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KidsPlay® Combined Handbells/Deskbells

This set of bells combines the features of both the Handbells and Deskbells into one handy and versatile product. The special mechanism not only allows the bells to be played either by hand ringing or pushing the button; but also helps to reduce the 'double ring' effect when playing melodies. The heavy-duty nylon cases* (purchased separately) make storing and transporting bells easy.  Additional music designed for KidsPlay Bell Sets or any 8-20 note instrument is available. We also have color coded cards and an instructional video available for use with these Handbell sets!

*Cases have a 90-day limited warranty from the date of purchase.  Cases are NOT included.


Stock Number Description - Detail Range Price Qty. Ship
4060 8 note Combined Handbells/Deskbells Set   - 8 diatonic bells middle C to treble C $66.00 S
4061 5 note Chromatic Set   - add-on to the 8 note set C#, D#, F#, G#, A# $43.00 S
4062 7 note Expanded Range Set   - add-on to the 13 note set low A, A#, B & high C#, D, D#, E $64.00 S
4063 13 note Combined Handbell/Deskbell Set   - 13 chromatic bells middle C to treble C $102.00 S
4064 20 note Combined Handbell/Deskbell Set   - 20 chromatic bells low A to high E $158.00 S
4065 Combined Handbell/Deskbell Case   - case for 8 note sets   $15.00 S
4066 Combined Handbell/Deskbell Case   - case for 13 note sets   $26.00 S
4067 Combined Handbell/Deskbell Case   - case for 20 note sets   $38.00 S