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I Love Handbells Pencils

Enjoy our wide variety of I heart Handbells pencils. Sold in packages of 12. A perfect gift item!

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1486 Package of 12
 $6.50  $6.00
1472 This item is no longer available $0.25  
1482 This item is no longer available $0.35  

I Love Handbells T-Shirt

Wear it to your next festival or rehearsal to let everyone know- you love handbells! 50/50% cotton, royal blue, tagless t-shirt is the ultimate in comfort and wear.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
9882 Small
 $13.95  $11.95
9883 Medium
 $13.95  $11.95
9884 Large
 $13.95  $11.95
9885 X-Large
 $13.95  $11.95
9886 XX-Large
 $13.95  $11.95
9887 XXX-Large
 $13.95  $11.95

Jewelry Gift Boxes

These gift boxes are suitable for presenting most charms, earrings, and pins to your choir or director. Size is 2 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches by 1 inch deep. A puff cotton liner cushions your jewelry.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
GB White $0.25

Keyrings in English Pewter

Each Keyring is cast in heavyweight English Pewter and has a strong clip and chain. Choose from Treble Clef or Eighth Note designs.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5550 Treble Clef Design $12.95
5551 Eighth Note Design $12.95

Lessons Learned

Drawing from his forty years of experience directing youth choirs, Randy Edwards shares important lessons learned about radically impacting the lives of singers. Passion, time, organization, and compassion are some of the subjects discussed. Those who direct youth/student choirs as well as adult choirs will find that the series of fifteen personal diagnostics will be of great benefit to developing and shaping their own music ministry.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1443 $15.00

Magnets (round) with Ringing Themes

Another great way to reward your ringers, these ringing-themed magnets are a versatile and economical way to show your thanks! 2.25” round with magnetic back.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
B002 $2.00
B004 $2.00
B006 $2.00
B008 $2.00
B010 $2.00
B012 $2.00
B014 $2.00
B016 $2.00
B018 $2.00
B020 $2.00
B022 $2.00
B024 $2.00
B026 $2.00
B030 $2.00
B032 $2.00
B036 $2.00
B038 $2.00
B040 $2.00
B042 $2.00

Manuscript Paper

Test taking and composition exercises are great ways to evaluate a student's knowledge. These TP Music Aid Accessories are designed to make test administering easier. Use the Wide Line Manuscript Paper for accuracy in testing and composition.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1398 Plain $3.95
1401 Wide Line Staff $4.50
8611 This item is no longer available $4.50  

Musical Motif Bracelets

All beautifully crafted and designed for that music lover in your life. Rhodium Plated - Lead free for sensitive skin. Made in USA.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5476 $14.00
5477 $14.00
5480 $16.95
5481 $16.95
5482 $16.95
5488 $16.95

Musical Motif Earrings

Beautifully crafted earrings in musical designs, all Rhodium Plated - Lead free for sensitive skin. Made in England.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5478 $14.00
5479 $14.00
5483 $16.95
5484 $16.95
5485 $16.95
5486 $16.95
5487 $14.00

Nutcrackers Card

Soldiers ready to ring in your holiday! Inside: The Magic of Christmas never ends and its greatest of gifts are family and friends. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Green envelopes.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5226 12 per pack $5.95

Olive Wood Bell Nativity Ornament

Made from prunings of Holy Land olive trees, these lovely bell-shaped ornaments feature the Nativity scene. As these are hand-carved, each has variations in detail and wood grain, making it a unique addition to your festivities! 2.75" tall.  Gift box included.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5884 Olive Wood Bell Nativity Ornament $9.95

Paper Keyboard Pad

Test taking and composition exercises are great ways to evaluate a student's knowledge. TP Music Aid Accessories are designed to make test administering easier. Use the two octave Keyboard Pad as a teaching aid and for testing. Each pad contains 50 4" x 14" sheets.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1405 Two Octave Keyboard Pad $5.95

Pashmina Wool Scarves

Lovely Pashmina Wool Scarves with Black Treble Clef Design. Soft like cashmere, oversized to use as a scarf or shawl - 27" X 70" overall size. Makes a wonderful gift for the music lovers in your life!

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5600 Green with Black Treble Clef Design $24.95
5601 Navy with Black Treble Clef Design $24.95
5602 Red with Black Treble Clef Design $24.95
5603 Lavender with Black Treble Clef Design $24.95
5604 Brown with Black Treble Clef Design $24.95
5605 Silver with Black Treble Clef Design $24.95
5606 Purple with Black Treble Clef Design $24.95
5607 Gold with Black Treble Clef Design $24.95

Penguin Choir Ceramic Ornament

Our ringing penguin choir adorns a new ceramic holiday ornament. Whether you're adding to your collection or sending handbell-themed greetings for the first time, these adorable little guys will add fun to the holidays! Ribbon included. 3" in diameter.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5881 Ceramic $6.00

Penguin Choir Holiday Cards

Our ringing penguin choir sends its holiday greetings! Cards are 5"x7" and include matching envelopes. Inside: May your days be happy, your heart be light, And may your Christmas be joyful and bright!

Also available Penguin Choir Ornament.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5225 12 per pack $5.95

Reference Guide, Handbell Notation/Solo Ensemble

Standard AGEHR Notation sheet Lifter/Reference on one side; solo and ensemble on reverse side.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5425 Handbell Notation/Solo Ensemble Guide $2.50

Ringing Chick Keyring

TROUBLE FINDING YOUR KEYS? The "Ringing Chick" should do the trick! This golden metal key ring features our lovable bell-ringing bird on a quality enamel-coated ornament that is easy to spot and sturdy enough to carry around all your keys.

See also our Ringing Chick T-Shirt.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5552 $6.50

Ringing Chick T-Shirt

CHICK POWER! Ladies can show off their handbell enthusiasm wearing this adorable bell ringing bird on a stylish 100% cotton tee.

Relaxed women's fit; all sizes available.

See also our Ringing Chick Keyring.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
9892 Small $13.95
9893 Medium $13.95
9894 Large $13.95
9895 X-Large $13.95
9896 2X-Large $14.95
9897 3X-Large $14.95

Ringing for Gold Handbell Ringing the Living Tradition - The Book That Had To Be Published!

This fascinating book is the culmination of 35 years painstaking research by the author, Peter Fawcett, in which he chronicles the rise in popularity of the art of hand-bell ringing from it’s beginnings in the 16th century. It is as much an account of life in the industrial villages, mainly in the north of England, such as Holmfirth and Ripponden in Yorkshire, Glossop in Derbyshire and Oldham in Lancashire, during the last 400 years, as it is the history of hand-bell tune ringing. During his research, Peter “was amazed to discover that nobody had written anything on a subject which has so much popularity”.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
1439 Edited by Philip Bedford $49.99

Santa Rings Ceramic Ornament

Colorful Santa and reindeer spread music on Christmas Eve. Ribbon included for hanging or use your own! 3" in diameter.

Item # Detail Price Qty.
5885 Ceramic $6.00

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