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Acrylic Bell Tree Separators

Acrylic Belltree Separators (set of 3: 2 long, 1 short) are recommended for bell tree use of bells B5 and below (not recommended for bells below G4). The unique design eliminates swaying and keeps the bell casting from touching the handle of the bell beside it.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
9023 set of 3 (2 long, 1 short) $25.00

Acrylic Lectern Base

Use this lectern base to lift your music up from the table. Lecterns nest together for easy storage and feature easy-to-carry handholds with rounded corners. Dimensions: 14-1/2"open x 14" height. Great when partnered with the acrylic Lectern Desk; also works well with the Acrylic Music Stand.

The use of ammonia or alcohol based products for cleaning acrylic is not recommended. Instead, use a mild detergent or our Novus Polish.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
3111 (Base Only) $26.95

Acrylic Lectern Desk

When used with the Lectern base, this acrylic desk functions as a music stand to support music or a notebook. Similar to the Acrylic Music Stand, this desk top measures 18" wide x 12" high, yet does not include the heavy wire support of the acrylic music stand.

The use of ammonia or alcohol based products for cleaning acrylic is not recommended. Instead, use a mild detergent or our Novus Polish.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
3116 (Desk Only) $22.95

Acrylic Music Stand

This lightweight music stand can be used alone, with a riser or with our lectern base. It utilizes a heavy metal wire for support and measures 18" wide x 12" high.

The use of ammonia or alcohol based products for cleaning acrylic is not recommended. Instead, use a mild detergent or Novus Polish. For those that prefer metal, we offer the Metal Music Stand, a great option for those on a budget.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
3122 Clear $34.95

Acrylic Riser

The Acrylic Riser is lightweight (3lbs. 11oz.) with strong hinges and smooth round edges. It measures 24" long x 10-1/2" wide x 8" high.

The use of ammonia or alcohol based products for cleaning acrylic is not recommended. Instead, use a mild detergent or our Novus Polish.

Buy a riser tote bag when purchasing an acrylic riser and receive a $5 discount on the riser bag. Acrylic Riser Bag

Item # Detail Price Qty.
3102 $49.95

Acrylic Riser Tote Bag

Sturdy nylon on the outside adds extra strength and durability, while soft corduroy inserts on the inside separate your risers and protect them from scuffs and scratches. Holds four of our Acrylic Risers or three of our "old-style" risers.

Save $5 on the bag when you purchase with an acrylic riser. Acrylic Risers

Item # Detail Price Qty.
3101 $39.95

Belltree Guards

Belltree processionals are becoming ever more popular, but interlocking the handles can be a problem. The handles of smaller bells can slip over the hand guard of the interlocked bell, and over the casting. Belltree Guards prevent that slippage, so your ringers can proceed with confidence.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
4030B Black $0.95
4030W White $0.95

Belltree Processional Pole

The functionality of this pole makes it the perfect addition to your choir's ringing supplies. It adjusts from 41.5" at its shortest to be 60.5" when fully extended--changing its length is as easy as the push of a button and a little pull! The desired length locks into position, leaving your ringers worry-free. The ends of the poles are covered with a smooth plastic covering, and the poles are constructed of black process-coated metal. For even greater ease of use, don't forget about the leather Processional Carrier, which provides enhanced comfort and stability for your ringers.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
9012 $99.00
9013 This item is no longer available $97.00  

Belltree Stand Arms

Do you already have the Belltree Stand but are in need of additional arms? The arms can be attached at any point and at any angle on the upper extension.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
9011 (Each) $39.00

Bell Tree Stand with 2 Arms

Ringing with bell trees is becoming more popular, and these stands make the use of bell trees and malleted bells easier. Bell Tree Stands come with a stationary base measuring 24" across and weighing about 14lbs. Their four adjustable feet can be used to conform to uneven floors, and each stand comes with two arms. Bell tree stands are 58" tall in their lowest position, but can be extended to 69", 73", 77" or 81", depending on your number of bells and/or arms needed. Bell handles are held securely in place by inconspicuous O rings that can be positioned according to your needs-just slip a bell handle onto an arm and roll the rubber rings into place on each side of the handle, and you're ready to ring! Additional arms are available. Processional Poles are also available.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
9010 Includes 2 Arms $299.00
9022 Wheels/Casters for Belltree Stand (set of 4) $29.00

Cape Cod® Metal Polishing Cloths

These cloths for polishing bells also leave an invisible layer of anti-tarnish protection, yet are not ammonia-based. Reclosable foil pouch contains two 4"x6" pre-moistened cloths. Tin includes twelve 4"x6" cleaning cloths, a buffing cloth and one pair of reusable nitrile gloves.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1108 $4.50
1109 Tin of Cloths with gloves $16.95

Carrying Bag for Hercules Music Stand

This bag is specially designed to carry the Hercules Music Stand. It has handles and shoulder strap. A contoured shoulder pad for comfortable carrying and separate compartments for desk and stand to prevent scratching, The bottom is padded to protect the stand and bag.Dimensions 33.9"x8.3"

Hercules Stand

Item # Detail Price Qty.
3135 $24.95

Chime Mats

If you work with chimes on tables, desks or perhaps sitting on the floor these mats can protect your chimes from hard surfaces. Ideal for those who do not have foam and cloths over designated practice spaces. Made of high-quality corduroy or velvet(black only) fabric. Dry cleaning recommended. 18" x 13" with squared corners.

Buy 12 or more chime mats and save $.70 per mat.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
3311 Burgundy $4.95
3312 Navy $4.95
3313 Green $4.95
3314 Black $4.95
3315 Beige $4.95

Choirchimes® By Malmark

Proven quality chimes. Malmark's advanced clapper design is strong and requires little maintenance. The result is a quiet, smooth action! Chimes are a wonderful education resource for all grade levels, and an economical addition to your bell program. Chimes are sold with cases. Please allow at least 2 - 3 weeks for delivery (for upper octaves add 1 week.)

Item # Detail Price Qty.
4121 25 Notes (G4 to G6) with 1 case $1,125.00
4123 $0.00
4131 37 Notes (C4 to C7) with 2 cases $1,895.00
4133 12 Notes (C4 to F#4 & G#6 to C7) with 1 case $800.00
4141 49 Notes (G3 to G7) with 3 cases $2,875.00
4144 12 Notes (G3 to B3 & C#7 to G7) with 1 case $995.00
4151 61 Notes (C3 to C8) with 5 cases $4,125.00
4155 12 Notes (C3 to F#3 & G#7 to C8) with 2 cases $1,325.00
4161 66 Notes (G2 to C8) with 7 cases $6,550.00
4166 5 Notes (G2 to B2) with 2 cases $2,525.00
4177 7 Chimes (C2 - F#2) with 3 Cases, 2 Lambswool Mallets, Rolling Rack and Rack Case $6,750.00
4122 This item is no longer available $93.00  
4125 This item is no longer available $5.00  
4126 This item is no longer available $6.50  

Cleaning Cloths

We use these cleaning cloths in our Service Department. Use one cloth to apply the polish to the bell casting. Remove the polish with a second cloth. A third cloth picks up any remaining residue. The lint-free interlocking knit does not unravel. Cloths may be washed and reused. Dimensions: 11-1/2" x 13".

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1011 $4.95
1014 $15.95

ColorStaff Color-Coded Fabric Staff

An excellent tool for introducing the music staff to young students using KidsPlay handbells! Sets include 96 felt circles which match the color of KidsPlay Instruments. Each felt circle has a hook and loop style fastener so it can easily be placed on and removed from the fabric staff. 96 circles are included in all, with 24 red to match the C handbells and 12 each of the other colors to match the remaining notes of the C major scale. The 28" x 28" staff can be hung by its rope holder or held up by hand. The Color Staff Junior (18" x 14") fits on most music stands.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
4054 18" $24.95
4055 28" $36.95

Corduroy Notebook Covers

Dress up your notebooks while protecting them for prolonged life with our corduroy notebook covers! Available in seven colors, these are the perfect way to outfit your choir with a professional, finished look. Customization, such as embroidery and velvet, is also available. Contact us for a personalized quote. (Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.)

Purchase 12 or more of the same color and pay only $6.00 per cover.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
3141BE Regular, 1" Beige $6.50
3141BK Regular, 1" Black $6.50
3141BU Regular, 1" Burgundy $6.50
3141GN Regular, 1" Green $6.50
3141NY Regular, 1" Navy $6.50
3141RD Regular, 1" Red $6.50
3141WB Regular, 1" Water Blue $6.50
3142BE Regular, 1-1/2" Beige $6.50
3142BK Regular, 1-1/2" Black $6.50
3142BU Regular, 1-1/2" Burgundy $6.50
3142GN Regular, 1-1/2" Green $6.50
3142NY Regular, 1-1/2" Navy $6.50
3142RD $6.50
3142WB Regular, 1-1/2" Water Blue $6.50
3143BE Oversized, 1" Beige $6.50
3143BK Oversized, 1" Black $6.50
3143BU Oversized, 1" Burgundy $6.50
3143GN Oversized, 1" Green $6.50
3143NY Oversized, 1" Navy $6.50
3143RD Oversized, 1" Red $6.50
3143WB Oversized, 1" Water Blue $6.50
3144BE Oversized, 1-1/2" Beige $6.50
3144BK Oversized, 1-1/2" Black $6.50
3144BU Oversized, 1-1/2" Burgundy $6.50
3144GN Oversized, 1-1/2" Green $6.50
3144NY Oversized, 1-1/2" Navy $6.50
3144RD Oversized, 1-1/2" Red $6.50
3144WB Oversized, 1-1/2" Water Blue $6.50

Custom Covers-Info Packet

This informative packet provides you with everything needed to order our custom made table covers and accessories. The packet contains a catalog with directions on measuring your tables and swatches showing the color of our cordoroy material.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
6C Information Packet $0.00

Custom Robes Info Packet

Our high-quality robes and stoles by Thomas Robes make and elegant statement for every choir, no matter where (or what) you ring!
We offer both gathered and fluted styles in a choice of fabrics and a multitude of colors, all guaranteed to fit your choir's style and budget.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
AP Information Packet $0.00

Cymbells TM by Malmark

Malmark brings the ease of ringing melody lines, percussive patterns and ostinati to you with their latest product design. Enjoy the sound of quality with these authentic Malmark handbell castings. Each set contains 13 chromatic castings mounted to a rack, a stand and 2 mallets. All fit neatly into a custom carrying case (included). Available in two chromatic octaves. Ringing has never been so easy.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
9350 $1,095.00
9351 $1,095.00

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