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Handbell Bears

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A great gift for your ringers (or your director), these cute, oh-so-soft and cuddly teddy bears are perfect for almost anyone!  Eyes and nose are embroidered so there are no small parts to worry about, which make them ideal for FUTURE ringers as well.  Standing, they're 12" tall and 9" when sitting.  Materials are 100% polyester fiber.

Ring Me I'm Irish
Ring Me Candy Heart
HB Agent
Ringing Is My Therapy
KidsPlay Faces
Silent Night Swirl
Way Cooler Director - Dark Shirt
Peeking Reindeer
Way Cooler Director - Light Shirt
Life Without Handbells - Dark Shirt
Life Without Handbells - Light Shirt
8 KidsPlay Bells
13 KidsPlay Bells
Crazy Bell Lady
Eat Sleep Ring - Light Shirt
Eat Sleep Ring - Dark Shirt
You Keep Ringing
Filled Bell - Contemporary Staff
Filled Bell - Easter Crosses
Filled Bell – Easter Eggs
Filled Bell – Daisies
Filled Bell – Summer Beach
Filled Bell – Full Spectrum
Bell Panther
Got the Whole World – Ribbon
Plays Well with Others – Light Shirt
Plays Well with Others – Dark Shirt
Handbell Wreath
Start Early
Curved Staff Handbells
Curved Staff Handchimes
Handbell Angel
Handbell Honey
The World Rings With You - Light
The World Rings With You - Dark
Retro Ringer Gamer
Handbell Words
Bell of the Ball
Jack of All Bells
Coffee Handbell
Lord of the Ring
Retro Ringer Groovy
High-Maintenance (Dark Shirts)
Let Freedom Ring
Hang In There
Super Bell
Christmas Kitten
Major League Handbell
I Reject Your Direction
Staff & Turn w/ Handbells
Staff & Turn w/ Chimes
I Do My Own Stunts - Dark Shirt
I Do My Own Stunts - Light Shirt
Bell Boss
Chime Boss
Malmark Schematic - Light Shirt
Schulmerich Schematic - Light Shirt
Whitechapel Schematic - Light Shirt
Future Ringer
T-Rex with Bells
T-Rex with Chimes
3 Bells Schematic - Light Shirt
I Heart Handbells - Traditional
Handbell Hangover
Handbell Invaders - Black Shirt
Wonder Ringer
Bell Life
I Ring Bells - Black Handle
I Ring Bells - Brown Handle
I Ring bells - White Handle
University Look
University Look (Dark Shirts)
Row Handbells (Light Shirts)
Row Handbells (Dark Shirts)
Spiral Chimes
Spiral Handbells
Diamond Bell White Handle (Dark Shirts)
Diamond Bell Black Handle (Light Shirts)
I Heart Handbells
Kaleidoscope (Full Spiral)
Sage Bells
Snowman (Handbells are Cool!)
Sunshine (Handbells are Hot!)
Handbells are Heavenly
Heavenly Choir
Handbell Excuses
High-Maintenance (Light Shirts)
Handbell 10 Commandments
Dead Ringer (Dark Shirts)
Born to Ring (Color)
Heavy Metal (Dark Shirts)
Captain Handbell Shield
Captain Handchimes
Bell Reactor (Dark Shirts)
Frazzled Ringer (Dark Shirts)
Frazzled Ringer (Light Shirts)
Ringing Chick (Dark Shirts)
Ringing Chick (Light Shirts)
Handbell Diva
Artistic Chimes
Row Handchimes
Ring Leader
Bell Bug
Handbell Soloist - A Choir of One
Art - An American Handbell
Art - Handbell Picnic
Art - Persistence of Handbells
Art - Starry Bells
Queen of Bells
Euro Design HandChimes
Euro Design HandBells
Elf Workshop
All Rung Out
Nutcracker - Toy Soldiers
Teddy Bell
Santa Rings
Chime Reindeer
Bell Sleigh
Painting: O'Keeffe
Painting: Picasso
Painting: Pollock
Painting: Warhol

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