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Professor Handbell Product Spotlight: Port-a-Bell Cases

So you and your handbells are going on tour, eh?  Whether traveling across town or across the country, it is important to pack your handbells safely for the journey.  It seems like common sense, but you'd be surprised at some of the “unique” ways the Professor has seen folks pack their bells.  Common sense isn't always as common as we all think.

Always pack your bells in cases (again, you'd be surprised), and make sure the cases are in good shape. If the hinges are broken, the felt is worn, or the latches don't close properly, it might be time to invest in new cases. Sure, it might take a good bit of your budget, but it will be money well spent.  If you do heavy duty touring (or just move your bells a lot and want top-notch protection for them), you will need heavy duty, upgraded cases, such as those made by the fine folks at Port-a-Bell.

Port-A-Bell cases were developed by a handbell director who, in 40 years of extensive travels and performances with handbells, found that every case he carried either weighed too much, wasn't balanced in weight distribution, or just wasn't very portable.  So, like many a good entrepreneur before him, he turned a need into an opportunity, and Port-a-Bell was born!

Since handbells are indeed precious cargo, Port-a-Bell cases are modeled on those used to carry other precious and delicate cargo, such as sensitive military equipment and delicate photographic equipment.
The outer shell is constructed of high-density polyethylene plastic for strength & impact resistance, with molded-in ribs for increased structural stability.  The innards (technical term!) are precision-cut, closed cell foam inserts that are formed to the shape of the bell and won't absorb moisture or scratch bells.

Other Professor Handbell-approved features include...

- Recessed wheels, latches, and spring-loaded handles for easy transporting & lifting.  Tired of having to carry your bells everywhere?  Yeah, me too.
- Three-stage telescoping handle for storage & travel convenience.
- Lock rings for TSA locks.  Speaking of TSA, if you are flying with your bells, you might want to check this out first.
- Travel ready - meets airline standards for weight & dimensional size for checked baggage. See above.
- Made in the USA. U-S-A! U-S-A!

Whether you're traveling to the next town over or halfway around the globe, remember to keep your bells shiny and safe! Happy ringing.