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Custom Covers: FAQ
What makes corduroy or velvet ideal for table covers?
Instrument sounds react well to both, and both are very durable, lasting 15-20 years with proper care.

Why choose velvet over corduroy?
Churches that are on the Historical Registry, choirs that need to match existing decor or very advanced soloists are best suited to velvet. Otherwise, the decision between Corduroy and Velvet is a personal/budgetary choice (corduroy is 1/3-1/2 the cost of velvet).

What is a Westminster Cover?
A Westminster cover is a one-piece version of one of our multi-piece covers. Where the multi-piece covers have velcro, the Westminster style is sewn, resulting in an easy-to-use one-piece cover.

How should I choose the color of my covers?
If you are matching an existing color scheme - the colors of your church sanctuary or school auditorium, for example - we recommend that you check color swatches at the venue at the same time of day that you normally perform. This will ensure that you are seeing the swatches in the actual light setting and give you a good idea of how the colors will blend. You may find it easier to work with the fabric swatches if you pull them out of the booklet/card and lay them separately on the floor. For velvet choices, we have far more color options available- choices are subject to availability, so call for availabiliy and options.

Can my new covers match my table covers from a previous order?
Patterns are maintained from previous years, and we do our best to match new orders to past orders. Please remember that dye lots change, however, and we cannot guarantee that the colors will be an exact match.

Is the velcro strong enough to hold the heavy corduroy or velvet skirting?
We use a ⅞" industrial weight Velcro - sturdy enough to withstand repeated use and strong enough to hold the weight of the corduroy or velvet.

Is there any fabric behind the fringe finish on the skirts?
No, the corduroy stops at the top of the fringe, which is where the fringe is sewn onto the skirting. From certain angles or in certain lighting, you may be able to see the bottoms of the table legs through the fringe.

How should covers be stored?
There are several different options available for storing table covers. If your church has space to hang them, our pinch style hangers work well and are easy to use. If you do not have space to hang them, we recommend our cover totes, designed to keep your covers neatly folded and protected from light and air.

How should I care for my table coverings?
Professional dry cleaning works best. Ask your cleaner to take specific care of the of the Velcro fasteners and trim.

Is there an easy way to get my foam into the pad covers?
Wrap a large, plastic garbage bag around the foam (DO NOT put the foam inside the bag, just wrap the bag around it). The bag can then be easily removed after the foam is in place.