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Ornament, Handcarved Olive Wood Flat Christmas Tree

Made from prunings of Holy Land olive trees, these lovely flat ornaments feature a Christmas Tree. As these are hand-carved, each has variations in detail and wood grain, making it a unique addition to your festivities!

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5862 Olive Wood Flat Christmas Tree Ornament $8.95

Ornament, Handcarved Olive Wood Flat Holy Family

Made from prunings of Holy Land olive trees, these lovely flat ornaments feature The Holy Family. As these are hand-carved, each has variations in detail and wood grain, making it a unique addition to your festivities!

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5861 Olive Wood Flat Holy Family Ornament $8.95

Paper Keyboard Pad

Test taking and composition exercises are great ways to evaluate a student's knowledge. TP Music Aid Accessories are designed to make test administering easier. Use the two octave Keyboard Pad as a teaching aid and for testing. Each pad contains 50 4" x 14" sheets.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1405 Two Octave Keyboard Pad $5.95

Peeking Reindeer Christmas Card

The super cute little reindeer on our newest holiday card will put a smile on the faces of all who receive it.  Inside message is "Wishing you the colorful magic of the season!  12 cards with 12 red envelopes.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5209 Greeting Card - 12 per pack $7.95

Rectangular Magnets

Perfect as a gift to reward achievement in ringing, these colorful magnets will please anyone who wears them!  2" x 3" rectangle. Orientation varies according to design.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
PPR001 All Rung Out $3.00
PPR002 Queen of Bells $3.00
PPR003 American Gothic Handbell $3.00
PPR004 Persistence $3.00
PPR005 Starry Bells $3.00
PPR007 Artistic Chimes $3.00
PPR008 Bell Bug $3.00
PPR009 Bellwinkle $3.00
PPR010 Born to Ring $3.00
PPR011 Dead Ringer $3.00
PPR013 Diamond Bell $3.00
PPR017 Frazzled Ringer $3.00
PPR018 Handbell Diva $3.00
PPR019 Heavy Metal $3.00
PPR020 High Maintenance $3.00
PPR022 I Heart Handbells - light gray background $3.00
PPR025 Ring Leader $3.00
PPR027 Row Handbells $3.00
PPR028 Row Handchimes $3.00
PPR029 Sage Bells $3.00
PPR030 Snowman $3.00
PPR035 University Look $3.00
PPR038 I Ring Bells - Brown Handle $3.00
PPR039 I Ring Bells - White Handle $3.00
PPR040 I Ring Bells - Black Handle $3.00
PPR041 Priorities $3.00
PPR043 Heavenly Choir $3.00
PPR045 Handbells Are Heavenly $3.00
PPR047 Handbell Soloist $3.00
PPR048 To Ring or Not to Ring $3.00
PPR049 Pac-Bell $3.00
PPR050 Bell Life $3.00
PPR051 Happy Birthday $3.00
PPR052 Handbell Hangover $3.00
PPR053 Handbell Invaders $3.00
PPR054 Wonder Ringer $3.00
PPR055 Handbell Elves $3.00
PPR058 Major League Handbells $3.00
PPR059 I Reject Your Direction $3.00
PPR060 Clef with Bells $3.00
PPR061 Clef with Chimes $3.00
PPR063 Do My Own Stunts $3.00
PPR064 Bell Boss $3.00
PPR065 Chime Boss $3.00
PPR066 Malmark Schematic $3.00
PPR067 Schulmerich™ Schematic $3.00
PPR068 Whitechapel Schematic $3.00
PPR069 Future Ringer $3.00
PPR070 T-Rex with Bells $3.00
PPR071 T-Rex with Chimes $3.00
PPR072 3 Bells Schematic $3.00
PPR073 I Heart Handbells - Traditional $3.00
PPR074 Gingerbell $3.00
PPR075 Penguins $3.00
PPR076 Nutcracker - Toy Soldiers $3.00
PPR077 Teddy Bell $3.00
PPR078 Santa Rings $3.00
PPR079 Chime Reindeer $3.00
PPR080 Bell Sleigh $3.00
PPR081 Christmas Kitten $3.00
PPR082 Hang In There $3.00
PPR083 Let Freedom Ring $3.00
PPR084 Super Bell $3.00
PPR085 Chime Magic $3.00
PPR086 Handbell Words $3.00
PPR087 Retro Ringer Gamer $3.00
PPR088 Lord of the Ring $3.00
PPR089 Bell of the Ball $3.00
PPR090 Coffee Bells $3.00
PPR091 Jack of All Bells $3.00
PPR092 Retro Ringer Groovy $3.00
PPR093 Handchime Words $3.00
PPR097 Start Early $3.00
PPR098 Curved Staff Handbells $3.00
PPR099 Curved Staff Handchimes $3.00
PPR100 Handbell Angel $3.00
PPR101 Handbell Honey $3.00
PPR102 The World Rings With You $3.00
PPR104 Term Words $3.00
PPR105 HB Camo $3.00
PPR106 HB Pink Camo $3.00
PPR107 Crazy Bell Lady $3.00
PPR109 Eat Sleep Ring $3.00
PPR110 You Keep Ringing $3.00
PPR111 Filled Bell - Contemporary Staff $3.00
PPR112 Filled Bell - Easter Crosses $3.00
PPR113 Filled Bell – Easter Eggs $3.00
PPR114 Filled Bell - Daisies $3.00
PPR115 Filled Bell - Summer Beach $3.00
PPR116 Got the Whole World – Ribbon $3.00
PPR118 Plays Well With Others $3.00
PPR119 Filled Bell - Full Spectrum $3.00
PPR120 Bell Panther $3.00
PPR121 HB Agent $3.00
PPR122 8 KidsPlay Bells $3.00
PPR123 13 KidsPlay Bells $3.00
PPR127 Art - Red Bell Flower $3.00
PPR128 Art - Three Ringers $3.00
PPR129 Art - Handbell Mist $3.00
PPR131 Art - Pop Handbells $3.00
PPR132 KidsPlay Faces $3.00
PPR133 Ringing Is My Therapy $3.00
PPR134 Peeking Reindeer $3.00
PPR136 Life Without Handbells $3.00
PPR138 Way Cooler Director $3.00
PPR139 Silent Night Swirl $3.00
PPR140 Ring Me I'm Irish $3.00
PPR141 Ring Me Candy Heart $3.00
PPR142 Accio Handbells $3.00
PPR143 Accio Chimes $3.00
PPR144 Rosie the Ringer $3.00
PPR146 Everything Else is Just Accompaniment $3.00
PPR148 The Bell Curve $3.00
PPR149 I Ring What I Want $3.00
PPR006 This item is not available. $3.00  
PPR026 This item is not available. $3.00  
PPR044 This item is not available. $3.00  

Reference Guide, Handbell Notation/Solo Ensemble

Standard AGEHR Notation sheet Lifter/Reference on one side; solo and ensemble on reverse side.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5425 Handbell Notation/Solo Ensemble Guide $2.50

Ringing Chick Keyring

TROUBLE FINDING YOUR KEYS? The "Ringing Chick" should do the trick! This golden metal key ring features our lovable bell-ringing bird on a quality enamel-coated ornament that is easy to spot and sturdy enough to carry around all your keys.

See also our Ringing Chick T-Shirt.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5552 $6.50

Ringing Chick T-Shirt

CHICK POWER! Ladies can show off their handbell enthusiasm wearing this adorable bell ringing bird on a stylish 100% cotton tee.

Relaxed women's fit; all sizes available.

See also our Ringing Chick Keyring.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
9892 Small $13.95
9893 Medium $13.95
9895 X-Large $13.95
9896 2X-Large $14.95
9897 3X-Large $14.95
9894 This item is not available. $13.95  

Ringing Deeply

“Ringing Deeply”​ is a devotional book by Brian Childers for handbell directors, ringers, and fans of our chosen instrument.  This devotion book will help to deepen your handbell ringing experience. ​ Ringing Deeply is divided into three sections: The Christian Year, Seasons, and Special Celebrations. Devotions include scripture, reflections, poetry, hymn texts, prayers, and recommended music for solo/ensemble and choirs of all levels. Space is provided for journaling. Beautiful photography by Richard Flowers adorns the pages and brings the book to life.
Additionally, indexes bring the book to a close, offering the reader a well-researched listing of scripture passages, composers, arrangers, and songs used throughout the book. This book will provide context and meaning for the entire year of ringing and beyond, helping directors and ringers to ​ Ring Deeply​ .

Order copies for your favorite bell ringer, director and gift to your entire handbell ministry. They will thank you for it!

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1416 Devotional Book with Music Suggestions $20.00

Ringing for Gold Handbell Ringing the Living Tradition - The Book That Had To Be Published!

This fascinating book is the culmination of 35 years painstaking research by the author, Peter Fawcett, in which he chronicles the rise in popularity of the art of hand-bell ringing from it’s beginnings in the 16th century. It is as much an account of life in the industrial villages, mainly in the north of England, such as Holmfirth and Ripponden in Yorkshire, Glossop in Derbyshire and Oldham in Lancashire, during the last 400 years, as it is the history of hand-bell tune ringing. During his research, Peter “was amazed to discover that nobody had written anything on a subject which has so much popularity”.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1439 Edited by Philip Bedford $49.99

Ring Leader T-Shirts

Just for the director ... ahem ... the Ring Leader!  This shirt is the perfect companion to the All Rung Out t-shirts that your choir is wearing.  Tagless white shirt is 100% cotton.

Design is also available as a custom shirt where you chose the shirt color -

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5702 Small $13.95
5703 Medium $13.95
5704 Large $13.95
5705 X-Large $13.95
5706 XX-Large $13.95
5707 XXX-Large $13.95

Sage Bells Keyring

This elegant keyring, inspired by our sage bell design, is sure to keep your keys organized with style. The medallion measures 2" long and 1" wide--plus chain and ring.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5554 Pewter $5.95
5555 Brass $5.95

Santa Rings Cards

Colorful Santa and reindeer spread music on Christmas Eve. Inside: Ringing in the merriest season! 5"x7" cards are sure to bring a smile. Packs of 12 with matching envelopes.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5219 12 per pack $6.95

Santa Rings Ceramic Ornament

Colorful Santa and reindeer spread music on Christmas Eve. Ribbon included for hanging or use your own! 3" in diameter.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5885 Ceramic $6.95

Silent Night Ribbon Ceramic Ornament

Our latest fabulous ceramic ornament to adorn your tree! Perfect as a gift, a token of appreciation or for your own tree. Ribbon included for hanging. 3-1/2" diamond shape.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5890 Silent Night Ribbon $7.95

Silent Night Ribbon Christmas Card

Gentle snowfall and a "Silent Night" bedecked ribbon wrapped gracefully around a handbell evoke a sense of peacefulness and quiet anticipation.  Inside message is "May goodness and light follow you this Christmas and for all your days."  12 cards with 12 white envelopes.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5210 Greeting Card - 12 per pack $7.95


We all know handbells are cool, but now there’s a sweatshirt that says it for you! Our popular ringing snowman rings his bells joyously on a light blue, super-comfortable, tagless, crewneck sweatshirt. A must for all those cool-weather days and nights or that chilly rehearsal hall!

Also Available in a T-Shirt

Item # Detail Price Qty.
9942 Small Adult $19.95
9943 Medium Adult $19.95
9944 Large Adult $19.95
9945 XL Adult $19.95
9946 XXL Adult $19.95
9947 XXXL Adult $19.95

Snowman Holiday Cards

Our Snowman Holiday Cards features our “Handbells Are Cool” snowman in his natural surroundings. Inside message: Wishing you every happiness at this most wonderful time of year! Periwinkle envelopes.

Also available Snowman Ornament.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5222 12 per pack $6.95

Socks - Musical Motifs

These fashion socks show off your love for music. One size (6-11), unisex. 95% spun coton, 5% lycra.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5590 FootNotes $13.95
5591 Keyboard $13.95
5592 Manuscript $13.95
5593 Treble Clef $13.95

Spiral Cards

The perfect way to send any message- our new spiralling handbell and chimes notecards! Bright colors and a contemporary design make these a must-have for anyone who loves to ring! 5" x 7". Blue envelopes.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5232 12 per pack $6.95

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