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Welcome Back!!
Tom Jeffers

Have you ever noticed that handbell people are everywhere? Earlier this year, Jill and I were in Seattle on vacation. As we were walking through the hotel lobby, we happened to bump into a handbell person we knew.

Now this might not sound like much, but it is a far cry from the 70’s and 80’s when we started Jeffers Handbell Supply. Back then, almost no one knew what a handbell was! People often thought we did something with handballs or handbills. Those that knew what a handbell was only knew it through seeing them at Christmas time.

Now while we’re traveling, when people ask what we do and we tell them about handbells, they often know what we are talking about. Not only that, but more and more, they, a family member or a friend has played handbells at some time in the past. But wait- it’s not just traveling. Recently, we have had the opportunity to hire for a couple of positions, and several of those candidates not only knew what handbells were, they had played them in their youth!

So where do you come across handbell people? Keep your eyes and ears open, you never know when a handbell person might be next to you in an elevator!

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