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Designed with today’s music educators in mind, TP Music Aids is a full line of general music education products meant to be accessible, engaging, portable, and affordable. TP Music Aids offers games and materials suitable for everyone, from the youngest beginners all the way through to more advanced, experienced students. Countless lessons on reading music, understanding terms and concepts and rhythm can be created and customized by combining products in the TP line. After the lessons and games are done, our accessories can help with test administration and getting a true grasp of student understanding.

Today’s educational realities haven’t been overlooked- all products in the line are designed to be versatile and durable at a budget-conscious price. Most pack up easily for transport from class to class, location to location. The only limit is your imagination!


Use these educational cards to expand your students' musical vocabulary and understanding.

1394 Set of 34 Cards $8.95

Dominotes® teaches musical values while the participants have fun.

1403 Dominotes® Game $35.00


Spin 'n Say contains three games in one. There are several variations of each game.

1395 Beginner $9.95
1396 Intermediate $9.95

Rests 'N Rhythms are easy-to-read 4-1/4" x 11" flashcards that teach rests and rhythms.

1391 Easy $8.95
1392 Medium $8.95


Music Go Play cards (6" x 6") are perfect for expanding music knowledge.

1381 Alphabet Cards $7.95
1382 Music Symbols $7.95

Music Go Play cards (6" x 6") are perfect for expanding music knowledge.

1386 Bass Clef $5.95
1385 Treble Clef $5.95


This Grand Staff Poster locates and labels all the notes in the bass and treble clefs so you can post it in your music and classrooms.

1397 Grand Staff Poster $8.00

This king-sized walk-on keyboard (C octave) is a great way to teach beginners the musical alphabet, steps and skips, up and down, etc.

1409 3' x 6' walk-on keyboard $75.00


Music Go Play cards (6" x 6") expand music knowledge.

1387 Treble Clef $5.95
1388 Bass Clef $5.95

These TP Music Aid Accessories are designed to make test administering easier.

1401 Wide Line Staff Paper $4.50
1398 Plain Staff Paper $3.95