  Pachelbel, J.,Wagner, D.,MP
For 2 handbell choirs or a bell choir and keyboard. Also a good selection for 1 handbell choir and choirchimes.
Celebrated Canon, The:  Pachelbel, J.,Baker, C.,BF
An unusual format is used in the scoring of this famous work of Johann Pachelbel. The ostinato on the grand staff is given on one sheet with instructions for repetition. The melody is given on the treble staff only and is written out in full.
Celebration of Love:  Ramsdale, J., ,NM
Written in memory of departed loved ones and in honor of living loved ones, the composer of this original work expresses her feelings of love toward these people in upbeat but serious tones.
Classic Baroque Solos:  Various,Anderson, C./Kramlich, D.,HP
3 tunes, "Trumpet Tune; Sheep May Safely Graze; & Trumpet Voluntary" are separately arranged providing the soloist with music for the Wedding, Church or Concert.
Classic Baroque Solos III:  Bach, J. S.,Anderson, C./Kramlich, D.,HP
Well-known handbell soloist, Christine Anderson, has arranged "Air (from Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D) and If Thou Art Near (Bist Du Bei Mir)" by J.S. Bach for solo bells with accompaniment by Daniel Kramlich.
Classics for Handbells Volume 2:  Various,Averre, D.,BO
A collection of arrangements from the masters; Clarke, Bach, Handel, Beethoven, etc. A good collection to build a concert for school.
Complete Wedding Book, The:  Various,Pugh, L. editor & compiler,LC
This versatile collection includes titles that will work for worship, concert, or wedding. Approximate duration times are listed at the beginning of every piece. Titles include: "Canticle of Praise, Air from Suite No. 3, Prayer, Gymnopedie, Peals of Joy, Arioso, Traumerei, Canon in D, Wedding March, Bridal Chorus" and "Trumpet Tune."
Covenant of Love:  Tucker, Sondra K.,,NM
This original composition was commissioned to celebrate a 45th wedding anniversary. The inspiration for this piece came from Ephesians 5:31-33 "...a man leaves father and mother and cherishes his wife. No longer two, they become 'one flesh.'" The music is built on a small motif, a minor second interval, and its reverse, the major seventh.
Dance of the Heart:  Lamb, L., ,AG
Composer Linda Lamb has taken her title imagery a step further in marking contrasting sections "Tripping lightly," "Waltzing and dreaming," and "Stepping high!" The beginning melody is light of heart with a slight twist of intervals that resembles Celtic folk songs.
Easy Inspirational Pops:  Various,Wagner, D.,WB
10 all-time popular inspirational standards fill a variety of uses, from weddings and church services to nursing home and school programs. Titles include: "From a Distance, The Rose, Sunrise Sunset, Tomorrow, The Morning After, Sing a Rainbow, Over the Rainbow, Ice Castles Theme, The Wind Beneath My Wings" and "You Light Up My Life."
Essential Wedding Collection, The:  Various,Wagner, D.,WB
This resourceful collection for 2-3 octaves of traditional and popular wedding music in short arrangements, but with repeats. Titles include: "Wedding March, Trumpet Voluntary, Wedding March, Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, Evergreen, Sunrise Sunset, Theme from Ice Castles, Wind Beneath My Wings, You Light Up My Life, and Wedding Song."
Everlasting Kindness:  Stephenson, V., ,LA
Written for the composer's parents 60th wedding anniversary, this original composition-marked "rubato"-is tender with romantic harmonies and use of alternate ossia measures for ornamentation. The music focuses in on the pure, rung sound of bells with only the LV technique being employed.
Faith Hope and Love:  Moklebust, C.,,CG
1 Corinthians 13:13 is the inspiration for this original composition, making it a perfect musical offering for weddings or any time this scripture passage is used.
Fanfare:  Roman,Thompson, M. L.,CO
A transcription from "Drottningholm Wedding Music" by Roman (1694-1758). Chordal, Stately. Extended octaves add depth & brilliance.
Festival March:  Lloyd, S., ,BE
Area II AGEHR winning composition. Good for massed ringing or on any festive occasion.
Festive Intrada:  Tucker, S.,,GI
Handbells, Organ, and optional Brass Quintet combine for this joyful fanfare originally written for a wedding. Handbells introduce the theme and then go on to accompany the organ and brass as they enters with the theme.
Festive Trumpet Tune:  German, D.,von Wolzogen, J.,FB
Cluster chords, festive 16th-note rhythms, fanfare and flourish textures and a marcato tempo of quarter=100 characterize this 52 measure work that fits any opportunity for stately worship or concert fare.
Five by Five for Weddings:  Various,Wagner, D.,HP
Another in this series for five ringers containing music for use at weddings. Also see "Five Easy Settings for Weddings II".
Five by Five for Weddings II:  Various,Wagner, D.,HP
Set II is this series contains: "Trumpet Voluntary; Intermezzo; The King of Love My Shepherd Is; Canon; & O Waly Waly." See also, Five Easy Settings for Weddings II.
Five Easy Settings for Weddings:  Various,Wagner, D.,HP
Another in this series containing music for use at weddings. Also see "Five By Five for Weddings".
Five Easy Settings for Weddings II:  Various,Wagner, D.,HP
Set II is this series contains: "Trumpet Voluntary; Intermezzo; The King of Love My Shepherd Is; Canon; & O Waly Waly (He is Love)."
Four Classic Handbell Duets:  Various,Bowen, A./Cortez, J.,HP
Andy Bowen and Julie Stone-Cortez have long been a popular handbell-duet team from the Houston, TX area. Their settings of the four classic numbers included in this folio will be welcomed by all who have had the privilege of seeing them ring.
Fughetta:  Bach, J. S.,Maggs, C.,CA
A delightful arrangement of one of Bach's finest! Guaranteed to keep ringers interested and busy.
Gift of Love:  Tchaikovsky, P.,Herbek, R.,NM
Peter Tchaikovsky's "Gift of Love" has been set by Raymond Herbek for 2 octaves of bells. The tempo marking is "Moderato quarter = 84."
Gift of Love:  Traditional English Melody,Hopson, Hal,HP
This Hal Hopson classic is appropriate for services where “love” is the theme and is especially useful for weddings. The text on love is appropriate in church or school settings and welcome at any time of year.
Gift of Love, The:  ,Hopson, H.,HP
Using the beautiful English folk tune with this text is a perfect wedding of words (I Cor. 13) and music resulting in command performances. Ring as a handbell selection alone or with voice.
Gift of Love, The:  ,Hopson, H./Broome, B.,HP
Based upon the familiar English melody, this gently flowing tribute to love is an exquisite selection for a wedding or other meditative performance.
Handbells for Weddings:  Various,Lorenz, E. J.,LC
Twenty titles for use at weddings, all for three-octave sets of bells with enlargement to include the fourth and fifth octaves.
Heartscape:  Hakes, Derek,,BE
A slow, introspective 6-measure introduction opens this original work written for a wedding ceremony. The main body of the work is marked "cantabile" and utilizes optional handchimes as well as bells. Flowing, eighth-note figures form the bulk of the accompaniment, and the texture is light and open. A total of 119 measures, the piece is scored in Eb Major and F Major.
Highest Love:  Waldrop, Tammy,,RO
Commissioned for a wedding, this original composition can be interpreted as the depth of love demonstrated in a wedding ceremony or as the unfathomable love of God toward his human creation.
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring:  Bach, J. S.,Artman, R.,HP
The arranger creates an interesting combination of unison voice, handbells and a violin or C instrument.
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring:  Bach, J. S.,Wagner, D.,BE
For bells and organ. The bells ring the harmonized chorale melody while the organist plays the triplet eighth-note figure everyone knows so well.
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring:  Bach, J. S.,Ivey, R.,SP
A literal transcription of the familiar Bach tune for either two handbell choirs or handbell choir and piano or organ.
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring:  Bach, J. S.,Tipton, N.,SF
An abbreviated arrangement of the well known Bach Chorale Prelude. Rhythmically easy. Basically two octaves with three optional bells of the third octave used.
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring:  Bach, J. S.,Maggs, C.,CA
Ringers 1 & 2 are very active. This arrangement is very close to most traditional ones played on the organ.
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring:  Bach, J. S.,McChesney, K.,JH
The 3 ringers are actively playing the traditional obligato part throughout. This is suported by the accompanist who also plays the chorale tune. Each ringer's part is on a different staff.
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring:  Bach, J. S.,Allured, D.,NM
A straight-forward transcription of the favorite chorale setting by Johann Sebastin Bach. Four, five or six octaves are called for. The challenge is bringing out the linear texture of the work.
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring:  Bach, J. S.,Gumma, V.,NM
One of Bach's many masterpieces is set here for 2-octave handbell solo or duet with piano accompaniment. The keyboard provides the triplet figure while the bells play the lyrical chorale tune.
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring:  Bach, J. S.,Baker, C.,BF
Bell assignments for quartet, quintet and sextet as well as for 2 octaves makes this favorite Bach piece accessible for 4-7 ringers. If played by four- or six-in-hand ensembles no tables are needed.
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring:  Bach, J. S.,Meredith, J.,GM
This arrangement of J.S. Bach's beloved tune combines handchimes (or solo ringer) and handbells. The chimes form the choral melody and the bells provide the triplet figure accompaniment.
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring:  Bach, J. S.,McChesney, K.,HP
Bach is back in this transcription of the Master Composer's beloved work. Performance notes are given and chimes are suggested to bring out melody lines. Of course, a good work out on triplets is in store!
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring:  Bach, Johann Sebastian,Thompson, Martha Lynn,CO
Everyone enjoys this lovely J.S. Bach chorale from Cantata No. 147, and now it's available for bells and a larger ensemble of chimes, voices, and C or Bb instruments.
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring:  Bach, Johann Sebastian,Maggs, Charles,CA
The chorale version of Bach's masterpiece is set here for handbell quartet. Guidelines for bell changes are written into the score. This arrangement may be played along with any compatible key version of the full Bach arrangement. (This version is written in G Major.)
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring:  Bach, Johann Sebastian,Maggs, Charles,GE
Part of the "Ardis Freeman Handbell Library," this 2-page setting of J.S. Bach's chorale may be played with other ensembles listed in the performance notes. This selection is also available for quartet. The back page contains the bells-used chart with 3 suggested bell assignments, a warm-up exercise applicable to the piece, and helpful performance notes.
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring :  Bach, J. S.,Hopson, H.,LC
Accurate arrangement of Bach's "Jesu...". 8th notes must be played evenly. Easy organ accompaniment.
Joy from Love Joy and Peace:  Childers, B., ,NM
Part of the Suite "Love, Joy, Peace", this 2-3 octave original composition takes its' inspiration from Isaiah 55:12 "For you shall go out with joy". Mallets on tabled bells provide an upbeat introduction for the happy melody. Shifting meter between simple and compound time call for a good rhythm reader. Martellatos add spice. Separate scores for bells and keyboard are included.
La Cinquantaine (Golden Wedding):  Gabriel-Marie,Stephenson, V.,BE
Modal and majestic. Pl or mallet is used extensively. Good use of bells. A suggested peice for massed ringing.
Largo:  Handel, G. F.,Groth, R.,GR
"Largo" is from the opera "Xerxes". 8 optional bells from the 4th octave are used in the treble at the conclusion.
Largo:  Handel, G. F.,Hunnicutt, J.,JH
A grand arrangment of this familiar, timeless music.
Largo:  Vivaldi, A.,Nelson, S.,AU
From the "Guitar Concerto in D Major", this versatile music may be rung by bells/chimes alone, with bells/chimes and C instrument (guitar) or as a solo with keyboard or guitar accompaniment.
Largo:  Handel, G. F.,McChesney, K.,JH
A solo arrangement of Handel's famous tune. Play this title as a bell or chime solo or a duet using 3 octaves. Accompany it with a keyboard or with 3-4 octaves of handbells or chimes.
Largo:  Vivaldi, A.,McChesney, K.,CG
Originally written by Vivaldi from the Lute Concerto, this piece includes a part for a guitar. An almost purely rung piece, occasional shakes (that would stand for a trill) here and there are the only technique (besides LV) that are used.
Largo from Xerxes:  Handel, G. F.,Maggs, C.,CA
G.F. Handel's Largo is set for handbell quartet - beginning or advanced. Extensive directions are given throughout the score and each part is easily recognizable.
Love from Love Joy and Peace:  Childers, B., ,NM
Part of the Suite "Love, Joy, Peace", this folio contains two settings: one for 3 octaves of solo handbells with keyboard and one for solo bells, Keyboard and optional C flute. This original composition takes its' inspiration from John 15:13, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends". Separate scores for all participating instruments are included.
Love Never Fails:  Turner, Julie & Hall, Jefferey A.,,RW
This original composition is based on I Corinthian 13:8, making it a perfect choice for weddings.
Love Song:  McChesney, K., ,RW
This lovely "heart song" is appropriate for weddings, worship or concert. A love song, indeed, with smooth textures and soft harmonies. It can be rung on 3, 4 or 5 octaves of bells and enhanced with optional choir chimes.
Music for the Royal Fireworks:  Handel, G. F.,Mathis, W.,HP
G.F. Handel's original work, written for the crown heads of England, is just as festive and bright today, especially when played by bells, organ, brass and timpani! Ringers should enjoy being a part of a large work and the logistics are well worth the effort. Brass ensemble consists of 2 trumpets Horn in F, Trumpet 3 or 2nd Horn, Trombone, Tuba and Timpani.
My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice:  Saint-Saens, C.,Day, D.,NM
Camile Saint-Saens' "Mon Coeur S'ouvre A' Ta Voix" is here arranged for 2 octaves of bells and piano.
O Waly Waly:  ,Behnke, J.,AU
If you are unfamiliar with the name of this English melody you'll be certain to recognize the lovely tune in this peaceful arrangement for bells and flute. Tranquillo marks the first section with a chordal texture accompanying the flute melody.
O Waly Waly:  Traditional,Evanovich, Joshua A.,GI
The mood is gentle and moving for this ageless folk classic.
O Waly Waly:  English Folk Song,Nelson, Susan T.,FM
This traditional English Folk song may be better know by the hymn title, "The Gift of Love."
Pachelbel Canon:  Pachelbel, J.,Wolzogen, J.,NM
The LV technique is used extensively in the first section, contrasting dynamics in the second, upper bell "doodling" in the third and a little bit of all of it in the last.
Pachelbel's Canon:  Pachelbel, Johann,Brocker, Barbara,TO
Audiences appreciate this classical piece, even more so when the familiar melody is played on a series of bell trees.
Panis Angelicus:  Franck, C.,Nelson, S.,HM
Cesar Franck's beautiful work is here set for flute, solo handbells (2 octaves), opt. chimes (in 2 octave range) and organ or piano. The bell solo starts out in alternating, eighth-note accompaniment before presenting the melody later on. Lovely for weddings or any worship occasion.
Peals of Joy:  Wagner, D., ,LC
Celebrate the pure sound of rung handbells in this original work that clips along in 3/4 time at a quarter = 116. Mostly chordal in texture and set in C major and F major.
Porta Four Wedding:  Various,Groth, R.,GR
"Porta Four Wedding" is volume six in a series of collections enabling four ringers to ring ten familiar selections using 13 bells or chimes without the need to interchange bells between ringers. Titles include: "Trumpet Tune, Barcarolle (O Night of Love), Tell Me Why, Largo, Andantino, O Perfect Love, Liebestraum (Love's Dream), Trumpet Voluntary, Dedication" and "Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes."
Prayer:  Sherman, A., ,LC
Commissioned for a wedding this gentle original composition uses lots of flowing, eighth-note textures combined with the LV technique with soaring melody above.
Processional:  Sherman, A., ,HP
Looking for an upbeat, bold processional or opening piece for a festival or worship? Then take a glance at this original composition for bells, organ or brass quintet and timpani. Mixed dotted rhythms and triplet figures add interest to the stately melody that is supported by strong chords and harmonies.
Reflections:  Kinyon, B., ,BE
The character of this original composition takes its inspiration from the dedication line above the title. It reads: "To Cynthia Hamburger, for 35 years of marriage and her love of handbell music, All my love, Vic." This heart-felt sentiment carries through in the lilting, 6/8 meter, dotted-rhythm melody, an optional melody scored for 8 handchimes (2 octave range).
Rhapsody for a Celebration:  Allured, D.,,NM
Rigaudon:  Campra, A.,Thompson, M. L.,HP
Nice full chordal arrangement. Useful as a Postlude or Processional/Recessional at a wedding or, perhaps, Baccalaureate service.
Ring, The:  Schumann, R.,Jergenson, D.,LA
Robert Schumann provides the source of this music ideal for a wedding or commitment service. Use with a medium voice or a C instrument.
Ring With 6 Classics:  Various,Thompson, Martha Lynn,HP
These five settings for worship, weddings, or concerts may all be rung by only 6 ringers. A "Bells Used Chart" for each piece provides suggested assignments. Titles include, "Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke), Trumpet Tune (Purcell), The Rejoicing from Royal Fireworks, Rigaudon, and Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring." This is part of the Ring With Six series.
Rise Up My Love My Fair One:  McCray,Kangas, B.,NM
The text "Rise up my Love, my Fair one and come away. For lo! the winter is past and the rain is over and gone." is set to lush harmonies with the flute and bells musically commenting on the thoughts proposed.
Scherzo:  Pritchard, R.,Moore,LA
The "Hyfrydol" tune is captured in this musical form which is marked by quick tempo, triple meter, vigorous rhythms and marked accents.
Triumphal March (Thine is the Glory):  Handel, G. F.,Kauffmann, R.,TP
A grand march! Use for a wedding piece or as a processional. For 3 octaves with 2 opt. notes, G3 and A3.
Trumpet Chorale, A:  Bach, J. S.,Simpson, F. T.,HP
This 48-measure setting of a chorale attributed to J.S. Bach is useful for many occasions such as worship, wedding, concert or any festive/stately event. Precision on chords, chromatic bell changes and bringing out the melody should be focused on in rehearsal to achieve a musical interpretation.
Trumpet Tune:  Purcell, H.,Kirk,TP
Usable arrangement of a well known tune which is ideal for weddings and processionals!
Trumpet Tune:  Swann, F.,von Wolzogen, J.,FB
Frederick Swann's original tune is set here for 4 or 5 octaves of bells and trumpet. The first section is marked Moderato and is stately in nature. The second section is marked Andante and picks up in rhythmic interest.
Trumpet Tune:  Purcell, H.,Patterson, J.,NM
This setting of Henry Purcell's famed tune is for 5 ringers, written for 4 octaves of bells to keep it in the original key of D major. It can be played using three octaves by making the modification given in the performance notes. The score consists of 3 staves with ringer 1 the first, ringers 2 & 3 on the second, and ringers 4 & 5 on the third.
Trumpet Tune:  Purcell, Henry,Roth, Karen,JH
This straightforward rendition of Henry Purcell's original composition is equally successful with bells alone or with optional handchimes and/or optional trumpet.
Trumpet Tune Fanfare:  Purcell, H.,Sherman, A.,HP
Rhythmically easy. Ideal for weddings or general festive occasions. Optional trumpet part is on the back of each piece of music. Brass ensemble is two trumpets, French horn, two trombones and tuba.
Trumpet Tune in D Major:  Purcell, H.,McChesney, K.,CA
Ideal for weddings or any festive occasion. Bell assignments make with stem directions in each staff.
Trumpet Voluntary:  Clarke, J.,Kastner, M./McChesney, K.,JH
3, optional 4 octaves required for this stirring arrangemet, trills and all!
Trumpet Voluntary:  Purcell, H.,Keller, M.,AG
The favorite tune for weddings is here arranged for handbell quartet. The score is well-marked with instructions and performance helps. The melody stays in the upper bells and is accompanied by marted and rung chords and counterlines.
Trumpet Voluntary:  Stanley, J.,von Wolzogen, J.,NM
Got a wedding coming up? A stately ceremony? A triumphant moment in worship? Then check out this rendition of the John Stanley original. All 108 measures are fully scored to keep all ringers involved. The dotted rhythm is king and must be played precisely for full effect.
Trumpet Voluntary in D Major:  Clarke, J.,McChesney, K.,CA
Ideal for weddings or any festive event. Use with quartet or choir.
Twelve Bells for Weddings:  Various,Cota, P.,HP
Another volume in the successful "Twelve Bells" series that is playable by 3, 4, 5 or 6 ringers. All parts are scored in the treble clef.
Voluntary in E Minor:  Stanley, J.,Hopson, H.,SP
An easy arrangement of the old stand-by for 3 oct. only. A lot of quarter and half notes. Only a few 8th notes.
Wedding March:  Wagner, R.,Jergenson, D.,LA
Use this setting, the the traditional wedding march from "Lohengrin", with harp or synthisizer. The music was written for 4 ringers or choir.
Wedding Prayer, A:  Dirksen, R., ,ES
B6 & B7 are the only two handbells called for in this brief prayer song written for unison chorus, flute and keyboard. The text by John Newton reads: "May the grace of Christ our Savior and the Father's boundless love, with the Holy Spirit's favor, rest upon them from above."
Wedding Processional:  Miller, ,PS
An original tune providing an alternate to traditional wedding music. Festive.
Wedding Rings:  Various,Mitchell, J.,MM
A delightful collection of useful music written in the treble clef using bells C5 - G6. Don't limit the music in this volume to weddings only!
Winter:  Vivaldi,Kastner, M./McChesney, K.,JH
Using set ups as suggested in this music make possible a very musical performance of the grand music of Vivaldi.
With This Ring:  Moats, William E.,,HM
"Wear this band in honor bearing throughout times of joy and tears." So begins the text of this wedding selection for medium vocal solo/unison choir, handbells, and optional flute. The bells provide a solid chordal accompaniment while the flute makes counter-melodic comments along the way.
Worship Music for One or Two Ringers:  Various,Gumma, V.,NM
An easy collection of five titles which may be rung as solos or duets with keyboard accompaniment. Also has inserts for solo or duet ringers.
You:  Werner, B.,McChesney, K.,JH
With a ballad-like melody and soft harmonies, this original work by Barbara Werner is perfect for a wedding, concert or worship service.